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How to Identify Your Dog Breed

identify dog breed by characteristics

Learning about the breed of your dog will help you to know dog breed and be a better pet owner. You are learning about an animal that will become part of the family, and you are teaching yourself what this dog will be like during the year. You have a few things to consider like […]

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What is The Best Way to Crate Train a Puppy?

What is The Best Way to Crate Train a Puppy

Domesticating comes at a price and those who love dogs understand the beauty of teaching them in the right manner. Common in the puppy world is crate training which uses dog’s natural instinct as a den animal. Naturally, puppies are den animal, and often they use rooms for security, shelter or when feeding. Making sure that […]

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General Dog Care on a Routine Basis

General Dog Care

Wow! You have a lovely pet dog! I know you love it very much, isn’t? Then I like to say something about general dog care! How to keep your dog healthy, smart, energetic and sporty. As you are an owner of the dog, so you have some responsibilities, and you must know its basic needs. Usually, a […]

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