Is It Necessary to Make Your Dog Familiar with Wearing Clothes

Is It Necessary to Make Your Dog Familiar with Wearing Clothes?

It has been a divided opinion among many people as to whether clothes are really necessary for dogs. Some people find the idea of dog clothes very crazy and weird while others feel that it is very beneficial.

The reality is that there are several advantages of using dog apparel which are discussed in this article. Pet lovers do want to keep their pets comfortable and lively. Apparels are one of the ways to keep your pets warm and protect them from all sorts of weather conditions.

do dogs like wearing clothes

Mostly in warm or hot climatic conditions, the need for clothes does not arise much, but when you are living in a cold or wet climate, or you are traveling, then the need for proper and best clothes for dogs arises.

The Right Kind of Clothing Depends on Your Dog’s Breed and Its Health

  • If your dog is a hardy, northern breed like a Bernese Mountain, then you will not need any clothing for it because they are very much used to the cold conditions and they enjoy themselves rolling in the snow.

Boy Dog Clothes

  • The breed of dogs mentioned above cannot generate sufficient heat in their body to combat the cold climatic conditions. Though these dogs have a layering system of their own, these are just light layers that cannot provide the needed protection.
  • Even the medical professionals for pets agree that comfortable dog clothes shall benefit dogs with thin bodies and short hair, dogs that have a weak immune system, and of course those dogs which have problems regarding hair growth because of illness.

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How Advantageous are Dog Clothes?

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What Variety of Clothes Can You Find for Your Dog?

  • Canine fashion is on a high these days. There are many types of clothes available for your dog.
  • Clothes like sweatshirts, jackets, coats, and sweaters protect your pet dog from the harsh winters. If there is severe cold, then a heavier jacket or coat can also be used.
  • The outwear protects your dog from heat, mosquitoes, spiders, and other insects and also repels fleas and ticks. If your dog likes to enjoy roaming around in the scrubland or the forest, then the outwear shall protect its coat from burrs and thistles.
  1. The outwear also provides respite to your dog from the harmful rays of the sun. Dogs do not sweat through the skin like humans. They usually pant and get rid of heat through their paws and nose. Using light outwear like cotton jerseys can keep the dog cool and also protect it from the sun’s rays.

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  • During the rainy season, dog ponchos can protect them from getting soaked and prevents them from shivering. The ponchos also safeguard the dogs from the high winds that blow during rain. As the ponchos are of light-weight materials, it shall not be a burden on your dog if it wears them, they also keep your dog dry.
  • You can use dog boots for protecting its paws. When you go out for a stroll with your dog in summer, the hot sidewalk shall be painful and hurt your dog’s paws. Similarly, in winter your dog has to walk on the snow and ice. If you go off-road, then there are chances that the path has thorns, glass, and thistles. So to protect your pet’s paws, it is better to use dog boots.
  • Dog pajamas can be used on cold nights instead of blankets. It is not sure that your dog shall be covered with a blanket throughout the night. If they wear pajamas, then they shall feel comfortable.
  • There are other stylish garments for the dogs like safety gear with reflective patches on them etc.


The canine fashion industry has witnessed growth in recent times. It has become a multi-dollar business these days. As per Wikipedia, in 2015, the US-traded pet clothing for 30 billion dollars. In 2014, UK’s 2nd largest pet store recorded as much as a 35% increase in dog clothes. More than 105,000 items of clothes for pets were sold.

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