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How Effective is the Best Dog Poop Scooper? A Review

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Got a pet puppy? Lovely. But apart from the loveliness, dog ownership comes with many side-chores which you’ve to take care off. Cleaning up the poop is one of those necessary tasks for sure.

As you can’t do this by bare hands, using a plastic bag might be a decent idea. But if you come one step ahead, there is an essential tool called the best dog poop scooper which you cannot do without.  

And that’s what we are up to right now.

Realistically a dog poop scooper is a must-to-have tool for pet owners, it’s not so easy to pick up the best one. While there are hundreds of models from dozens of brands, it becomes quite a hectic process indeed.

Worry not, we’ve taken over the mammoth task of mining down to 15 of the best-reviewed dog poop scooper presently being marketed by various manufacturers and have done this in-depth review. Stay along and keep reading till you find your right match-

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#Poop Scooper With Bin Bucket

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# Lightweight Poop Scooper

[amazon box="B005BV02N8,B0002AT464" vertical="2"]

Section: 3

# Travelling Poop Scooper

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Section: 4

# Dog Poop Scooper With Aluminum Pan

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Section: 5

# Poop Scooper with Plastic Trypan

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#Jumbo Pooper Scooper

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# Dog Poop Scooper with Poop Bags

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Section: 8

#Complete Set (Dog Poop scooper, Poop Bags with Poop Bag Holder)

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Section: 9

# Heavy Duty Poop Scooper Set

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#Great Dog Poop Scooper in a Grassy area

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Product Review of Best Dog Poop Scoopers  

Poop Scooper With Bin Bucket

[amazon box="B008FNKQSU" template="horizontal"]

The Arm and Hammer 71034 is probably one of the very few convenient options out there with the decent plastic build quality and proper usability. It’s got a pretty handset of features, worthy of taking care of your pet.

Petmate 70067 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper, Scented Bags included, One Size, Black/Penny

First of all, the robust non-stick poop pan and wire rake are very convenient to use, very useable for quick pick-up and release. Also, the handle has a decent reach of 32-inches, which is more than enough for effective operation.

All in all, the Arm and Hammer 71034 is a solid package that includes solid pickup tools and odor-control bags. So, if you think your pet needs the best care, then you may want to pick it up.


  • A swivel-enabled bin for convenient pickup and release.
  • It is compatible with use on multiple surfaces.
  • Long-reach increases overall usability.
  • Very compact and robust  for heavy-duty purpose
  • Cleaning is relatively easy.


  • The part integration feels cheap.

[amazon box="B004IJAM1G" template="horizontal"]

Looking for the best dog poop scooper, then you can certainly have a look at the Petmate Waste Management System. The overall usability of this system is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

As always, with a dog poop clean up like this one, you are dealing with a robust red and black plastic. It is clearly built for both soft and sturdy surfaces. Also, the swivel mechanism increases the overall functionality. Furthermore, the convenient hook design allows good accessibility for bags as well.

Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper, Plastic Handle

Overall, this pet poop cleaner makes its case stand out when it comes to overall usability. And this should be enough for the average user.


  • A sturdy swivel and rotating cleaner.
  • Lightweight design.
  • The storage capacity and waste handling are good.
  • The rake is extendable, has an excellent reach to it.


  • The snapping mechanism isn’t as strong as it should be

Lightweight Poop Scooper

[amazon box="B005BV02N8" template="horizontal"]

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop poop cleaner is an all-rounder when it comes to the cleanliness of your pet. Overall, it’s a pretty decent overall package that combines a lot of useful features.

First of all, the lightweight nature of this dog cleaner is one of its highlights, combined with proper surface compatibility and decent reach. All of these features work well together overall. Also, the clamping mechanism does feel pretty useful, as well.

Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop For Pet Waste Pick Up, Jumbo

All in all, the non-stick plastic build paired with the lightweight nature of this nature's miracle jaw dog poop scooper pretty much makes it a very intriguing option.


Made of solid plastic and has a beautiful design too

It’s close to a featherweight poop waste cleaner.

There are some integrated antimicrobial properties.

It’s suitable for a wide array of surfaces.


The scooper does need a bit of getting used to.

[amazon box="B0002AT464" template="horizontal"]

There are very few lightweight dog poop scoopers out there. And the Four Paws Wire Rake Dog Scooper certainly makes the cut for a lightweight waste cleaner for dogs.

