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Choosing From an Array of Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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Choosing the best dog crate for your K9 is an important decision. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll want to focus on the best ones out there. Finding a kennel that is affordable, practical, reliable, attractive and sturdy are all things to consider while choosing the best heavy duty dog crate for you and your dog’s needs.

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Why Buy a Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Buying a heavy duty dog crate could save you money. If you’re trying to cage a larger dog in plastic or regular size crate, you’ll probably spend more money buying replacement houses than you would if you paid a little bit more money up front for a heavy duty crate, which tends to cost a bit more than your average dog house.

Buying a heavy duty dog crate is also more efficient and safer than your average dog house. Caging your dog in something sturdy will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog (and everything in your house!) is safe and sound.

Whom is This Product Designed For?

1. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Kennel

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Special Features

Superior, commercial-quality materials, and manufacturing
This kennel lasts a lifetime and is constructed with a 3/4" frame and a series of 1/2" diameter (20 gauge) tubes made of high-quality steel for maximum strength and unbreakable usage.

Side and top doors for easy access
This product allows you to get your pet in and out quickly, while going to the vet, to the dog park or visiting some friends, for a puppy play date. For optimal security and safekeeping, there are two side door latches and one door lock.

Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate and steel tray with a lip
This kennel is finished with an ultra-durable, multi-layer coating that is much stronger than your average top layer coating that other enclosures tend to have. This finish is also rust, corrosion and fades resistant, making it suitable and ideal for all sorts of outdoor and indoor uses.

Four rolling casters; two are locking
Easy to transport, no matter the size or weight of the dog you have kenneled, thanks to four rolling casters. Super safe, stabilizing and steady when the two locking casters are in use.

Quick, easy setup
Quick and easy setup and take down. For your convenience, this item ships partly assembled for more rapid and minimal setup. It takes only a few minutes to build this kennel. For maximum comfort, the crate should be sized roughly 4" to 6" longer than the full head to tail length of your dog, and 4" to 6" taller than your dog’s shoulder height. If the animal is not fully grown, you should consult a breed chart to approximate the dog's future adult size, and choose a crate accordingly.


  • Super easy clean up with a removable pan.
  • The lower pan will not warp, corrode or retain pet odors.
  • Features an integrated lip around the perimeter of the floor pan to contain .any messes and prevent them from spreading.
  • Perfect for housing nervous, rambunctious or destructive pets.


  • Poorly designed latches.
  • Easily bendable bars.          
  • Very heavy and hard to transport (106 pounds).

2. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage, Size Large

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Special Features

Virtually indestructible steel
ProSelect claims to be close to creating and selling the world’s strongest dog cages. This kennel is built with durable steel tubing and is complete with multiple door latches and heavy-duty welding at stress points. You can maintain a peace of mind and relax knowing that your dog is safe and contained while you are away at work or out running errands. The ProSelect Empire Dog Kennel is constructed to be the “Alcatraz” of pet cages, as it flaunts a ¾" frame, is forged from 20-gauge steel and is reinforced by ½" diameter steel tubes, making it one of the absolute strongest, sturdiest, and indestructible kennels available for purchase.

Easy to transport
While this crate is heavy, like the majority of heavy-duty dog structures, it is easily movable and transportable thanks to 4, 4-inch high locking casters. They’re easy to roll, push and pull or maneuver in other ways on flat and smooth surfaces.

Sleek and sexy finish
This kennel is practical and polished. Not only will it do the work of containing your K9, but it will also exist as something more than an eyesore in your kitchen. This kennel is finished in long-lasting, high-grade hammer-tone. It is rust resistant and scratch resistant and has been built to withstand all types of weather and aggressive behavior.

Collapsible and pack-able
While this dog kennel holds its own and can withstand a lot of force, it can pack down quite small (for something so large!) and can easily be tucked away in a closet or against a wall in a room. Also easy to fold down and put in the back seat of the car.

This kennel comes in two sizes: medium and large. Size medium dimensions: 35¾" L x 23½" W x 24½" H. Size large dimensions: 42 1/4" L x 30 3/4" W x 41 1/4" H. As you can see, both are quite spacious and can fit 65 to 95-pound dogs naturally. It’s up to you, however, how much space you want to give your pet.

Video Review of ProSelect Empire Cages



  • Uncomfortable great flooring that seems to agitate and annoy dogs, even cause them pain.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Despite the “indestructible” claims by the manufacturer, it seems to be easily bendable and breakable.
  • Bars are not welded in a sustainable and unbreakable manner.
  • Is often damaged during the shipping process and therefore unable to close and function properly upon set up.
  • Dogs head can get stuck in between bars if he/she bends them first.

3. Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Crate w/Wheels

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Special Features

Geared for big dogs
This kennel has been tailored to pets weighing less than 176 pounds (80kg). It can be used as a central metal dog crate. It’s spacious but not overbearing, sturdy but not impossible to move and practical but not entirely for play. This playpen gives your dog the space to move about and rest naturally while you are away.

Sturdy construction
This frame is made out of heavy duty steel and contains thick metal bars spaced apart for reinforcement and strength. Each bar is welded in place at the base and can withstand your dog’s nervous quirks, dynamic movements and the wear and tear of transporting the kennel to and from events.

News style with the latest technology
This crate is an updated version of the former Walnut model with a few renovations and revisions making it more reliable, sturdy and efficient.

Easy to assemble
This kennel comes with clear instructions for assembly that take you less than 30 minutes to put together. Once it is assembled you don’t ever have to take it apart, and it is good to go!

Easy to move and transport
This playpen is collapsible (if you want it to be) and easily transportable in your car or on its wheels. It’s big too heavy to carry by hand, however, as it weighs 93 pounds and is quite bulky.


  • Comes in black or silver.
  • Wheel locks are great for stability on tile or wood floors.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Affordable.


  • Top latches and locks aren’t very strong.
  • Assembly directions aren’t super clear.
  • The bottom crate/can slides backward when your dog walks in, damaging the metal bars behind it.

4. ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

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Special Features

Stylish and subtle
This dog crate looks like a regular end table and will compliment your living room set up far more than any metal crate would. It features a wooden tabletop over the metal crating for a natural more sophisticated look. Colors: antique white, espresso or russet.

Flexible and sustainable
This crate comes in 3 different colors and four different sizes making it the perfect heavy duty dog crate for any sized dog and any home. Features an ecoFLEX tough wood, that won’t scratch or stain; contains polymer composite materials for long-lasting performance and high-quality appearance.

Easy assembly
Easy and fast 10-minute assembly that can be done without using any extra tools. This product is extremely lightweight while remaining heavy duty.

Double-latch door
This double latch door features an extra dose of added safety and allows you to leave the house with a peace of mind and without worrying whether or not your pet with a breakout. Latch the doors and leave in peace. It’s that simple.

5 – 10-year warranty
Even if something does go wrong with this product, they will stand behind it. That says a lot more than most other dog kennel companies. When it comes to buying products, I always enjoy buying (and recommend!) buying one with a warranty. If something goes wrong, you will ensure.

Video Review of ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table


  • Attractively built.
  • Ideal for animals that don’t have separation anxiety and aren’t afraid to be alone all day long.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.


  • Hollow aluminum bars are easily chewed through.
  • Unsafe construction.
  • Isn’t very strong.

5. Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Crate with Lockable Wheels

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Special Features

Four easy to roll wheels will keep you and your pet on the go and allow you to move around the house, to the vet or the car with ease.

2 large doors
Those big doors allow you to move your pet in and out of the kennel with ease. These doors are much more important than most dog crate doors and can function well if your pet is scared, like at the vet because you can easily grab them out.

Easy cleanup
This kennel is equipped with a hard plastic tray for easy washing, cleaning, and sanitization. Only pull it out, spray it off, lather with soap and reinsert it into the kennel. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

This kennel is made of entire metal which means that it is built to withstand the wear and tear of an aggressive dog, a bumpy road trip or the simple test of time. Metal bars are welded into place, and a series of high-quality bolts and screws guarantee it’s construction quality.

Comes in 4 different sizes. Heavy duty dog crates aren’t just for big dogs; they’re for anyone wanting a high-quality crate to tote their pet around in. If you want flexibility, affordability, and quality, this is a great crate to choose.



  • Overactive or anxious dogs easily bend metal bars.
  • Bars can bend during the shipping process.

Dog Crate FAQs

Q. Are the wheels on heavy duty crates. Kennel safe and sturdy? 

Ans: Yes. They will not come off, but you can choose to “lock” them in place which prevents the device from moving.

Q. How much weight can a heavy duty crate hold?

Ans: Perhaps the question isn’t so much about weight as it is about the size of your dog. You’ll want to make sure that the housing unit is roughly 4 to 6 inches longer and taller than your dog. That’s about it. As far as weight goes, as long as your pup is under 150 pounds, you should be okay.

Q. Can the top come off of a heavy duty dog crate?

Ans: Some crates do come with a removable door on top. However, most crate tops are only removable if you take out the screws.

Choosing the best heavy duty dog crate that is affordable, reliable and convenient is an important part of keeping your pet safe and happy. Such crates are one of the best options for medium to large sized pets because they are built to safely and comfortably keep your dog contained in the kennel while still allowing you to travel from place to place without too much trouble of tearing the kennel down and setting it up again.


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