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All over the world today, it is not common to take your dog to work. It stays alone for several hours a day until the return of its owners. Only a few companies also allow their employees to work. Thus, most dogs stay alone for several hours a day while their owners work. The best dog camera helps you and your to be easy and calm throughout your physical absence and yet be able to interact with it so that no untoward situations take place, which might annoy you or your neighbors.

Your pet does not feel our return properly speaking. They know that you will arrive, thanks to the routine we have set up, that is to say, that there are external signs that announce your arrival. Your pet is very happy when you return, and he is all the more enthusiastic that the long separation has ended. Indeed, the arrival of the owner means that it will have caresses, he will play, etc.

However, some pets suffer from the absence of their owners, especially if they do not have other companions. The stress generated by loneliness can even go as far as behavioral problems: we talk about separation anxiety. Anxiety can be manifested by annoying behaviors such as barking, destruction, compulsive licking, etc.

Dog Loneliness-Best Dog Camera the Remedy

Have you ever wondered what happens to your furry friend when you leave it alone at home? If you still have not got an answer to your question, it is because, on your return, everything is probably as you left it. In this case, it is very possible that your pet has been quiet, sleeping, or entertaining with their toys. However, other people get a quick and direct response in the form of various damages: furniture, papers, and clothes. They even find urine and excrement in the least expected place, and their neighbors tell them that it has been barking. Surely these animals are suffering from separation anxiety, a disorder that reaches 18% of dogs.

The truth is that the current pace of life leads us to be more and more time away from home for various reasons, having to leave – inevitably-alone to our pets. That is when some of them begin to suffer from separation anxiety. And, although we cannot enslave ourselves to the side of the pets because of the guilt we feel, it is not a valid option to abandon them or return them to the shelter where we adopt them, as is often the case, in the face of the damage they do.

How To aid Your Dog Get Used to Being Left Alone

Although dogs are sociable animals who adore and need the company of humans, just like our other four-legged friends, they can enjoy being alone. Will your pet be alone from time to time? All day when you start your new job? The maximum time your furry friend should be alone with no one to look after him is eight hours, as long as he has guaranteed access outside to urinate and defecate. However, his ability to manage this experience depends mainly on how you prepare for it. Today, although there are companies that allow you to bring your pet to work, few workplaces are suitable for them. And if you go on vacation, it’s just not always possible to take it along, or you decided it was not the best thing for your furry friend (for example, there are unsecured outdoor spaces, limited space, a very long journey in a very hot climate, etc.).However, with proper training and preparation, your dog friend can learn to support and even enjoy spending time alone at home. Here are some tips to make sure your dog is comfortable, healthy and get used to being left alone:

1. Surveillance Cameras for Dogs

Surely you’ve ever wondered, what will my pet do when I’m not home? or how did my shoes finish so well redesigned with bites? You can finally know! Today there are several types of surveillance cameras for dogs via Wi-Fi with which you can know at any time and from anywhere how the little one in the house is doing.

Unfortunately, we cannot be with our adorable all hours of the day, and we are very sorry to have to leave them alone even if it is for a few hours. Because do we know what dogs do after closing the door? We do not know if they stay stuck to it waiting for us, or prefer to settle on the sofa with their favorite toy to enjoy that little time alone as kings of the house. We also do not know if it is true that, as the neighbors say, he keeps barking until you return, or that he does not like to stay alone and does not stop crying and tearing the door. Well, with the best dog camera, or surveillance camera, you will be able to know all that and much more!

Furthermore,  there are two types of surveillance cameras that you can find in pet stores as well as in almost any store that sells electronic goods of this type. We can choose between conventional surveillance cameras, which you will find in physical stores or online stores, or special surveillance cameras for pets. These are designed for pets, and also incorporate all the functions of conventional surveillance cameras, they bring some more functions that allow you to entertain and interact with your Fido when he has gotten tired of his toys.

There are many benefits of installing a pet surveillance camera to see them in your absence. The most human is the sense of closeness that gives you the power to see him whenever you want. Simply take your phone, enter the application that is included in the camera, and there you will see it. Let yourself be surprised by what your furry friend does when nobody sees him! (Or so he thinks). Although surveillance cameras are not only useful to watch, you can also listen and talk through them. You will find this function in both camera models, conventional and special for pets, and it is perfect for all dogs since at any time we can call them by saying their name or that word that always makes them start to move their tails.