Wire Rake Scooper for Grass, Black, 5" x 6.13" x 29.5" (100203170)

It’s one of the very few quick cleaning options out there with a hint of proper sanitation. And we are saying this because the rack is not just rust-resistant, it’s non-sticky as well. Also, it’s the best pooper scooper for grass and sandy surfaces.

All in all, for a scooper with such a good reach of 32-inches, it should probably be the right choice for any average user. Overall, for backyard usability, it’s a decent choice. 


The wire rack is very lightweight.

It has a certain amount of reach.

It is rust resistance, the rack itself is non-sticky.

It comes with a soft rubber grip, offering decent usability.


Not the right choice for heavy workloads.

Travelling Poop Scooper

[amazon box="B00LQHKIJY" template="horizontal"]

For a traveling poop scooper, there’s certainly a lot of choices out there. But among an array of options, we found the Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop, which makes the most sense for a traveler needing a dog scooper.

First of all, the ergonomics of this scooper makes it a very convenient choice. Pair that with a spring-loaded scooper, and you have good one-hand usability, perfect for pet waste management while traveling.

Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop, Dog Pooper Scooper for Easy Grass and Gravel Pick Up

Overall, this durable and plastic scooper is pretty handy for the proper functionality. So, if you need something that is compatible and offers good reliability, then, by all means, go for it.  


  • It comes with springs pre-loaded and calibrated.
  • Waste collection is pretty easy.
  • It’s suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Excellent ergonomics and extremely lightweight.


  • The reach of the handle isn’t that great.

Dog Poop Scooper With Aluminum Pan

[amazon box="B0002AT45K" template="horizontal"]

If you’re looking for a sturdy waste management scooper for your dog, then the Four Paws Rake and Scooper Set can certainly live up to your expectations.

First of all, it’s a wire rake and pan set, the perfect combination when it comes to poop scoopers. And if you want to talk about the durability, then it’s perfectly adequate for the average user. Overall, it’s a pretty sturdy set with a good bit of compatibility.

Four Paws Dog Rake & Scooper Set for Pet Waste Pick-Up, Large, Green & Silver

In short, if you’re looking for metal pooper scooper to get rid of your pet’s waste, then this sturdy set of poop cleaner should live up to your expectations.


  • The rake and pan have a very solid overall build quality.
  • The metal scooper pan won’t rust easily.
  • It’s very suitable for use on greasy areas.
  • The grip adds more overall value.


  • The rake curvature often makes cleaning hard.

[amazon box="B0002AT45A" template="horizontal"]

When it comes to the poop scooper, then the Spade Set Pet Waste Removal makes its case very appealing. Although it’s just a simple rack, the usability aspect of it makes it a pretty intriguing option overall.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about sanitation much. You see, this spade-like pan scooper does a perfect job of keeping things simple, no muss no fuss. Also, you don’t just get the durable materials; the ergonomic grip helps out a lot as well.

Four Paws Small Dog Spade Set

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a concrete dog scooper, then the overall usability of this simple option is probably the right bet.  


There’s no real issue with cleaning.

The scooper is very convenient and sturdy.

The ergonomics are alright overall, features a nice 42-inch reach.

The rust-resistant scooper is perfect for solid concrete surfaces.


Not a great option for grassy surfaces.

[amazon box="B003AVKK1K" template="horizontal"]

When it comes to premium dog scoops, then perhaps you’d want something like the Flexrake 68AR. From the overall design and flexibility of use, you’re perfectly covered in all aspects when it comes to a solid dog scooper.

First of all, the design and choice of materials are the two things that require your attention. Although some folks may not be into aesthetics much, it performs right on par with some of the popular options out there. And the vinyl grips do compliment the overall package as well.

In short, for the price, we certainly believe this dog scoop and rake offer a good value. It all depends on whether you actually want the best.  


  • The choice of materials is top of the line.
  • The Aluminium handle offers a very good reach.
  • The scoop and grip offer proper sanitary cleaning.
  • It comes with non-slip vinyl grips that are non-molded.


  • The rake and the scoop isn’t that lightweight.

Poop Scooper with Plastic Trypan

[amazon box="B005BUZV4E" template="horizontal"]

If you’re searching the market for an all-purpose dog poop cleaner, then Nature’s Miracle 2-in-1 Rake and Spade Pan will probably be a decent choice for you. You will find it offers a really good overall value although there are some pricy options.

