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How Your Dog Can Live Longer – 10 Secret Tips

As you raise a dog, the bond between you and it strengthens each day. But you must understand that your dog can not live forever. One day your beloved pet will pass away. It is impossible to prevent the death of your dog. But there are ways to expand your pet’s lifespan.

In this article, we will explain 10 secret tips on how to keep your dog living longer. Learn these tips, and you will be able to have fun with your pet for a few added years.

Give your dog a lot of love, love is the key to living longer

The lifespan of Typical Dog Breeds (On Average) – Sorting Low to High

Each dog breed has its limited lifespan. Some live long, but some do not. There is nothing you can do to expand the lifespan when your dog is at the end of its life. Therefore, if you want to stay happy with your pet for a long period, start by choosing a suitable breed.

Common Dog BreedsLifespan (on average)
Irish Wolfhoundfrom 5 to 7 years
Bernese Mountain DogUnder 8 years
Great Danefrom 8 to 10 years
German Shepherdunder 10 years
French Bulldogunder 10 years
Golden Retrieverunder 10 years
Labrador Retrieverunder 10 years
Siberian Huskyfrom 11 to 14 years
Shih Tzufrom 11 to 14 years
Westiefrom 12 to 14 years
Toy Poodlefrom 12 to 14 years
Pugfrom 12 to 15 years
Border Colliefrom 12 to 15 years
Pitbullfrom 12 to 15 years
Beaglefrom 12 to 15 years
Dachshundfrom 12 to 15 years
Yorkiefrom 14 to 16 years
Chihuahuafrom 15 to 18 years

Remember that our tips do not show how to keep your dog alive longer than the listed years in the table. They only help your pet reach the full year of its lifespan.

10 Secret Tips to Make Your Dog Live Longer

So, if you are wondering: “how to help my dog live longer?” read this section to see our 10 secret tips!

#1: Make a Diet Plan

Being overweight will affect the dog’s health badly. If your dog is overweight, consider starting a diet plan for it.

How to know if your dog is fat? Each dog breed has its ideal heaviness. You know that your pet is overweight when it is 10% – 20% heavier than the ideal number.

make a good diet plan for your dog health.jpg

The diet plan does not mean that you remove meat and force your dog to eat vegetables. There should be a balance in the dog food. On the other hand, you should try cooking healthy meals for your dog instead of feeding it with canned food.

#2: Force Your Dog to Do Exercise

Another good way to prevent your dog from getting overweight is to force it to do exercise. It is not hard to make your dog work out. Simply let it walk and run outdoors for 1 – 2 hours every day.

Force Your Dog to Do Exercise for Dog Live Longer

It is proven that walking may help reduce weight and slow down the dog’s aging process. Also, your dog will feel happy as you spend time with it.

#3: Do Health Check Regularly

Some diseases have symptoms. You can easily notice the problems by watching the behavior of your dog. However, some types of hidden diseases happen inside your dog’s body. Of course, your pet can not tell you that it feels hurt inside.

Health Check Regularly

The only way to know whether your dog has problems inside its body or not is to bring it to the vet. Professional pet doctors will do a health check for your dog, detect symptoms, and give treatment recommendations.

#4: Avoid Giving Bad Food

Some pet owners usually treat their dogs with what they eat. This is a bad thing to do. Some types of food are good for humans but very unhealthy for dogs.

Prohibited Food for Dogs

Below is a list of food that you should not give to your dog:

  • Salt
  • Grapefruits
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Bacon
  • French fries
  • Snack
  • Chocolates
  • Coffee
  • Peanut butter
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Lemon

#5: Keep a Clean Area for Your Dog

You should spend time cleaning the dog’s place at least once per week. Bacteria can build up quickly in dirty areas. You surely don’t want your dog to live in an environment full of harmful germs, right?

Dog Sleeping on the bed

Simply use a wet towel with soap to wipe all the dog house. Take out the blanket and pillow of your dog and wash them. Don’t forget to use a sprayer to kill all dangerous insects.

#6: Do Not Smoke or Grill When Your Dog Is Standing Next To

Smoke affects the lungs of your dog. If you usually smoke or grill food while standing near your dog, it may be a high risk of respiratory disease. In the worst case, your pet may suffer from lung cancer.

Refrain from grilling in front of the dog

We advise you to put your dog aside when smoking. If you grill food regularly, consider installing an exhaust system to the griller.

#7: Kill Insects and Parasites on Your Dog Skin

Insects and parasites, such as mosquitoes, lice, fleas, etc., contain many bacteria. As they sting the dog, the bacteria will access the dog’s body and cause serious disease. Some issues can be noticed, as the dog’s skin is inflamed.

This article gives you a long brief on how to protect your dog from insects and parasites.

You should bring the dog to health care. The professional will do an anti-bug injection to prevent parasites on the dog’s body. Also, you need to clean your pet’s living space with an insect sprayer regularly. Since you reduce the insects, your dog will have a chance to avoid diseases.

#8: Give Healthy Supplements

Dog Supplement for Skin & Coat

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Some supplements can treat hidden diseases and prevent inflammation. You can easily afford these pills from any pet shop. The most common supplements we can introduce to you are:

Omega fatty acids: provide essential mega-6 and omega-3 acids to prevent inflammation and strength dog joints

  • Antioxidants: slow down the aging process
  • Probiotics: good bacteria that keep your dog comfortable
  • Glucosamine: remove joint inflammation

#9: Cut Dog Hair Regularly

Your dog has fun outdoors, playing on the ground that is full of dirt. Dog bathing may not remove 100% dirt and bacteria. Therefore, you can cut the dog hair, allowing new and clean hair to grow. Cutting hair will also allow you to detect symptoms better since you can watch the dog’s skin directly.

Grooming your Dog

You can bring your dog to pet care or shave your dog with a dog razor at home. Remember to wash your dog after shaving, or else it will feel itchy!

#10: Keep an Eye on Your Dog When Leaving It Outdoor

Keep an eye on your dog when walking outside

Dogs are so mischievous that they can eat anything in their sight, including trash. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the dog when leaving it to play outdoors. As the dog is about to approach any dirty object, you must force it to go away.

Last Words

How can I make my dog live longer? It is a common question many pet owners have. And now, with the tips above, they can put their worry aside.

It is not only about expanding the lifespan but also improving the quality of life. As your dog has a healthy living style, it will always have a good mood and stay active. The bond between you and your pet will even be stronger! So, make sure that you follow all the tips seriously!

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