2. Use of Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

The product, also known as the pet camera with treats is great equipment that aids you in seeing what it is doing at every point in time. It stands as a state-of-the-art interactive camera that allows you to talk with your pet and reward it in real-time, wherever you are.

A great example of such a product is the Furbo dog camera.

This dog camera comes with the following great features for your pets:

•    Fun treat tossing, which aids you in tossing treats through its iOS/Android app.

•    1080p Camera & Night Vision

•    2-Way Chat and barking alert which forwards notifications to your Smartphone when it detects that it is barking.

•    A Free Smart Dog Alerts Trial

•    Easy 3-Step Setup: 1. Plug into a power outlet using its USB cord 2. Download the Furbo app 3. Connect to your wifi.

A dog camera treat dispenser takes a step further in the interaction with our pets from the technological world. You will no more have to worry when your pet is left alone at home during the day; you can see them and communicate with them from your mobile, through a simple application.

In addition to seeing it live, you can capture every moment and share it on social networks. The dispenser allows you to see, talk, listen and play with your pet. You can also scold and reward her to improve her behavior during your absences. Among its many uses include the reward function which is made up of a treat dispenser that aids you in giving rewards to your pet without any hassles.

3. Use of Automatic Dog Feeders

One of the complaints of people who own pets at home is about food. They are not always aware of what they should eat. So if you fill the pot of food, they are more likely to eat everything on time.

And this is not good as it can leave your pet fatter or still suffer from anxiety. Have you noticed that when you put the ration, it feels like it has to eat it all at once? And this situation can also make you worried when you go out to work and come back only at night. Will he have enough food? What if he finishes the food and he gets hungry? This is one of the major reasons why some companies have developed automatic feeders. The automatic dog feeder is a product in which you can schedule times for the distribution of feed automatically for your furry friend. Depending on the product you can even schedule 3 meals a day. This is a way for you to keep your pet occupied and free from anxiety.

For those who do not stay long at home, it is a good product as it can be kept anywhere in your home where your pets feel comfortable eating. Also, it is recommended by veterinarians mainly for diabetic animals, to aid in the control of food and also to avoid over-eating, thus contributing to healthier food for your pet.

Another facility is that the food reserved in the automatic feeder stays fresh. In this stand, you can place various sizes of dry foods, shapes, and types. The cool thing is you can schedule the time the feed will be available.

Your Dog Gets Sad When You Leave!

People who have dogs fear a lot when they leave them alone at home because they get stressed and sad, so much that, they bark all the time, do damage, scratch the doors, bite the furniture and even leave their drool all over the house. But while we are at home, they behave like little angels and are very calm.

We always say that our pets do all this for revenge because we leave them alone, but in reality, it is a disorder called separation anxiety, which is generated by fear and panic, which causes these sad and destructive behaviors.

Remember that the intensity and symptoms of separation anxiety vary in each dog. You must be alert to the signals that it sends you. Because, for example, there are some of them who cannot stand to be alone while you are at work, others cannot stand being alone at night, others get stressed on Monday, or the days after the holidays, others smash everything and go barking or howling all day.

Separation anxiety occurs when it feels excessive and irrational anguish to be separated from its owner. The destruction, crying, barking, etc. are only the ways the dog has to externalize that anguish and try to alleviate it. It is not afraid to be left alone, what makes it crazy is being separated from its owner. This occurs when it is too close to the owner. It is normal that it feels an attachment to its owner, the problem lies when that attachment becomes excessive.

All dogs should become accustomed to spending time alone. But that does not mean that you will leave it like that from one day to the next. It is advisable to start in bits, and then increase the absence time so as not to cause them trauma, that way they will understand that there is nothing wrong with being alone and that even if you have to leave, you will come back.


The steps above would now prevent you from getting worried about your furry friend in your absence. It is also good to realize that teaching it to stay home alone is a process that takes time and perseverance. You must arm yourself with patience and tolerance, ignoring their false steps and rewarding them with caresses and prizes, for every advance they achieve to reach this goal. With the help of a pet surveillance camera, you can surely leave your house with the peace of mind that your pet is having a good time despite your absence.


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