Nature’s Miracle 2-in-1 Rake N’ Spade With Pan, Scoop, For Pet Cleanup - P-6009

First of all, it is a rake and pan combo, which means you can pretty much get a solid overall performance. The wire rake has a pretty good reach to it as well, eliminating the need for bending too much.

Overall, for a non-stick solid plastic build, it certainly gets a lot done for the price. So, you may have to check it out


A very robust wire rake and scoop pan.

Shows good compatibility on a wide range of surface.

Features non-stick plastic materials.

The overall cleaning endeavor is satisfactory. 


The handle design isn’t very versatile.

Jumbo Pooper Scooper

[amazon box="B015P3T2PA" template="horizontal"]

Let’s say you’re a hardcore dog lover. You have two dogs and a few beautiful pups to look after. If that’s the case, the Paws and Pals has the perfect option for you in their product lineup.

First of all, if size matters to you, then you certainly don’t need to look elsewhere. With its solid build quality and 28-inch, it can easily take care of your pet’s needs. Also, it’s a highly compatible option. With its 5.25-inch jaws, large waste is easily removable from any surface.

Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs - Dog Poop Scoop Picker Upper Pet Waste Long Handle Heavy Duty XL Jumbo Scoopers for Grass Yard Doggie Poo Pick-up Claw Scoops Sanitary Remover Clean-ing Tools

With solid ergonomics and build quality, this jumbo jaws pooper scooper from Paws and Pals is a must-have scooper for any user with burdensome requirements. It’s a solid bargain overall. 


  • The size is very satisfactory.
  • The build quality is more than acceptable.
  • The design ergonomics are top-notch as well.
  • The grip and reach are decent.
  • It’s compatible with various surfaces.


  • The handle feels tight, limiting functionality.

Dog Poop Scooper with Poop Bags

[amazon box="B01DGZKJWY" template="horizontal"]

To get your home clean from your pet's poop, GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper will live up to your expectations without a doubt. Although it’s not that high-end, it gets all the basics right. And that’s what matters the most.

GoGo Stik Totally Clean Standard ST Pooper Scooper. You and Tool Stay Clean. 25 to 36 inches. Use with Optional EZ Wedge (rake Substitute). Use Plastic Store Bags or Best fit Dootie Bags.

You are getting a standard scooper featuring a handy design. This allows for efficient and sanitary cleaning. Also, the 3-feet reach pretty much takes care of your bending problems. Furthermore, antimicrobial protection comes as a blessing overall.

In short, if you’re looking for pooper scooper with a grocery bag, something comfortable and convenient, then this poop scooper can undoubtedly be your best friend.


  • A very convenient scooper to use.
  • The reach from the pole is decent.
  • It’s compatible with regular grocery bags.
  • There are some protection features for contamination.


  • Longevity is an issue here.

Complete Set (Dog Poop scooper, Poop Bags with Poop Bag Holder)

[amazon box="B01CF5ITIC" template="horizontal"]

For those of you looking for a full professional cleaning experience, the Complete Poo Pack from Bodhi Dog should cater to your needs just fine.

New Complete Poo Pack | Pooper Scooper, Poop Bags, and Pet Dog Waste Bag Holder (Blue)

First of all, it’s a complete overall solution. It means you can take advantage of this package entirely, without having to spend any extra cash. You’re getting a well-built pooper scooper with a bag attached including holders. 

The strategic design and superior ergonomics are what makes this set so versatile. And the extra accessories build up its value even more. 


  • A complete solution for pet waste management.
  • Super easy to use.
  • The build quality is on point.
  • It comes with additional accessories.


  • The included bags aren’t up to the mark.

Heavy Duty Poop Scooper Set

[amazon box="B000BHT53K" template="horizontal"]

The sanitation-conscious folks who value for longevity and usability should check out this poop scooper from Precision Pet. Not only is it pretty well build, but it also makes cleaning a lot cleaner than you’d expect!

Precision Pet by Petmate Little Stinker Heavy Duty Pooper Scoop with Spade -Extendable Handle - 2 Sizes Available, Large

The heavy-duty pooper scooper is what took us by surprise. And we were astonished to see it perform so well while maintaining its solid quality and usability. It’s not just easy to get used to; it’s also has a convenient storage option as well.

Overall, if sturdiness is something you need, then go for it.  


