Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Having a Pet Dog in Your Life

Dogs have been men’s companions for a very extended period. It doesn’t mean that dogs are only friendly to adults. They tend to be friendly with children as well. There are in fact various benefits of having a pet dog. I hope this little endeavor will not disappoint you in the leastMany of the benefits are detailed below as a reference. But there are surely many more which will make the article too lengthy. After researching many doggie websites and personal experience it has been observed that kids also love to have a dog as a companion. Certain reasons make children like dogs so much. Needless to say that there is another factor that we overlook, i.e., “Having a Pet Dog Assists in Scaling Down Childhood Anxiety Disorders” this we have dealt with exclusively below as an added attraction not only to add value to this article but because it has family and social values related to it as a matter of mental therapy.

benefits of having a dog at home

Fun and friendship go together

The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

24 Hour Company

When a dog is fond of someone, it will never leave his sight. It will always stay close to him and play with him. Also, it will protect him from danger as well. If your child has a pet dog, then you will see that the dog will always hang out with your child.

Children always like to play and have fun. And when it comes to a pet, it can be the best companion for a child. But not all pets are as friendly as dogs. Dogs will always give your child company. This makes children love dogs more than any other pets.

benefits of having a dog in your life

Kids like fun with dogs

Pet Who acts Alike

Among all animals, dogs are perfectionists when it comes to copying. It likes whatever children do. This is a matter of fun for children. Both dogs and children always love to have a good time with the simplest things. They don’t want to make things complicated. So they both have a common way to have fun.

When a child sees that their way of having fun is matching with a dog, the child then becomes a good friend to the dog. Also, curiosity is common in both children’s and the dog’s characters. Both love new things. Exploring new ideas is a matter of great fun for the children as well as for the dogs.

And finally, they can understand the human mind’s situation. Dogs are one of the blessed animal species that can express sympathy for people. So when a child sees this in a dog, they become good friends. As a result, it can be observed that there are psychological benefits to owning a pet.

Something to Getting Busy With

Who else has much free time as kids? Nobody? So he needs something to get busy to express himself. When they keep busy with something, it helps them to hold on to that ability to unfurl their imagination. In my opinion, a pet dog is enough for him. A kid can get himself busy feeding the dog, giving a bath to it, combing it, and giving training, the list goes on and on. These things are a matter of great fun for him.

But apart from fun, this helps him learn responsibility, and confidence grows in him which will help him later have a great personality. So in later life, the child becomes more responsible. But overall the real fact is that the child while doing this stuff, enjoys himself a lot.

mental health benefits of owning a dog

Everlasting friendship

One Who Takes Care

If you stir through history, you will find much evidence of dogs devoting their lives to their master. Although none of us expects that type of situation, when dogs sense danger around, they don’t think about themselves. They always jump in to protect their master first.

The same thing happens with a child also. When a child is in danger, if he has a pet dog then the dog will try to save him from the threat. So a child always feels safe around the dog. For this reason, a child tends to like dogs as they feel safe around them.

Having a Pet Dog Assists in Scaling Down Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Considered that a dog is a man’s best friend. It is true not only in abstract terms but in medical terms as well. Having a dog as your pet has several health benefits for adults as well as for children. Where dog owner adults are found to be more physically active, there is a high reduction in the risk of childhood anxiety in dog owner’s kids.

A study conducted among *643 children with an average age of 6.7 years showed a clear association between owning a dog and anxiety was found. Owning a pet dog was related to a nine percent decrease in the probability of Screen for child anxiety disorders, i.e., SCARED-5. SCARED-5 is a test used for screening, childhood anxiety disorders. In fact, kids taking part in AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) with dogs improve faster in mental health and the disorders related to development. As a matter of fact, young kids of age 7-8 years find pet dogs as better confidants than humans and feel more comfortable and self-confident with them.

A human-animal bond may have many benefits. Let us see how this association in people with dogs can help our kids to fight childhood anxiety:

Relationship Between Children and Dogs

Dogs are the oldest species which have been staying with humans for thousands of years. Although I don’t know the real cause, they love babies the most. If you introduce a dog to your child,  after some days the child will be the primary concern of your dog. There are benefits of having a dog at home. Wherever the baby is it will be there. For example, the bathroom, garden, and bedroom are almost everywhere in and around the house.

