What You Need to Know Before Owning A Large Dog Breed

What You Need to Know Before Owning A Large Dog Breed?

Ernest Seton-Thompson, a famous Canadian author, once said-

“The connection between a person and a dog can only disappear with life.”

Well, many of us decide to become pet parents willingly. After all, the dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend and prepares anything to gratify him.

Often, dog lovers prefer having large-breed ones rather than small canine buddies. This can be explained by facts. Yes, according to CanineWeekly.com’s recommendation, large-breed dogs are kind of faithful guardians of people and stay confident most of the time. A man walking along the road with a large dog secretly gains a certain position and authority before the owners of small and medium breeds. Now, this may sound witty, but it is what it is (no offense to the medium or small-breed dog owners.)

However, when you decide to get a large breed dog, there are some things you should take note of- starting from their shelter house to their food or using them for hunting and other stuff. I have jotted down 6 important things below that you must know before owning a large dog breed. Have a look.

Give Special Attention

Dogs whose size exceeds the usual indicators require special attention. First of all, a large dog is full of energy; for this, you need to walk at least twice a day in the morning and in the evening. You also need to be financially buoyant, as large dogs eat a high quantity of food. They are also most susceptible to hypothyroidism and dysplasia. Hence, you need to stay in constant touch with your vet. Most importantly, don’t forget to buy a suitable collar for dogs of large breeds that do not allow pets to behave hostile to passersby.

No Rings

If you’re rooting for a roulette ring, let me tell you, roulette rings are not suitable for dogs of impressive size, as these rings don’t allow them to move freely from their owners at a considerable distance. In this situation, these harnesses are not only uncomfortable but can also lead to accidents. So, it is advisable to purchase a muzzle for the animal to avoid any kind of danger during a walk in a harness.

Relaxing in clean air

Create Enough Space for Your Dog

Next, in the case of a large dog, having a specific space is very important. It is for your safety and equally important for residents of apartment buildings. You need to be prepared for the fact that animals can damage wallpaper and furniture and spoil expensive repairs. To avoid such accidents, it is important to have a fairly large area and build a separate corner for your dog. If you can’t allot a separate place for your dog, you must think of small dogs, for example, corgis, poodles, spitz, etc.

Some Dogs are Not Suitable for Hunting

Unlike Hounds or Rottweilers, which are the perfect breed of dogs suitable for hunting, breeds like terrier are not. In the case of Kerry Blue, they can protect the owner’s house, but it is not suitable for hunting. However, not only such breeds are adorable, but also their restraint and temperament attract future buyers to have this breed. So, Kerry Blue often becomes part of a loving family.

Certain Large Breeds Have a Hostile Appearance

Large dogs may have a height of 50 cm, which makes their appearance unfriendly and hostile. But the main feature of the American terrier’s temperament is noticeable at first glance. Talking about other breeds like Staffordshire, they are very proud dogs, characterized by confidence and solidity. They can stand themselves calm in front of other dogs as well as in front of other people. Staffordshire’s are very efficient and purposeful. However, they show affection and tenderness to the owners. So, no matter which breed you choose, do it wisely.

big furry dogs

Some Dogs Grow Massively

Some large dogs like Mastiffs and Dobermans have massive and embossed growth. The volume of their body is amazing. Growth can exceed 75-80 cm, weight-70 kg, and that may increase to 90-95 kg. Even you can see their strong muscles and tendons, thanks to their very thin hairline. In appearance, especially Mastiff, they may resemble an English bulldog. However, their stamina and athletic physique surpass the short bulldog. These large dogs, however, have a very good character, and the real trembling belongs to people who are kind to them. They can play without harming children. Not only are they a great watchdog breed, but they are also recognized as a great companion. So, don’t fret; just be prepared to take on a large dog.


If you are thinking of having a large dog, you should be prepared for all the advantages and challenges of raising such animals before making a final decision. You may find numerous large breeds but choose your one wisely. A man’s big buddy is just very demanding to manage and needs constant care. Happy petting!

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