Businesses Should Start Catering to Pet Parents

Why Businesses Should Start Catering to Pet Parents and Their Fur Babies

Any entrepreneur who wants to build a strong brand for their business knows that they have to engage with particular types of customers. Businesses that deal in quality kitchen products or premium ingredients will naturally market themselves to chefs or passionate home cooks, while businesses that sell products like books, toys, and kids’ apparel will want to engage with customers who are parents or grandparents to school-aged children.

In the examples listed above, there are obvious correlations between what’s being sold and what kind of person fits the mold of the ideal consumer. As a business owner, you may have already drawn the connections between your products and services and the kind of customer who is most likely to patronize your establishment. But what about the less obvious connections? Why not try broadening your market even further and appealing to a new demographic, like that of pet parents?

Pets need attention

This article makes the case for exploring the lucrative pet niche and finding new customers among pet owners. Below are four good reasons to kick off a new marketing campaign that targets pet parents, as well as to order custom made or wholesale pet merchandise to sell or give away as promo items.

It’s the Perfect Time to Become a Frontrunner in the Pet Industry

To businesses that don’t already service or sell to pet owners, tapping into a new market may seem like a risky decision. But in truth, business owners who eventually pivot towards pet parents and their fur babies can reap significant rewards—especially if they get to the market before their competitors do. 

Put simply, non-pet-friendly businesses or businesses that are too slow to tap into the pet niche will be missing these opportunities and the profits that come with them. So, by selling pet-friendly products, offering custom pet-related services, or providing a safe space for animal companions, you’ll be helping your new customers align with their priorities. That will increase your chances of cultivating a strong business brand and securing top-of-mind awareness among pet owners.

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Pet Parents Are Willing to Spend Extra on Custom-Tailored Pet Products

Today’s pet parents see their pets as more than just guardians for their homes or a means of controlling pests like rats. Many are inclined to see their pets as family members, hence the popularization of the term “fur babies.”

Given how much joy pets bring to their families, it’s not surprising that pet parents are willing to go the extra mile for their health and well-being. A recent survey from loan marketplace LendingTree has revealed that millennial pet parents spend up to USD 1,000 on average for their pets’ needs. If you branch into high-quality pet merchandise or services, your pet parent customers may be happy to transact with you—even if your offerings command a higher price tag.

Pet Parents Actively Seek Out New Experiences with Their Fur Babies

Pet owners are also taking advantage of the variety of experiences they can have with their pets. Nowadays, it’s easier to bring a pet along for an activity like camping or cross-country travel. Pets are also more involved in events like marriage proposals, weddings, and parades, which means that there’s a growing market for specialty items like custom pet clothing.

Many pet parents will choose to patronize your business if your products or services can feature among such priceless experiences. Make it a point to understand what experiences your pet owner customers may be looking for, then see how you can factor into the equation.

Playing for the Camera

Pet Parents and Their Fur Babies Are Excellent Brand Ambassadors

Lastly, if given the right opportunities, pet parents and their fur babies can be powerful drivers of organic engagement among your intended audience. People love looking at pet photos and videos, asking and answering pet-related questions, and sharing pet-related stories. Few will be able to resist the image of a pet brand ambassador on your website or page or one that’s wearing your product while their owner is taking them out for a walk.

If you can find pet parent advocates for your business and get their help in spreading the word about what you do, you’ll be able to captivate a large audience indeed. That will drum up interest for your business and increase your revenue potential for both your pet-related and non-pet-related offerings.


Humans enjoy spending time with their pets in and out of their homes, and being a pet parent can be a pretty important facet of someone’s identity. If you decide to trade in pet products, offer pet services, or turn your commercial establishment into a pet-friendly business, you’ll be able to provide pet parents with delightful new avenues to experience the good life with their fur babies.

Knowing that, consider branching out and expanding your current market to include pet parents. If you’re able to resonate with them, it may be one of the best things to happen to your business.

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