Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms that You Should Know About!

Having a dog is a great responsibility. And this responsibility becomes even more prevalent if your dog is pregnant. Just as a woman who discovers that she is pregnant does her best to take care of herself, and those around her treat her with great care, so does a pregnant dog require attention. It will be helpful to compare a canine pregnancy with a human pregnancy to address the most salient aspects. Dog pregnancy symptoms should be monitored properly so as to keep them to be the mother in the best condition so that she can withstand the troublesome period of her life.

Dog Pregnancy Infographic

When it is time to welcome the puppies, make sure you remain calm as this will help the canine mum to be calm too! Make sure you wear gloves, and once the pups start to come out, you will need to clean them properly. Having someone to help you out at this point is recommended especially if there are several puppies! Once all the pups come out and are cleaned leave them with their mummy so that they will snuggle up with her and get used to her and the surroundings.

While feeding her litter the mummy dog will need a lot of energy and nutrients, and this is when it is important to double or even, triple her diet. Obviously, you will need to be cautious about this so as to avoid getting her obese. Your vet should be consulted for the best guidelines in this regard according to your dog’s breed, weight, and number of puppies.

Taking Care of the Puppies

Taking Care of the Puppies

When the puppies are about three weeks old, they can be weaned off their mummy’s milk and be given formula milk instead. This may not always be possible as some puppies will still want to stick to their mum’s milk.

Your vet will also need to be consulted with regard to any tail docking and dewclaws clipping that the puppies may need to undergo.

In a Nutshell

It is important to be aware of canine pregnancy symptoms and any early dog pregnancy signs so as to take proper action immediately. Caring for your pregnant dog well can mean a great deal to her as she goes through this period, and it could ultimately save the puppies in her belly!

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