  • The handle can reach 44-inch in length.
  • The overall build quality is commendable.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The scooper requires no assembly time.
  • It has hooks for easy storage.


  •   The scooper needs to have proper attachment options.

[amazon box="B00067MVUE" template="horizontal"]

In case you’re in the market looking for the poop remover, you may be looking for something that’s going to last longer. If that’s the case, you should certainly look at the Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop from Noz2Noz.

Despite having good cleaning capabilities, the most noteworthy feature about it is its build quality and sturdiness. The solid plastic build comes with a 27-inch reach, perfectly fine for good cleaning experience. Also, the design ergonomics are right on point as well.

In short, if you’re looking for a compatible cleaner that lasts longer, then it’s probably a good idea to consider this scooper. 


  • The overall construction is solid.
  • The grips are comfortable, good overall cleaning experience.
  • The one-hand spring action enables good usability.
  • Its compatibility is decent overall.


  • The scoop isn’t as large as you’d expect.

Great Dog Poop Scooper in a Grassy area 

[amazon box="B01A73SE9I" template="horizontal"]

For people looking for a complete package, the Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper is like a Godsend for them. It’s a mix of some great features, something you don’t get to see very often. 

liubingbing123 Pooper Scooper for Dogs- 24" Pooper Scooper Perfect for Small Medium Large XL Pets

One of the noteworthy features of the pooper scooper is that it’s solid and lightweight. This makes the cleaning job a whole lot easier. Also, the scoop itself is pretty large, which is a convenient feature in itself. Furthermore, the 24-inch reach is a nice addition to the overall feature set.

And that’s all there is to it. If you want something that gets things done, then, without doubt, this best pooper scooper for grass is one of the right choices for you.


  • A scooper with a decent build.
  • Cleaning is a treat with this scooper.
  • The pole has a good reach to it.
  • It comes with a rubber bag for added security.


  • It doesn’t cover all the surface.

There are Frequently Asked Questions which we have tried to answer for a better understanding of the subject matter.


What is Poop Scooper?

Defecating is natural for both man and animal. This is a natural process of how the body keeps itself from the debris remaining after all the metabolism of the body is finished after we take our food.

The body has a built-in mechanism for this disposal. While men are superior beings, they can release it in bathrooms or hidden places, but for animals it any place any times. People having pets have to train them so they can dispose of it designated locations or otherwise, it has to be cleaned by the owners.

For this scoopers are needed to clean the mess created by your loving pooch. You also need bags to collect them and then dispose of it hygienically. In the market, you get various types of scoopers which do the job efficiently for you check out here.


How Can You Choose the Best Dog Poop Scooper?

While choosing the scooper, you have to be alert regarding the various surfaces where you have to clean the poop. It may be slippery such as tiled homes, roads which have soil on it, and fields or grassy patches as in the garden or front /back yard.

Here the types of scopers vary in nature, to do the work efficiently and make the place entirely clear so that there are no remnants left. You may also need bags if you have to collect from multiple areas of the house or in the woods. Keeping an eye on the problem, we have reviewed the various types of pooch scoopers which may suit your desired needs and can cater to your needs in the best possible way.


The ease of handling, the collection, and the economy are the factors which determine which particular scooper is best for you. It is our earnest hope that our gives you a comprehensive answer so that you can make your best choice and the best buy.


How Do You Get Rid of Dog Diarrhea in the Grass?

In case your dog has diarrhea and poops in the grass the best thing would be to let it dirty and scoop it off. Another option would be to sprinkle dirt or soil. Then the poop is ready to be picked up with bags turned inside out and scoop it up.

Other options include freeze spraying. As you go on mowing the grass for one to two weeks, there will be no remnants and your grass looks as fresh as ever. 


How Do You Pick Up Dog Poop When Walking?

When you are going walking with your dog, and your dog poops you have to have best dog poop scooper for walks ready with you the pick the poop and put it in a bag so that you may dispose of it in the proper bins or the bin when you are back home. 

There are various types of scoopers in the market for your convenience, such as best pooper scooper with a bag, self bagging pooper scooper. As for what is the best dog poop scooper you have to patiently go through review and make your own choice which shouldn't be too tough either.

Bottom Line

So, that had been our hands-on reviews on best dog poop scooper. Hopefully, you've been able to hand-pick the best model within your budget. But make sure it’s quite right in terms of comfort, safety, and durability.

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