10 Tips Concerning Disabled Dog Care

10 Tips Concerning Disabled Dog Care

Nowadays disabilities are more common in all walks of life including, physical, mental, cognitive skills of  not only humans but also to animals. More specifically, dogs are highly vulnerable to neuromuscular diseases, hearing impairment, vision loss, immobility, etc. But, they are not let down by most of the dog owners as they consider their dog as a member of their family. Disabled dogs require more care and attention when comparing to healthy dogs as disabled dogs always require some human help to perform their activities. Disabled dog care then becomes a priority which cannot avoid.

The main reasons for a dog to become disabled are injury, paralysis, and amputations. It is the responsibility of an owner, to check the medical issues of a dog. Following these checkups can keep your dog refrained from such impairments. But, sometimes, you can do nothing to keep your dogs normal. At such circumstances, even though you are not able to maintain the average health of your dog, you can endeavor to support your dog to continue a healthy life with adequate reinforcements. This article throws light on various strategies to provide a better life for your dog. Let’s jump into the topic.

# Dog Boots 

A boot is a common word which any human would have come across in his life. But boots for dogs shall sound to be somewhat strange for some readers. Yes, there are boots for your dogs too. When your dog happens to chase some other dog or when he messes up your house during your absence, there is a huge possibility for your dog to get hurt by encountering various items in your home. Sometimes, health conditions of your dog shall be very bad, and you have to take him to your veterinarian. Most of the time when dogs become naughty, hurt their paws & legs and may lose its finger. As a part of the treatment and to avoid further issues, a pair of dog boots shall be recommended by a veterinarian.

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During hot climates, the sun usually burns outside making you sidewalk and concrete to burn at a temperature of 100° F; if your dog happens to stay there for a long time, it can cause heavy burns to the feet of your dog. And also during winter times, dogs may flinch to walk on the road covered with ice, and he needs extra support to his legs like a dog boots to walk on the snow. Hence, dog boots shall be a heavenly gadget for your dog in all climates, especially when it is hurt.

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# Training

Impairments shall not occur only in the limbs, paws of your dogs. Even the sensory organs like eyes and ears are also susceptible to disabilities. There are also dogs that have lost its capacity to see and hear. Most of the dogs shall not be able to listen to the commands of their masters due to aging. Such dogs should be trained with the hand gestures to follow the orders of the masters.

The primary need is to teach a hearing impaired dog with a hand gesture which symbolizes your dog to look at you. Once you train your dog, with that gesture, then you can use additional gestures which shall be used to train your dog to run, jump, come, go, etc. Therefore, by providing appropriate training with regard to the efficiency and impairment of the dog, you can make your dog turn its abnormalities into skills.

# Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

The back legs of a dog are very much required for a dog to move forward. Most of the masters, feel happy when their dog stands on their two hind legs and they consider it as a salute. But, the rear legs of the dogs are not meant to support such activity. If a dog, continues to stand on such a posture for a long period, over time it may lose control of its rear legs. Apart from that, traumas and diseases can also affect the coordination of the nerves between the brain and spinal cord resulting in the permanent loss of the control in the rear legs.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - For Small Dogs 11-17 lbs - Veterinarian Approved - Wheelchair for Back Legs

 Veterinarian Approved – Wheelchair for Back Legs

Such mournful situations can be overcome by using a simple dog wheelchair for back legs. This device consists of a frame which holds a pair of wheels which can act as an effective substitute for the legs of your dog. Sometimes, additional wheels which lie just above the surface of the ground are also used. To support the hind legs of the dog which can greatly prevent the dog from stumbling. Apart from the paralyzed dogs, the dog wheelchair can also be used for aged dogs which have lost their control on their hind legs.

# Drag Bags

Unlike an ordinary bag, a drag bag for a dog is used to secure the body of a dog. Some breeds of dogs which are short and having long bones shall be prone to loss of limbs very quickly. At the same time, these dogs shall be very aggressive in using a dog wheelchair. Such dogs can be supported by the drag bags which shall be of immense help to your dog. Without the drag bag, when your dog drags its body with the front legs, there is a huge possibility for your dog to develop cuts, abrasions on it rear part. Moreover, drag bags are also equipped with the diapers which help to keep the bedding dry. But make sure that the drag bag is made up of meshed nylon, which provides ample breath-ability and strength.

