Ad Placement on Website

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For the advertisement of your company /products you may place ads under each category/topic on our website, of course inform us where you want the ad to be aired.

Criteria for airing ads:

  • Should cover a particular topic
  • Fees shall be charged according to the place and the size
  • Can be on a monthly or yearly basis
  • You have to make the add and then send it to us for advertisement
  • No irrelevant or indecent ad shall be accepted
  • Hellowdog reserves the right to change /disallow /restrict and the security of the add  

Why this is the best ad placement on website?

  • For the exposure of the product
  • Low cost
  •  Easy placement
  • Facility for cancelling at any time on prior notice

Where to place ads on website

You may check and settle your mind for best options.

For more details on ad placements you may contact:

Pet Product review on our websites

For a long time Hellowdog has been engaged in writing reviews of various dog related issues and products. We also review on request from various agencies who either ask us to review their products and we also do it from our own sources for which we charge editorial fee. If any company wants us to write an exclusive article for review, we also entertain that kind of writing for our valued clients.

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