As we always love the one who keeps himself close to us; children aren’t different in this case. Also, if a dog stays close to the child always, the child feels safe. Because often children are afraid to go to places alone or do certain things alone. But they always find a sign of courage to do these things or go to places if they have a companion. For this reason, when a child learns that a dog can stay close to him always, he starts to like this fact.

Pets Assist in Reducing Stress

A pet, when brought into the home offers its unconditional love to the depressed and anxious child. To give your child a sense of mastery, you can share a few of your pet-related responsibilities with him. Make sure to supervise the child and take proper care of the pet in case the child forgets to do so.

Pet Therapy Effects on Hospitalized Children

A scientific study has proved that hospitalized children showed signs of decreased stress while playing with pets. The animals have the capability to reduce the blood pressure of persons, and it ensures improved, health in kids as well as in adults mental health.

Dogs Help in Increasing Child’s Confidence

Dogs are quite uncomplicated in nature and responsive to the communicative cues provided by humans. This makes them a perfect choice to boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence. According to a study, only 12 % of kids with dogs suffered from anxiety as compared to 21% without dogs.

Dependence on Anti- Anxiety Drugs is Reduced

People, especially veterans having post-traumatic stress disorder get benefited to a great extent by dog therapy. Though it is more common in adults, it clearly tells us about the benefits of dogs for restoring the sense of optimism, responsibility, and self-awareness in kids as well. The dependence on anti-anxiety drugs is much reduced in these people with the help of pet dogs.

Dogs Stimulate Conversation

According to research childhood, and anxiety is automatically reduced in children as the dogs help in stimulating conversation with other people. It causes an ice-breaking effect due to which separation anxiety is reduced. Companionship with a pet dog strengthens attachments and gives the kids confidence to speak up, thus alleviating separation anxiety. It increases oxytocin levels and helps in decreasing the stress response chemical of cortisol.

Dogs Help in Reducing Obesity

A child who has a dog is more likely to go outdoors and play with it. It greatly helps in increasing physical and mental activity along with reducing obesity in children. Childhood obesity is one of the major causes of health-related problems including stress. A decrease in obesity ensures a lower level of stress in children.

psychological benefits of owning a pet

Nothing to fear

A Great Playmate

Playing is the only thing that every child loves most. A pet dog can be a great playmate for a child. Dogs are pretty much interactive with children. One most noteworthy thing about them is they never get bored with playing. Moreover, they easily learn the procedure of any play that the children love. So it is obvious that there are mental health benefits of owning a dog.

I have found some dogs to act like a human while playing. Besides playing with a dog improves the imagination power of your child. So they always learn new ways of playing, and it makes them creative. For this reason, children love a dog as a playmate.

There are many benefits that these canines have, with their wagging tails, innocence, love &, and eagerness to please have to offer to us. They can boost the mental and physical health of adults as well as kids and are of great help if you have a child suffering from childhood anxiety.

The American Kennel Club has outlined dog breeds that can do well with children. We have the list for your reference.

      • Bulldogs: They are known to be friendly, calm, courageous, and highly comical. They can prove to be a very apt companion for a child.

      • Beagle: They are easygoing, happy, and loving dogs and kids find them to be quite lovable for their nature.

      • Newfoundland: This breed is super sweet, devoted, and patient and is an excellent choice for kids.

      • Golden Retriever: Golden retrievers are devoted, intelligent, and friendly dogs and make good friends with humans.

      • Labrador Retriever: They are quite friendly and outgoing dogs that can play very well with others.

      • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: Dogs of this breed are happy, loving, and genuinely devoted to their masters.

      • Weimaraner: These dogs are friendly, obedient, fearless, and alert and make excellent companions for kids.

      • Bull Terrier: They are loyal, charming, playful, and often mischievous. Love to play with kids.

      • Boxer: They are very active and always ready for fun. Very loyal and good for kids.


    Though all dogs are very loyal and devoted to their human family, the ones mentioned above make excellent companions for children and help them to develop mentally and physically in a better way. Researchers from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are conducting more research to establish the link between the possession of a dog and reduced childhood anxiety disorders. But, if you want a happy and calm atmosphere at home, bringing a pet dog for your children is undoubtedly an effective way of achieving it.

    Apart from some safety issues, if you can take precautions, then you will find that dogs are friendly with children. You can see that children also love to play and spend time with dogs because dogs can understand their mentality. This dog website will be a great resource for you if you want to know more about the benefits of having a pet dog and children’s interaction with dogs. In a family, every individual revolves around it. Don’t think much. Go and get your child’s best friend to your home and enjoy endless fun!

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