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Best Safety Travel Dog Crates, Cages and Carrier

According to pet care and travel statistics, nearly 56% of all pet owners travel in a car with their pets at least on a bi-monthly basis. Of these, at least 10% of owners claim that pets can be a cause for distracted driving. Therefore, there is a pressing need for all pet owners to secure their animals during travel properly. For the best interest of pets, there is a need for the best safety travel dog crates, cages, and carriers. There are many advantages to purchasing dog crates, cages, and carriers, given that you have space available in your home and car. Whether you’re traveling short or long distances with your pet, to go anywhere and everywhere, a dog car carrier or dog crates are extremely important for pet safety in the car.

Dog car crates are the best way to transport your pet from one destination to the next. Dog crates for car travel are often spacious, and you can leave your pet inside them while running a quick errand. In comparison to a dog travel crate, a dog car carrier offers a more lightweight and plush bag. This type of pet car carrier can be used for shorter trips, smaller pets, and kittens or puppies. A dog carrier for the car is considered more stylish and comfortable, whereas a dog crate for car travel is less stylish and more functional.

Dog crates for car travel

When it comes to choosing the best dog travel crates that can also be used as furniture, there are many factors to consider such as price, color, style, and cohesiveness with already existing décor. For example, a starting point can be to look around your home and car and choose a crate, carrier, or cage of the same color and material. There is a range of wooden dog crates for cars and dog cages for cars that are easily available in maple, cherry, or oak. Moreover, there are many factors that contribute to your decision when it comes to choosing crates, cages, or carriers. Some of these deciding factors include, but are not limited to end table style crates, metal crate and dog cages, and dog carrier bags.

As a Guide, We are Furnishing 10 Tips for Using Dog Safety Travel Crates & Cages- Check the Infographic Below 

Dog Safety Travel Crates & Cages- Infographic

Type of Dog Car Carriers and Crates

  • End Table Style Crates

  • These types of crates allow your pet to sit freely inside the crate without bars or restrictions. Bars can come in handy while driving and can be removed upon reaching home.
  • These can be customized to your price range and would match your furniture and car interiors. Are range from affordable to expensive.
  • These types of crates provide pets with a sense of security and a place to stay during car trips. These can come in handy if you are traveling or visiting places that aren’t pet-friendly.
  • The bars of the crate or cage can be made of wood or metal, depending on the style you prefer.
  • Depending on the weight of the cage these can be very affordable.
  • Dog Carrier Bags

  • These types of carriers are stylish and soft, providing pets with the utmost comfort. They are meant for transporting smaller pets from one destination to the next.
  • Although these don’t come in wood, they can be in the home as furniture for pets as well, since the color of fabric can be customized to match furniture.
  • Depending on the material used to make the carrier these are a bit expensive.

Travel Crates/ Carrier

Here are some reviews of the most recommended and best furniture-style wooden dog crates, the products being reviewed include Becko Dog Cat Pet Carrier, Jet Sitter Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, Airline Approved Folding Zippered Sporty Cage Pet Carrier, and Luxury Pet Carrier by Pet Traveler.

Becko Dog  Carrier Bag

Becko Dog Cat Pet Carrier / Mesh Pup Pack / Soft-sided Outdoor Travel Backpack for Pet (Large & Strengthening)

Based on customer reviews of this product it can be confirmed that this carrier is favored by owners, but comes with mixed reviews. Often this carrier is appreciated for its stylish build and mobility. Customers have applauded how easy this bag is to carry around and take on trips, or even on trains. The side storage pockets are also very much appreciated, as many customers have used these to store pet toys or even personal items. However, this bag is best for small pets versus big ones, no pet bigger than 8lb, even though the product claims 15lb as the cutoff, can be carried. The carrier can be handled in two ways, by holding the handle in the center or as a duffel bag. Further, customers were most impressed with the carrier’s ability to be converted into a backpack-like carrier with two straps to be placed on either shoulder.


  • Can be stored virtually anywhere due to its compact size.
  • Pets remain safe and comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Carriers can be worn in several different ways.


  • Bigger pets >5lb may not fit in the carrier and can make it heavy.
  • When the carrier is unzipped, it tends to lose its initial shape.

