How Your Valentines’s Day Can Be Enjoyable for Your Dog

How Your Valentines’s Day Can Be Enjoyable for Your Dog?

A quarter of French prefers to spend Valentine’s nights with their pets rather than hanging out with their lovers, according to a survey conducted by online shopping group Groupon and Opinium Research Institute. Nearly half of those surveyed even believed that their animals were more affectionate than human companions, and 52% depended on their cats or dogs to cheer them on in the event of a stroke!

How Your Valentines’s Day Can Be Enjoyable for Your Dog

How Your Valentines’s Day Can Be Enjoyable for Your Dog?


Four-legged friends are even considered to be more reliable than their spouses, which is why 36% of respondents prefer their secret and mood directly to their animals. Ethical and confidential support, dogs, cats, even rabbits or hamsters, for many, are considered the most photogenic members of the family: nearly 47% of the respondents in all cases proudly show their animal sizzling on the wallpaper of their mobile phone or computer instead of showing pictures of people sharing their lives. And this love for dogs in the house seems to be shared by couples, especially the youngest: 48% of 18-24-year-olds mostly send their pet photos.

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After the declaration of true love for dogs, Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14) appears more than ever as an opportunity to thank the little companions of we are for their loyalty. So, how your Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable for your dog? Papouilles, gentle words, treats, or small gifts, everything is good to remind them how much we love them.

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Valentine’s Day gift for your dog

How Your Valentines’s Day Can Be Enjoyable for Your Dog?

1. Buy a Valentine’s Day-Themed or Related Puppy

Dogs always like to play with balls. So, rely on this to give a suitable gift to them. Go to the store, order a balloon with your dog’s name on it, or you can buy a balloon with Valentine-related motifs. Thus, the festive atmosphere is even more evident. You can also have more creative ideas for this gift. For example, a balloon may glow or make a rolling noise.

If the ball is only the size of a tennis ball, hang it to decorate your room with a dog. Then for Valentine’s Day, take down and give to the dog. If the ball is more significant, you can wrap it nicely and place it in the corner of the room. Then take a gift to make this gift even more meaningful.

To make this gift even more interesting, let’s play catch with the dog on Valentine’s day walks. What dog does not like this game!

If you intend to buy your dog a balloon with its shape on Valentine’s Day, you can refer to a few samples available on Amazon. Amazon always delivers quality products at a fast pace. We will recommend a highly-rated product on this site for you.


Balloon Dog

Impress Life Pet Theme Decorative String Lights

2. A Valentine Sock Filled with Favorite Dog Food

The second Valentine gift you can give your dog is a sock full of food they like. There is no reason why the dog cannot have a hose while everyone in the family has them. Add all of your favorite foods to your sock, then take turns out to feed the dog for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you have your dog’s name on the stocking, so the new gift makes sense. And remember that all food needs to fit into your dog’s daily menu.

You can play hide and seek with your dog with this gift. Hide your favorite foods in different parts of the house and ask your dog to look around for them. Follow your dog to make sure they can find them. A Valentine’s gift for this dog can keep them happy for a few hours.

You can refer to some sample socks with pictures printed on Amazon. They are all affordable and of high quality. But most importantly, they are long enough to fit a lot of candy and food inside.


Custom Dog Socks

Hot Sox Women’s Dog Lover Novelty Casual Crew Socks

Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks

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3. Buy a New Toy Dog

Every year, puppy toy companies are always making new products. You can buy these toys as a gift for your dog. If there’s a toy, you’ve wanted to buy for a dog that hasn’t yet, then buy it and place it next to dog Valentine’s card and see the dog’s happiness that morning.

To make this dog valentine toys more enjoyable, create a game “Treasure Hunt” with this gift. Arrange the food the dog likes to make in a straight line in the house and hide the toy at the end of the path. This game will make dogs extremely favorite and can be played for a long time.

Yes, your dog will love this game. And they will quickly realize what a reward it is to find it somewhere in the house. Remember to hide them well and make your dog search. Your Valentine’s Day will be fun and exciting when playing this game with your four-legged friend. This is a product you can buy.


Chiwava Squeaky Latex Rubber Dog Toys

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Dog valentine gifts

Dog valentine gifts

4. Buy a Puppy Puzzle Box for Dog

Puppies who love puzzles will love a puzzle box for Valentine’s Day. This is a significant Valentine gift for puppies! These boxes look a lot like chess boxes. However, they are designed specifically for dogs only.

