Best Dog Breeds to Consider When You Have Kids Around

15 of the Best Dog Breeds to Consider When You Have Kids Around

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A dog is man’s best friend. Although it’s a cliché we’ve heard a lot of times, dogs really are great pets to have. Growing up, most of us have had puppies as pets. Now that we’ve grown up, complete with our own families, you might want to have a dog as an addition to your growing family.

Although you can get any dog you like, there are more ideal breeds of dogs for small or large families. Therefore, before picking a dog, you should choose one based on these three criteria:

Dog Breeds Considered friendly For Kids


This trait is also known as the dog’s personality. If you have small kids around, the ideal dog would have an agreeable temperament. Other dogs can get jealous of kids and will compete with them for your attention.


Is your house capable of having a large dog around? Are you living in an area where dogs can get in trouble with certain behavior? Consider the size of the dog before adopting one. Sometimes, larger dogs can be more docile and friendlier while taking up more space. However, these larger dogs could also knock down smaller kids when they get excited.

Energy Level

Speaking of size, larger dogs tend to be more docile while smaller dogs tend to be more energetic. A dog’s energy levels should be able to match your family’s energy levels as well. Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you always on the go? Or would you prefer quiet nights as a pastime activity? Getting the right dog that matches your energy levels benefits both you and your future friend.

Now that you know these three essential criteria, let’s meet the perfect breeds you’ll want to get for your family:

Golden Retriever

Almost every family would consider the golden retriever as the ideal family pet dog. These dogs are intelligent, confident, and loyal. When it comes to kids, golden retrievers are patient and have the right level of curiosity.

Two Golden Retriever puppies

With golden retrievers, you need to take care of them more. They also want to exercise a lot. With food, these dogs aren’t too picky. Of course, only get the best dog food for your pets. The Black Hawks website, for example, provides some of the best dog food for all your pet’s health and nutritional needs.

Labrador Retriever

If the family pet isn’t a golden retriever, then it’s most likely a Labrador retriever. Labrador retrievers or “Labs” are fun and loving dogs to have around. They’re more active than golden retrievers, and they love to swim a lot.

They’re also good to have around with kids and seem to be agreeable with other animals. If you have other pets like cats, pigs, rabbits, etc., a lab can be their best friend. A lab’s coat is also shorter than a golden retriever’s, so you might want to consider that factor when taking care of your pet.

St. Bernard

intelligent dog St. Bernard

If space isn’t a problem for you, consider getting one of the gentle giants in the dog world, the St. Bernard. These furry giants are well-suited when it comes to kids. They may not look like it, but these dogs were bred to be rescue dogs in cold, snowy places in the past. With their nature, they are incredibly loyal and protective of young children around them.

German shepherd

Although primarily known as reliable guard dogs, German shepherds are also known for their friendliness for their master’s kids. These dogs have been known to protect children from strangers and even rescue them in dire situations. So if you want a strong, brave, and loyal companion for your household, you can’t go wrong with the German shepherd.


Small and smart beagles are the best choice if you don’t want a large dog in your house. These small dogs are active and love to play with your kids. Apart from being playful, beagles are intelligent and easy to train. They’re also curious, so if your kids love playing outdoors, a beagle easily fits right in.


Loveable Bulldog That Kids Like

When it comes to being patient and calm, you can give the bulldogs the top award. Known as a lumbering but affectionate pet, bulldogs easily get along with kids, even if they’re too loud and playful.

Although these dogs aren’t that active, they’re loyal and can adjust to living in small or big houses. For families who are busy and love to socialize, bulldogs are excellent companions for your guests too. They’re quite docile and will stay away from trouble even if they don’t have your attention.

Border Collie

If you've heard of Lassie, then you've seen a border collie. In the TV series, Lassie is shown as an intelligent and loving pooch. Border collies are some of the most popular family dogs to get. If it's your first time owning a pet dog, consider getting a border collie. Originally bred to be a herding dog, these lovable companions are brilliant.

They're easy to train and often develop a bond for your kids. Border collies are also protective and loyal. As with most herding dogs, you need to train them to remove any undesirable habits while they're young.


