How to train your dog from showing aggression towards other pets

How to Train Your Dog from Showing Aggression Towards Other Pets?

For any dog owner, you always want your dog to be healthy and behave naturally. But, in reality, each dog has a personality and various moods, which can be happy, angry, or scared. Hence, there is a chance that your little buddy becomes aggressive towards anything, either other pets in the house or you.

Aggressive Dog BehaviorIt leads to the question of how to solve this tricky problem and bring back your dog’s normal health status. You might find it a little challenging to find a solution. Luckily, in this article, we will show you everything you need to know about aggressive dog behavior training and what benefits it can bring to your dog as far as socializing is concerned. An aggressive dog would only create a nuisance, so for the safety of all it has to be sobered, the sooner the better.

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive Dog Training Tips

It is possible to train your aggressive dog to save other pets in your house as well as other people. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of effort and a strong will from you in order to stop it. This part will show you some critical tips that you can apply to your dog.

Warning Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Dog aggression signs refer to all possible behavior that is not usually seen in your dog. Assuming one day, your dog is not as usual and acts weird such as growling, baring teeth, becoming rigid, or even biting. You know there is a problem.

These strange behaviors come from different sources of aggression such as territorial aggression, fear aggression, frustration-aggression, and so on.

Therefore, the very first thing you should carefully concern is strange signs to know exactly what is the cause of aggression to make the right strategy.

Your puppy can become quite hard to deal with

Your pup can become quite hard to deal with

How You Can Train Your Dog from Showing Aggressive Behavior

Create a good plan

After having the information, we come to the planning phase. First of all, think about yourself and other pets. It is obvious that an aggressive dog is very unpredictable and he can even attack others for no reason. Thus, be careful while approaching your dog.

If your little dog shows aggression or just doesn’t like other pets, keep them far away from each other or in separate places. You should also feed them individually so that it will not trigger possessive aggression.

We also suggest that you use positive reinforcement, which means teaching your friend new positive behaviors while removing negative aggression.

For instance, when you have a new pet in the house, there is a high chance that your dog will be aggressive. You can remove this by standing from a distance from your new pet. However, it must be close enough to prevent accidence as well as prevent your dog from snapping or growling. After that, give your dog a small prize and praise him while shortening the distance between the two pets.

The process is repeated from time to time, and your dog will learn that other pets equal prizes, and it should reduce aggression. Use this method in other situations to get your little buddy used to them.

No punishment

Just like a child, dogs do not really understand what the penalty is. Therefore, they tend to act more aggressively and it is a bad move if you use punishment such as yelling, hitting, kicking, or immobilizing him.

Try to calm your dog without using violence because it may lead to worse things and the dog can bite anyone without warning, including its master. For example, a dog growls and bare teeth to pets or people to show the uncomfortable. If you punish him for these behaviors, he may not inform the next time he gets angry, but simply bite.

He may start showing warning signs

He may start showing warning signs

Using medication to limit dog aggression signs

Assuming you have tried all possible methods without any significant result, you can consider using medication to limit dog aggression towards people. It is because sometimes, training only is not enough and we need some added method.

As mentioned previously, most cases of dog aggression signs come from fear. Hence, your dog may probably be in this case and needs medication to manage its behavior.

It is crucial to know that all the fear, anxiety, or stress of your dog comes from the incapability of accepting new experiences. We can list out some examples such as changing homes, having a new pet, or meeting new people.

Thinking of utilizing the medication as an assistant to help your friend overcome all the frustrating feelings is such a good idea. However, you should ask any professional about your choices before using it for your dog. It is because some dogs only need short-term medication while others require a longer time to see the effect.

Consider unavoidable circumstances

Things may not be simple as you imagine and plan. There should be circumstances in which your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to accomplish the plan.

For example, you want to separate your aggressive dog and your new pets into different rooms but your house’s design can not afford it. Or the situation when your dog shows aggression towards children but you have kids. The problem is hard to handle yourself.

Thus, bear in mind that your plan must suit your life condition.

Call a dog professional

Supposing you can not handle all the difficulty training your dog alone, it is better that you find a qualified professional. This person can evaluate your buddy and gives you excellent assistance with behavior modification. Try to follow the instructions, and you will see the difference in your dog.

Remember that your pet always needs your help to overcome the issue; it can not grow out of it by itself.


In a nutshell, aggressive dog behaviors are such a big concern for dog owners. They can cause many adverse effects and treat other individuals in your house or the outside world. However, understanding all the possible contributing factors is one of the primary keys for you to solving this puzzle.

We believe, after reading this article, you now can judge your dog’s behaviors to know whether they are dog aggression signs or not. On top of that, you need to know how to socialize an aggressive dog methodically, step by step,  to keep your dog a true friend!

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