Puppies need to find their favorite pantry in this box. When finding the right place, just pushing the right place will automatically open, and the dog can get his reward. Evidently, the dog will love this challenge and is always enthusiastic when playing with the box.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples to gather and play chess games together. Some popular games like Monopoly or Pictionary are often played on this occasion. The relaxing, lazy evenings of delicious baked goods and the lovely friend next to them are all the most memorable about Valentine.

While playing, make sure your dog has his puzzles. Only then will the dog feel happy and feel like being part of a family. While waiting for your turn, you can help your dog find the next suggestions for his own game.

Nina Ottosson is a famous dog toy manufacturer that you can easily find on the Amazon store. This toy can stimulate your dog’s creativity and intelligence. The relationship between him and you will be closer and closer after this game. Your Valentine’s Day will no longer be boring for those without a lover.


Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

5. Play Tug of War with The Dog

Most dogs instinctively play tug of war because this is one of the ways that puppies can both have fun and pull objects with their mouths. Choose long, soft toys (such as stuffed animals or knotted ropes) that you can pull out of the dog’s mouth and that the item won’t slip out of your hand as the dog shakes its head.

Grasp one end of the toy, and issue an order such as “Pick up!” In conjunction with the game. After the dog jerked excitedly and didn’t release it for about ten to twenty seconds, you could give another command like “Drop Down.”

Dog Molar Bite Toys

Dog Molar Bite Toys

You should have your reward ready when you say, “Dropdown.” Repeat the order, but don’t give the award until the dog releases the toy. After a few times, the dog will link the law and obey even without receiving a reward.

Unlike many people think, sometimes you can let your dog win a game of tug of war. This is a particularly useful way to help your dog feel confident when playing, and will not make your pet think that they are a leader. Your Valentine’s Day will no longer be dreary when playing this game with dogs.


HopCentury Dog Cat Chew Ball Toy

Upgrade Dog Molar Bite Toys

6. Teach Vocabulary to Dogs

Another fun game is to teach dogs to learn vocabulary on Valentine’s Day. When you pass a toy, say the name of the item. For example, the ball. Say, “Ball,” and give the ball to the dog. Then ask the dog to give the ball and repeat the name and pass the ball to the pet. Then when the ball is on the floor, point to it and say, “Get the ball.” The dog will associate the word ‘ball’ with the actual ball and will run to pick it up. You can apply this method to most objects, as long as you use a simple word.

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7. Make A Paw Print Card

Let your pets get creative with their paw prints. This is a manual method, but it is exceptional because it will retain memories on the card. Your dog will be delighted to have their paws printed on a Valentine’s Day card. And he knows that you orphaned him like a particular person.

Prepare a piece of stock card or cardboard and crayons. Then clean their feet from any dirt and debris before printing their feet. Gently grab their feet, gently press it on the ink pad and seal on the card.

If you want to keep the card for longer, you should go to a local store and buy a beautiful picture frame. Your Valentine’s Day will be memorable because you added this dog-legged tag to your art collection. If you can’t find these items at your local store, you can buy them on the Amazon website.


Pearhead Pet Photo Sharing Props

Ultimate Dog or Cat Pet Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Any dog wants to be petted by its owner, and so does your dog. And massage is a way for you to pet your dog on Valentine’s Day. Massage has many benefits. It can make blood circulation, help him relax and more comfortable. Give the dog a similar message to humans. It would be best if you combined relaxation and squeezing concentrated tissue.

The dog will certainly admire and appreciate this action of yours. This particular time of relaxation is significant for them. It makes your relationship with dogs more and more close and closer. And if you can’t do this because of the lack of skills or little time, you can refer to my recommended dog massage product.

Suggestion: PetWell All-Over Handheld Massage Roller Pets

9. Dog Valentine’s Day Clothes

Come to think of it, and the coat is not just for dog shows. It is an essential accessory for some dog breeds, especially those with little or no fur. It’s an ideal dog Valentine gift, but you have to get it in the right size. Do not rely too much on size guidelines, because you risk having a shirt that is too tight or too wide. Take his neck measurement, the length from the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail, and the size to the chest and the lower part of the abdomen.


Dog Gone Smart Hemlock Puffy Dog Jacket

SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket

DroolingDog Dog Clothes

Final Thoughts

For single people and dog owners, Valentine’s Day is significant when they enjoy great moments with their pet dog and meaningful gifts.

In this article, I have shown how your Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable for your dog and the presents you can buy to share with your four-legged friend on Valentine’s Day.

I hope you can apply them to have a great Valentine’s day with your beloved dog. All gifts are sold and available on the Amazon electronic sales site. I wish you and your beloved dog always happy.

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