10 Health Benefits of Dog Toys for Puppies

10 Health Benefits of Dog Toys for Puppies

Apart from taking walks with our dogs in which we run, chase, play and lie on the grass with them, we can get dog toys for puppies that increase fun and change the routine.

Have you ever stopped to think that your dog’s destructive temper might have a simple solution? Well, when the puppies spend a lot of time alone or do not have much space to run and spend all the energy they accumulate, this type of behavior usually happens. They need to play dog games, run, have fun, and other activities that make them spend all that energy. Therefore, it is essential that there is a distraction for them at these times.

Not unlike humans, as puppies, dogs also cling to their little toys, which are the main way to have fun, as well as having several functions of their own and useful for puppy growth.

Since birth, puppies and their behavior can be compared to children, with the difference that their teeth grow and fortify very quickly, requiring gnawing objects. Dog toys for puppies come as an excellent option to prevent them from gnawing objects and furniture from the house and exercising them.

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Puppies, especially, have the instinct to explore each environment, run, jump, “attack” objects, bite and growl. And dog toys for puppies play the perfect role in making them have fun and stay entertained without making too much of a mess or hurting anyone.

Furthermore, playing dog games is an essential factor for the proper development of our puppies and to be able to keep them active and healthy. Forgetting or neglecting the fun of our dog can lead to disorders such as stress, anxiety or depression. As a result, toys give multiple benefits to our dog that go beyond fun.

Health Benefits of Dog Toys for Puppies

For the puppies, more health benefits of dog toys for them include:

  • Providing proper development for bones and joints
  • Improving attention
  • List Element
  • Decreasing tension and stress
  • Controlling destructive addictions
  • Stimulating the good functioning of the organism through improved  balance
  • Perfect in curbing separation anxiety
  •  Intellectual stimulation
  • Helping with oral hygiene, thus reducing bad breath
  • Serving as a treatment adjuvant in the cleaning of tar

How You Can Choose The Right Dog Toys For Your Puppy

Upon learning about the health benefits of dog toys for puppies, the next step is to know which toy is most healthy and appropriate for your dog. As regards choosing the right puppy toy, every detail counts. The type of toy varies according to the temperament, physical size, routine, available space for him, age and function.  It is very common to find puppies that have the slight bite, as well as those who are true destroyers of toys. This makes the major difference when it comes to choosing toys.

Every toy should be large enough so that it cannot be swallowed, as it can end up choking and causing more serious problems for your puppy. Whenever the toy rips, loses a piece or is of reduced size, throw it in the trash.

There are also toys that aid in the oral hygiene of your pet, decreasing the tartar of the teeth while it has fun as earlier highlighted. All such care is needed to prevent any kind of incident with your pet.

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Types of Dog Toys for Puppies

Currently, there are toys in the market of various shapes, sizes and materials. That’s why it’s important to notice your puppy’s habits to know which toy is most suitable for him since it is common to have a breed with a very gentle bite and those that are true crushers.

Everlasting Large Bento Ball

1. Vinyl or Latex Toys

•    They are the cheapest and friendly;

•    Dogs love it because they are soft;

•    It is essential that they are non – toxic;

•    Indicated only for dogs that have mild bites, as they are easily destroyed;

•    If the toy is destroyed in an hour or a few days, forget it, it is not fit for your pet.

2. Rubber Toys

•    They present various shapes, textures, sizes, and colors;

•    They must be non-toxic;

•    They are quite sturdy and safe;

•    Most dogs cannot tear them;

•    They are often members of string toys.

Novelty Place [Extra Load] Squawking Chicken Dog Toys - Large 16” - Yellow Rubber Squeeze Squeaky and Screaming Chicken – Perfect Gift for Pets or kids Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop

​3. Plush Toys

•    Many puppies are crazy about these little things, but it is important that they have reinforced seams, and have no detail like eyes or nose glued;

•    Indicated only for dogs that have mild bites, but if they tear, should be thrown away, so as not to run the risk of your dog swallowing;

•    Human plush toys are not suitable for dogs;

•    They can be shaken and loaded anywhere;

•    If the toy tears, do not sew it, as it will become vulnerable and the dog may swallow the “stuffing.” Throw it away

4. Marbles

•    They are classic in the world of pet toys;

•    It is that toy that cannot be missing for dogs that like to go and get things and bring them back to their owners;

•    They help in teeth development and daily fun;

•    They are part of the exercise routine of dogs that want to keep their health up to date, since it requires physical effort in case someone throws the toy for the pet to pick up.

•    One should be aware of the size of the ball, since it must be large enough so that the puppy does not swallow it;

Jenna Marbles Kermie Worm Stuffed Animal Collectible Squeaker Toy

Jenna Marbles Kermie Worm Stuffed Animal Collectible Squeaker Toy

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Dog Toy Tennis Balls, Medium, 3-Pack

5. Tennis Ball Material Toys

•    Made with material from professional tennis balls;

•    The material is not abrasive, nor does it spoil the teeth;

•    The puppies adore this because they can carry it holding the “hair” that is formed with its use;

•    They are appropriate for throwing and bringing games, both in water and on land;

•    They are light and floating.

6. Frisbee Disc / Rod

Like the ball, Frisbee is also widely used in cases of puppies that need or like to exercise daily;

•    It is a toy that demands a large open space (such as backyards and parks), in order to prevent the object from breaking something around;

•    Disks are also an alternative for dogs that like to go looking for things. They take more speed, and besides fun, they provide physical exercise for the dog, which is great;

•    In proper places, it’s pure fun.

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7. Nylon Toys

•    Great choice for your puppy;

•    They are non-toxic, made of nylon;

•    One of the safest toys;

•    It has several formats;

•    Does not cause tooth wear;

•    Extremely durable;

•    They are indicated for dogs that are super rodents and have strong bite;

•    They help to clean the teeth and keep the gums healthier.

8. Rope Toys

•    They are preferred by all dogs;

•    Made of cotton;

•    There are of all sizes and formats;

•    They are firm and at the same time soft;

•    They help the puppies to massage the gums, relieving the “itchiness” in a time of dentition exchange;

•    When you have two or more dogs, they often play the “tug of war,” which strengthens the jaw and muscles;

•    However, attention should be paid to the fringes and lint forming. The dogs should tear and loosen them, but not swallow;

•    They are often made of rubber or latex/vinyl toys.

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Interactive Dog Toy

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9. Interactive Dog Toys

They are toys that stimulate the instincts and senses of dogs;• Also known as “smart” toys;• Found with different proposals, such as in the form of a board game, or with holes to put snacks;• They have holes that allow being filled with snacks;• Care should be taken not to leave the snacks stuck in the toy, as well as remember to wash them to avoid accumulating food;• The best ones are made of non-toxic rubber and are the safest;• Beware of those that are made from soft materials like plastic, latex or vinyl as they are easily ripped, harming the dog’s health;• They have different and specific densities, suitable for all ages, from puppies to old ones.


What do most dogs have in common, apart from race, size or even age? Most dogs love to play dog games. Anyone who has heard the expression “a tired dog is a good dog!” knows very well what this means. This is a simple phrase and a valuable tip that every dog owner should understand. It is important to keep your puppy active, stimulated and always healthy through good dog games and dog toys for puppies, as this further allows us to strengthen the bond or relationship with them, develop their mind and control their attitude, amongst other numerous advantages as highlighted above.

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