Another dog breed to grace the big screen is the Pug. "Frank the Pug" was a cute and lovable alien mimicking a pug in the Men in Black movie franchise. Star power aside, pugs are some of the most lovable dogs you can get for your family.

Although they're small, pugs don't require a lot of attention like other smaller breeds. One look at their cute squishy faces will be more than enough to get your attention. Although they have their fair share of health problems, proper exercise and regular checkups with your vet will help your lovable goofball.


These gentle giants are some of the most loving and caring dogs for your kids. Known for their intelligence and loyalty, these dogs are usually docile and somewhat active. However, consider going out at least once a day for a good run due to their size.

Newfoundland’s are also good rescue dogs which means they can develop a protective bond with your kids. These dogs are also excellent swimmers. There have been many cases where a Newfoundland has been known to jump into deep waters just to rescue drowning people.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Frenchie’s or French Bulldogs share the same lovable affinity with pugs. Frenchies are some of the best small-dog breeds out there for you and your family. Since they're typically considered bulldogs, these dogs also have great adaptability. Whether you're living in a small apartment or a big house, you'll have no trouble with French bulldogs.

Although they're not energetic and athletic in any way, brisk walking is a good exercise for these dogs. French bulldogs are also smart, playful, and extremely good with children. Consider getting a Frenchie for your family if you want a sweet, small, and lovable companion around.


It's always a delight to see a dachshund run around the place. These small, elongated dogs originated from Germany to hunt down badgers. Although they used to hunt, these dogs are really lovable. They like to cuddle up to their owners to get their attention. Dachshunds are also loyal and aren't that noisy.

Also known as "Weenie dogs" for their unusual body, these lovable pets play well with children. Dachshunds come in three varieties: Short-haired (the most common type), Wire-haired, and Long-haired.


If you happen to see a dog with a fancy haircut, then it's most likely a poodle. Poodles are quite famous in kennel shows. Aside from their looks, poodles are extremely intelligent. They can easily learn tricks and also show a ton of loyalty to their handler or owner.

Used to retrieve ducks in the past, these dogs are now in the laps of families worldwide. If you want a smaller version of this dog, you can certainly get one. Poodles can come in standard or toy size.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Among every dog in this list, consider the Jack Russell terrier as the most active. These small bouncy dogs are some of the cutest pets your family can have. If you don't mind the energy and exercise it takes, the Jack Russell is a good fit. Very playful and active, these dogs can be the best playmates for your kids. Although they're very energetic, they aren't known to be overly aggressive when playing with children.

Jack Russell’s are incredibly athletic as well, being able to jump higher than most dogs. Aside from their energy and athletic skill, Jack Russell terriers are incredibly smart. Some countries even have these spunky companions as police or military dogs due to their keen sense of smell and intelligence.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are also good pets to have at home. These big, red-maned dogs are known to be quite friendly with kids. Irish Setters need a lot of exercise and outdoor activities as they’re more active than other large-sized dogs. They also catch up faster than most dogs, so you can easily teach them some tricks too.


Mutts, mongrels, mixed breeds, call them whatever you like; these dogs are some of the best pets to have around. Mutts can be big or small and can adjust accordingly to your living space. Most of the time, these dogs can carry the best traits from their parents. Examples of awesome mutts to have are:

Labradoodle - Labrador and Poodle

Corgidor - Welsh Corgi and Labrador

Doxiepoo - Dachshund and Poodle

Puggle - Pug and Beagle

Yorkiepoo - Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier


When you want a pet for your family, consider getting a dog. The breeds mentioned above are some of the best pets, especially if you have kids with you. With their temperament, size, and energy, the right dog will easily fit right in with you and your family.

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Michelle Mordan

Boston Terrier best dog for a family with children. They are patient, full of kisses, always wanting to please, and never snip or bite. Always want to be where the children are or the baby and will lie down with them and cuddle or play with them. I’d submit pictures but nowhere to upload them. Thank you!!

    Eileen Murphy

    Thank you for your interest. You can send via email


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