Best Dog Breed for Special Needs Child

Dog Breed for Special Needs Child

In the list of inspiring people across America, there is one with innovative thought and lifestyle that has changed tons of lives. But it’s not the lives of us – humans – but those of out four-legged woofy friends known for their loyalty.

Yes. I’m talking about Bonnie Bergin and her mission of using dogs as helpers for the disabled.   Read below to know how the mystery unfurls itself in the form of mental and physical therapy.

That’s what I heard in the podcast of Mike O’Sullivan on VOA. That was an ennobling story.

When I recalled, it provoked a question in me what is the ​brilliant touching story for special needs children today?

Come with me and find out.

There was another brilliant touching story about a dog and his crippled little human friend that broke me into tears.

Ride the Wave Love Sofia and Haole the Surf Dog

The Golden Retriever Haole is a therapy dog as well as a skillful surfer from “A Walk On Water” based in California.

Sofia and Haole

Sofia and Haole

For me, Labrador seems to be the best dog for a special needs child. They are smart and so full of energy. But Haole seems to be a very unique individual.

Not only because his patient is one with Down Syndrome, but Haole has the capability to commune and inspire. He woke up the courage and dream in Sofia and stepped her to the ocean.

How touching it was reading the path of Sofia – like many mentally challenged kids learning to swim/surf – conquering her fear to become a surf girl with the help of Haole. That’s when I know dreams are never an illusion. No matter how big it is, you can still make your dreams come true if you never give up.

I suggest anyone who’s living with a dream but always hesitates to act on it to read this book. You will know life is not all about materials. There are little things to thrive for and embrace. A dog knows that. Why not you?

The Best Dog for Special Needs Child

I always feel like it’s never enough to overstate the immeasurable help dogs have brought to our lives. The house pets alone are already ones that come with unconditional love, let alone those that serve the disabled.

Many dogs become service dogs to help the handicapped, navigate, soothe frayed nerves, and even save lives. Beyond that, they pass energy to encourage the crippled ones to continue their lives.

Among those that interact with multiple kinds of patients, there are breeds to keep mentally challenged kids having good company.

Labrador Retriever

Haole is an excellent example of this smart, people-oriented, and gentle breed.

Having a lab as an emotional support dog is a great way to keep an autistic child company. The breed can experience acute separation anxiety, which is best suited for those who don’t enjoy outings.

On the other side, labs have enough energy to get the patients occupied. Trained labs can teach Down kids how to enjoy life uniquely.




A poodle is the best small dog breed for special needs children in my opinion.

They are fantastic dogs full of humor and affection.  Their intelligence and loyalty are one of a kind. With a small profile and positive energy wrapped around them, Poodles can make a great friends for an autistic child as a psychiatric service dog.

If you happen to opt for a mixed poodle, it’s okay. You can rest assured that the combination can give the best traits for a support dog around kids.




With a wagging tail and smiling expression, beagles make a perfect family breed. But what about the kids?

Beagles love their little owners, especially the ones who need their help. These dogs are an all-around blast to play with and sometimes can be exceedingly friendly.

The only thing to be aware of is that Beagles are vocal canines with their barking may intricate kids. Getting a Beagle to train is also a challenge as they don’t care much about your bidding except for that attractive scent on the grass.




The gigantic floor may look scary, but in fact, Newfoundland dogs own a big heart for children.

Newfies are gentle and​allergic to dog hair. They can easily build a bond with the sick child. However, a side note is that this breed drools and sheds a bunch. It is their coat that will fluff your clothes and sofa.

So, when adopting a Newfoundland help dog for your special need child, consider if the kid is allergic to dog hair.



Rotties can weigh up to 80 pounds with a sturdy build like linebackers. These dogs are assertive and show courage in many situations. That makes them excellent protective dogs for the kids.

This breed may become aggressive towards strangers but to their owners, they show the other face of a loyal, adorable, and helpful pup that will do anything beyond your expectation.

Autistic kids will love Rotties a lot as they take these little ones on the field and make them enjoy their life much better.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs with their gentle temperament and intelligence make them great dogs for youngsters that need help.

Looking at their hilarious smiling appearance would be a blessing for the whole day. These dogs are easy to train and pleasing to the people they love. Having a Bernese pup with your disabled kid, you can leave the couple space to embrace life and improve the mental health of your child.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons for a healthy person to share life with a dog. But for a little kid with a disability, a help dog brings beyond the assistance they offer.

I think it’s not just a reason to have a dog, but it’s a need to have such pure companionship. When a disabled kid can share his/her disability pain with a living creature, it opens more doors for them to reach a much quality of life. That means they don’t live a clueless life, and even can seek a purpose to exist.

And that’s the magic people always wish to see.

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