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Dog Acting Scared -Here are the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Informed?

How do we imagine our dogs to be? Most probably, we want them to be happy and jolly. A little mischievous too maybe! I mean, the main reason we want a pet in our life is to make ourselves accompanied. But dogs need a lot of care too. I become really anxious when my dog is acting strange and scared.

There could be some reasons for dogs acting scared and strangely, this I have found out after a lot of research. Well, to speak the truth, such activities shouldn’t be taken lightly. These could be the primary warnings before critical diseases.

If your dog is scared from the very beginning, then you should train them harder. There is a possibility of your dog not befriending you. Consulting an animal behavior specialist could be a great solution to this.

But if the conditions appear suddenly, your dog is suddenly acting scared; you shouldn’t waste any time and look deeper into it. So, jump into it, shall we?

Dogs Acting Weird Scared

Probable Reasons Behind Your Dog Acting Scared

Dogs do act strangely in some scenarios. For example, if they see any stranger or go to a new environment, they would be jumpy and act weary. Sometimes dogs are scared of the darkness too, or because you have hit him or the dog is suddenly scared of something in the house, but that behavior sustains for a short period. Such cases are extremely normal.

But, if you are a dog owner and find your dog is scared and the conditions come out of the blue and prevail for a couple of days, you better act fast!

These are some probable reasons –

  • Toxic poisoning
  • Internal or external pain
  • Joint ache or muscle pull
  • Neurological anomalies
  • Virus attacks
  • Anxiety
dog acting weird scared
  • Toxic Poisoning

Your body and your dog’s body are completely different. It is very much possible that your belongings cause toxic attacks on your dog. For example, chocolate or nicotine might be toxic for them but not for you. In most cases, our mischievous yet cute pet sneaks into our food and takes a bite out of it.

Such behaviors are dangerous for both of you. Even you could get sick if you take a bite of foods that your dog has secretly tasted. Toxins will make them shaky and down. It is advised that the dog owners better consult a veterinary specialist because something is wrong. It is a matter of anxiety too.

  • Internal or External Pain

Having physical pain is the most obvious reason for your dog to act weird. Physical injuries are like cancer to dogs. Try to examine your dogs while walking. Does it look hurt? The dog may suffer from skin irritation and rash problems too.

If the pain is internal, then the problem would be much worse. Such internal pain mainly occurs because of physical hits or critical diseases. If so, their mood will be down, and they would be meek gradually.

Dog owners shouldn’t waste time if they think that there is a possibility of internal pain. Things could turn out serious.

  • Joint Ache or Muscle Pull

Dogs might have arthritis. Arthritis is caused mainly because of gradual bone damage. If you see them shaking abnormally, arthritis could be a probable cause. Moreover, they act fearful if they have joint aches.

While running to and fro, your dog might face muscle pull. It causes excruciating pain to them. In such scenarios, your dog gets scared thinking that the pain will increase more and more, over time.

Dog feeling uneasy

  • Neurological Anomalies

In most cases, your dog will fall victim to shaking and abnormalities, if they have a neurological condition. Such anomalies cause seizures and high temperatures. Your dog will be shaking abnormally and will be acting very strangely. Even it may cause seizures from time to time.

Whatever the reason is, neurological anomalies are the worst thing possible for your puppy. Your dog even can face fatal conditions due to neurological attacks.

  • Virus Attacks

One of the main reasons behind getting a neurological attack is a virus attack. Dogs are prone to many virus attacks, and they could even get a fever from that.

Even my dog, a husky, got a viral fever and acted in an unnatural way for a few days before I consulted a vet. Anticipating a negative experience, to this day I check for virus attack syndromes when I see my dog is acting strange and scared.

  • Anxiety

The possible reason behind the emotion of being scared is anxiety. This is true for all species even for dogs. Mainly the surroundings and environment make a dog anxious. Even natural disasters make a dog anxious inside and they act weird. Rescue dogs are mainly prone to such conditions. In such unexpected cases, it is better to seek the help of a dog trainer.

Loud noises, possible disasters, and fear of the new environment are the most common causes of dogs acting weird and may show signs of phobia. Dogs act really strange when they are scared and it goes to prove that something is wrong.

Don’t try to give them food when they are scared. They won’t be interested at all. If the unusual behavior sustains for a few days, you should consult a veterinarian physician.

scared dog

The Dos and Don’ts in Such a Condition

  • Analyze

The first thing to do would be not to panic. Don’t make hasty decisions when you think your puppy isn’t feeling well. You should analyze its behavior and how it is reacting to your activities, to observe if your dog is scared and for what reasons.

Check if there is any sign of injuries or not. Look for any physical sign that could be the reason behind your dog’s unnatural behavior. Without analyzing you shouldn’t bring it to the veterinarian. You could even try giving your vet a phone call.