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Jet Sitter Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Jet Sitter Expandable Pet Dog Cat Carrier - Soft Sided Carriers Cats Dogs Travel Crate (Large)

Based on customer reviews this is a favorite and comfortable carrier for owners and pets alike. The best aspect of this carrier is the mesh material that covers the carriers, and many customers have complimented the free-air circulation of this product. Pets can remain cool in the heat and owners don’t have to worry about their pets overheating. The carriers include a handle that can be used to hold the carrier as a duffle bag.

Further, the carrier is considered greatly spacious where long animals that weigh more than 10 lbs can comfortably fit. No matter the size of the pet, they remain safe thanks to the carrier’s built-in buckle. The product can be collapsed and stored when not in use. However, a much-needed improvement in this product is using better quality mesh. Customers have experienced rips in the mesh.


  • Mesh material offers great air circulation to pets.
  • Carrier is spacious and can fit larger pets.
  • The product is washable and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Mesh material can experience tearing after multiple uses.

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Dog Carriers That Look Like Purses

Airline-Approved Folding Zippered Pet Carrier

Pet Life Sporty-Caged' Airline Approved Folding Collapsible Fashion Pet Dog Carrier, Medium, Stripe Pattern

Based on customer reviews this carrier is perfect for airline travel, as it can comfortably fit under the seat in front. However, acquiring it back from under the plane seat has been seen as a hassle for customers. Due to the carrier’s sturdy fit and compact size, it has been observed to get stuck under the seat. Another upside to this product is its stylish demeanor which works well for customers looking for aesthetically pleasing carriers.

Further, the product can collapse flat and makes for easy storage. However, customers were once again unhappy with the size of the carriers, it appears to be a little too snug for pets and discourages a lot of movement. The product is better suited for smaller animals as they are the only ones who can find it spacious.


  • Perfect for smaller pets, such as kittens.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Stylish.
  • Easy Storage.


  • Storage problems on airplanes.
  • Too snug for larger animals.

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 Soft-Sided Airline Approved Backpack Pet Carrier

WOpet Airline Approved Pet Carrier Dog Cat Pet Carrier Soft-Sided Travel Pet Backpack

Based on customer reviews the product is much appreciated by pet-owning families. The carrier can fit pets up to 15 lbs and has storage pockets for personal and pet items. Further, customers praise the material of the carrier as it enables easy cleanup and maintenance. The carrier can be worn like a backpack and feels light on the shoulders. Moreover, Pets enjoy comfort and owners admire the easy storage. The carrier can be collapsed and stored virtually anywhere after use. However, pets don’t have much wiggle room in this carrier; they can either sit or stand and occasionally roll over. Room for improvement is required in the zippers as they tend to snap easily. Current customers have suggested that in case the zipper snaps one should carry pins or zip-ties around as a precaution.


  • Carrier material allows easy cleaning.
  • Great storage options for personal and pet items.
  • Easy storage due to collapsing.


  • Zippers are not durable.
  • The size of the carrier allows for a “snug” pet fit.

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The products reviewed above all offer great advantages when it comes to carrying pets from one place to another, be they short or long distances. These carriers are considered extremely versatile in that they can fit cats or dogs in a safe and plush environment. They are also great for travel since most are approved by airlines, and your pet can travel with you. Pets can remain cool in the summer and owners can enjoy trips without the worry of their beloved pets overheating. While there are many different types of pet carriers, crates, and cages one can invest in, pet carriers are most preferred for travelers. For owners looking for crates, carriers, and cages more suitable for homes, the options of wooden crates are also available. These crates can be customized to match both home furniture and décor. No matter what route a customer chooses crates, cages and carriers are a must-have for all pet owners!

Placing a pet in a crate, cage or carrier can ensure a safe trip for both owner and pet. According to online statistics, 52% of all owners have reported actively interacting with their pets while driving, including petting and feeding. According to the Foundation for Traffic Safety, if a driver becomes distracted for even two seconds while driving, he or she may be doubling their chances of an accident. Further, at least eight in 10 people claim to let their pets roam the car-free while driving, thus endangering the lives of their pets. For all these reasons it is essential to purchasing animal-securing crates, cages, and carriers.


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  1. Dogs love a cozy place of their own. If the dog can stay calm and rest in peace you have fewer worries. So choosing a good crate is important.

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