Walkin' Drag Bag for Paralyzed Pets

Walkin’ Drag Bag for Paralyzed Pets

#  Dog Wheelchair for Front Legs

As we know that the front legs of a dog carry more than 65 % of the weight . One shall possibly think how a dog without the front legs can move? But, it is possible through recent advancement is various branches of science. Dog wheelchair for front legs can be a smart solution to this issue. They are made up of a pair of wheels which ends up in a frame which is supported by soft pad which houses the chest of the dog. The height of the mounts and structure can be adjusted as per the height of the dog. But make sure that the frame is little wider than the rear legs to ensure the stability of your dog.

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Four wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

#  Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are effective solutions to disabled dogs which have lost control over their limbs. But the saddest part is that a dog using a harness cannot move on its own. It needs the support of its master to move anywhere. The master shall lift the harness to hold the weight of the rear part of the dog. This becomes easier for the dog to move with its front legs.

AMZpets Medium Dog Lift Support Harness. Helps Old or Injured Canines Stand Up, Walk, Climb Stairs, Hop Into Cars. Best Alternative To Dog Wheelchair. Lifting Sling is Recommended by Veterinarians

Dog Lift Support Harness.Best Alternative To Dog Wheelchair. Lifting Sling is Recommended by Veterinarians

To make it more clear, dog harnesses work very similar to, wheelbarrow racing. Apart from the dog harness, there is another gadget which is known to be dog strollers, and it is very much suitable for the dogs whose all four legs are paralyzed. They seem to be cute carts which are usually three-wheeled and can turn sharply. But, unfortunately, the paralyzed dog inside the stroller can only enjoy the sites but cannot act or play. 

# Clean & Hygiene

The normal dog will take care of it without anybody’s help. But the disabled dog can’t take care of it without someone’s help. You should always take care of the cleanliness and the hygiene of the disabled dogs by which you can maintain without any diseases attacking it. You want to keep up with hygiene and grooming for the sake of our household and our animal’s health and comfort. If your disabled dog begins suffering from dry skin due to frequent baths, you can get the suggestion from your veterinarian, and he may advise moisturizing shampoo, topical conditioning treatments, sprays, etc.

You should keep using the shampoo on a regular basis which will help the disabled dog to be clean and neat to protect them from the diseases. Dry pet shampoo will be very useful for spot cleaning our disabled dog up between washes. Baby wipes can come in helpful for clear out the dirties in the hair and keep the skin wet. You should always clean away any urine immediately as urine can cause some infection when left on the skin. You can use dog diaper to avoid the untidy state of place where the disabled dog spent the time. You should always keep the disabled dog bedding clean and neat and wash the bed regularly and make the bed with the nylon material that is used to absorb moisture easily. You can also wash the bed cover while you are washing the bed.

Disabled Dog

# Physical Therapy

The disabled dog feels something hard to walk and do the routine work like the normal dog. To get rid of this problem you should regularly

You may try a number of motion exercises which may help to overcome some previous condition.

The special massages for the pet animals help to improve blood circulation and soothe sore muscles and also the joints of the disabled dog.

Caring for a disabled dog can be a big job, but once you try for it, the rewards are many. If you go for the regular physical therapy and massage to our disabled dog and you can find the relationship between the disabled dog and us growing stronger than ever.

# Regular Treatments 

Pets in our home should be taken treatments by the veterinarian doctors. They will give the proper solution to the animals comparing to the normal doctors. The treatment given to the disabled dog should be something special compared to the treatment given to the normal dog. The treatment should not be postponed to few days only; it should be given to the disabled dog on a regular basis which will keep the disabled dog in good condition. 

The injections and tablets should be maintained for the disabled dog, taken at the proper time to keep the disabled dog steady. Even the monthly checkup also should be done on a regular basis, and it should not be skipped which will affect the disabled dog’s health. It is advisable not to follow on our own suggestions, as it may have some unwanted reaction on the disabled dog. Therefore, a veterinarian may be contacted for advice.

# Give the Chance to Mingle with other Dogs 

The disabled dog seems something different from the average dog. By noticing that difference, you should not treat them differently. You should make the environment of the disabled dog in such a way that we would ideally want for a healthy dog. If we make the sick dog isolated from the other dog, it may lose the self-confidence, and it will get into confusions and over think. Arrangements should be made for the disabled dog to play with the normal dog so that it can get some comfort. The help of the wheelchairs will make them do the activities just like the healthy dog. By combining the activities of the disabled dog with the healthy dog, it will share the common bondage dogs and will not have the thought of being separated from others and will not worry about the disabled ability on them.  

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