  • Don’t Push Them for Eating

If there has been an improvement or major changes in their diet recently then these can sometimes trigger unwanted reactions such as an upset stomach or diarrhea – both of which will make pets more anxious due to the discomfort they feel. You might want to switch back to their regular food for at least two days before trying something new again if this seems likely.

Dogs generally have a good appetite. But when they are sick or scared, they don’t take food generally. Some people try to feed them forcibly thinking that it would solve the problem.

For example, if your dog is scared goes to proves that the condition of the dog may worsen, giving rise to anxiety for both, the owner and the dog. 

  • Your Vet Knows Better

Looking for a cure from the internet and applying to your sick puppy would be the worst thing you could do to him. You would not find the symptoms properly and might give it the wrong treatment. Consult a vet first before jumping to any conclusion.

Let him make the diagnosis and follow his instruction. If they prescribe medications check the side effects or if there is any chance of allergic reaction or not.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Long Treatments

The vet might give them therapies. Some therapies are intense and even run for a long time. So, one should be prepared to face such conditions. You need to squeeze up time from your busy schedule for the betterment of your dog.

  • Let Your Dog Relax

If find your dog acting strangely due to natural disasters, or hearing a loud noise, you should comfort it to remove his fear. When they are scared, they seek help from their masters. Not only will they make you calm but they will also make your bonding better with them. When the stress is gone, it will be jolly and stirred.

Probable Reasons Behind Your Dog Losing Mind

There is another condition when your dog loses its mind, and you are in a fix on what to do. But there is nothing to worry about. One such experience will unfurl some of the mysteries.

My wife and I went to a nearby market for shopping. At the same time, the housekeeper who also works as a pet sitter had gone out. My adult dog Juli realized she was alone; she got panicked and tried to run away. It does not need any strong reason when a pet loses its mind and sometimes behaves strangely loses its balance and starts shaking. They run here and there, act weird, and do not pay attention to their meal. They also try to skip regular exercise, training classes, and evening walks. They also bark loudly apparently without any reason, or maybe in fear and probably losing their temper.

Dog suddenly seared of something in house

What to do when your dog loses its mind?

Never think that humans are the only animals to suffer from emotional thunderstorms. Every animal, which has a mind, could lose it anytime for any small reason or when they hear a loud noise. Usually, mental illness can be caused by an imbalance of brain chemistry.

Some untoward symptoms are observed in rescue dogs whose futures are bleak with uncertainty who have been thrown out of their home, have run away because their masters were harsh to them, or have been raised in puppy mills where they were neglected instead of being loved and cared properly.

Many dogs present with depression, anxiety, extreme fear, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder [OCD], PTSD, and other mental health maladies. Separation anxiety could be a reason too.

Don’t worry, if your dog behaves the same. It is nothing unusual; it is natural. From depressed lions to restless dogs, animals suffer from mental distress too. Especially, dogs behave in that way when they go through depression or some kind of stress or have a bad day. 

What will you do?

In this situation, I can suggest you some tips. It was seen that Labrador retrievers often have serious food-related issues. Experts say it is a behavioral peculiarity, which ultimately leads to over-eating and resulting in fatness.

What will they do with too much energy? It is a big question. There is nothing to do except sleep or stay lazily on the sofa. So, it reflects on their behavior. In that situation, my puppy Juli was also seen snapping at flies that she could see in front of her!

Explaining the reasons, prominent veterinary surgeon, and geneticist, Eleanor Raffan said: “If you see something common in one breed than another, no doubt genetics are involved there.” She had also conducted a genetic study of the breed.

Scary dog

In the first part experiment, Eleanor Raffan, who is also a researcher at the University of Cambridge, and her colleagues analyzed the genetic profiles of 15 fat and 18 lean Labrador retrievers. Moreover, interestingly, one particular gene—the POMC gene—stood out after analyzing three obesity-related genes. Obviously, it was a great finding!

Some dogs are seen eating indigestible objects like leather shoes, towels, papers, and other things as if they are tasty appetizers. In some cases, the dogs spontaneously licked themselves until they made wounds. No doubt, it is a bizarre situation. In most cases, the dogs behave abnormally due to poor early socialization or neglecting approach, improper handling, the communication gap between owner and pet, and a reactive mode of humans.

The dogs usually suffer from dementia. Like the dogs, there are depressed gorillas, obsessive horses, uncontrollable wombats, self-harming dolphins, disturbed goats, and sheep, as well as rabbits, donkeys, roosters, pigs, cats, and monkeys—whatnot!

However, the most complicated thing happens in the case of dogs, as this animal stays very close to human beings. Moreover, their abnormal behavior disturbs the pet owners.

What Experts Say

According to experts, the best therapist for a distraught animal is another animal. Daniel Peter, who has worked for dozens of dogs over the past two decades, tells the story of a pet dog named Mark. When his mate died of disease, Mark began to lick and chew his fur. After some months, the dog had large bald patches, and after examination, a big hairball was also found in his stomach the fur had formed.

My dog losing balance and shaking

To treat him, a female dog named Bella was bought for giving him company. Mark started to play with her, and after some days Mark’s depression was gone. He slowly got back his earlier performance and skill. So, here I would suggest you not get worried if your dog starts behaving strangely. Before going to a veterinarian, you can try this method, and bring a companion for him or her. It may help your dog act rationally and give positive results.

It was also found that dogs suffer from motivated food problems due to the existence of impaired genes: such as begging more frequently, paying more attention during mealtime, and scavenging for scraps more often, which resulted in increasing about 2 kg weight. According to Stephen O’Rahilly, a senior author, said: “The research on Labradors may not only help the well-being of companion animals. It can also carry important lessons for human well-being.”


We, dog owners, know how much it hurts when we see our beloved dogs become sick and feeble. It was horrible when I saw my dog acting confused and scared. It turned out that he had a virus fever. I consulted with my vet, and he gave him medications. Soon the situation developed for the better.

So, make sure to consult your veterinarian physician before doing anything hasty. Don’t forget to give them healthy food and proper care. Especially when the seasons change, these situations start to occur. If the case is completely behavioral, I would suggest you give them more time and train them. Take them for strolls. With time the situation will improve.

Another example is if your dog is scared when a dog loses its mind, I again recommend health checks in the early stages, because there may be a medical problem. Alternatively, if the owners think otherwise, it could turn into a health hazard. Besides, inspiring the dog’s mind and attracting the animal to new things is another method. You can bring out the best in them by finding ways to work with a dog’s instinctual nature.

In that case, the regular, timely walk offers a structured routine that makes bondage with your dog. Notably, playtime can give you more opportunities to establish an even deeper bond and enrich your lives. If case if you have no time for these activities you may take the help of a professional dog trainer so that you can be relaxed.

You must ensure that play sessions would be productive and fun too. It will strengthen the mental component in addition to the physical condition. However, you must remember, a dog plays two ways, first as a dog, and secondly it plays as a breed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

People sometimes ask Frequently asked questions (FAQs) but the fact is it goes in-depth into understanding dogs, specifically how they react to fear or stress and how you can help them feel calmer with some patience!

Why is my dog acting scared?

It’s not uncommon for a dog acting confused and scared when he or she is in unfamiliar surroundings. The possible reasons your pup might be anxious because of the many new sights and sounds that they are experiencing which increase their fear, so it may just take time before your pooch feels comfortable enough to explore on his own.

afraid dog

Why is my dog acting weird all of a sudden?

The reasons for dog behavior changes are varied, but there is likely an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed. Of course, the most important thing you can do in this situation is to take your pet to a reputable veterinarian who specializes in canine medicine and let them figure out what’s going on and to make sure the reason for your dog acting weird all of a sudden.

Why is my dog acting paranoid suddenly?

Dogs can develop anxiety for a variety of reasons but there are some commonalities between them that might offer clues. These include changes in routine (for example new housemate, new pet), territorial disputes (lower-ranking animal takes over higher-ranking animal’s territory), personal space being intruded upon by another person, or fear of animals outside of the household.

Why my dog is acting weird and scared?

Pets are creatures of habit that often get upset when their routines change suddenly or without warning. So if you think there has been a seismic shift in their behavior it could be due to one of these changes: they’re not getting enough sleep; their diet needs adjusting; they need more exercise than usual; something has happened at the vets (for which we apologize); an animal died nearby. It could also be separation anxiety.

Why my dog is acting scared and clingy?

The first thing that you should do is to attempt to figure out what the cause of your dog’s clinginess may be. The most common reasons why a dog acting confused and scared are because they have been threatened, abandoned by their owner, or even abused.

Why my dog is acting scared and won’t eat?

Give them space and time- don’t force anything on them or make any big changes at home (like rearranging furniture). Make their environment comfortable by lighting candles or using diffusers to put calming scents all over the house. Provide plenty of extra food/water bowls around the house.

older dogs face

Why is my dog freaking out for no reason?

Dogs are sensitive animals and they can feel our emotions. In most cases, if your dog is freaking out for no reason it means that you’re nervous or scared. Over time this will cause them to have panic attacks because of what’s happening around them. 

Why is my dog acting unnaturally for no reason?

Your dog’s behavior can be rather puzzling at times. One day it might act happy, and the next time you see your pup it is acting scared for no reason. If this happens often enough or if they are showing other signs of distress, then he could have some kind of anxiety disorder that needs to be addressed by a veterinarian with experience in animal psychology

Why is my dog acting weird and jumpy?

The first thing to do when your dog acts weird and jumpy: take a deep breath and calm down! You’re probably experiencing some stress too so make sure you take care of yourself first before you try to figure out why your pup is acting this way.

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