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Daycare Facilities for Dogs

Keeping a dog is not always easy. Aside from all the health concerns you have to deal with regularly, you also have the responsibility to train your dog so that it is not a disadvantage for other people, including yourself. Fortunately, there are hundreds of doggy daycare centers available today. Dogs are sociable animals that need companionship and do not like to be alone during the day. Being alone for long periods can be a source of stress and separation anxiety. You can easily avoid it by using a dog daycare service.

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A canine daycare operates in a similar way to daycare for children. In the morning on the way to work, you drop off your pet and then during the day the dog gets to interact, play and socialize, and even take a nap if it’s so inclined to do it.

How Do I Know If My Dog Likes Daycare? 

How can I be quite sure that my dog likes daycare? Am I doing it right and I’m giving it a life that makes it completely happy? We have all raised these questions at some time. The likelihood of your hairy being blissful at the daycare is quite high because most pet daycare centers offer, among other things, indoor and outdoor activities, rest areas and ongoing monitoring to ensure adequate satisfaction of your dog. Some daycare centers allow dog owners to monitor operations through a website or Smartphone. Other day cares upload photos on Facebook during the day so that the dog owners can make sure their dog is having fun. Today, it is also known that the happiness of dogs is very linked to their hormones. Since dogs are descended from wolves, they have a similar communication. The dog manifests itself through body language and sounds. All the dogs – whether they have a flat nose or a long nose, a short or long tail – express themselves in the same way. However, we must bear in mind that some breeds, due to the alterations, such as cutting the tail. This practice tells on their image. As a result, do not get other dogs or humans to understand them correctly. However, there are some gestures that dogs have adopted, by which you will recognize if your dog feels happy with his life in the center.

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  • These include:

1. Moving the tail

When your hairy friend likes the daycare, it tends to move the tail from one side to another through an angle of about 120º after dropping it off. In dogs with a short tail or a coiled tail or those that have been cut, the key is at the beginning of the tail. Many times, short-tailed dogs not only move the tail but also the entire portion of the back.

2. It displays dilated pupils

Dilated pupils indicate that at that time the dog is happy for some reason, such as the sight of other dogs in the daycare. The position of the pupils of the dog can be a great pointer towards noting the level of its happiness, just as it happens with people when they see something they like. But, to understand it clearly, we must look at the eyes as a whole, if they shine with joy whenever we approach the daycare center to drop them off, there is no doubt your dog is happy with the system.

3. Try to get the attention of the daycare staff 

In general, walking at a brisk pace, having a relaxed tail and upright ears in a normal position are details that show that dogs are happy. Sometimes, they express their joy by running around the staffs of the place they love most, usually wagging their tails.  Another sign that a dog is happy at the daycare is that it approaches the people with whom it coexists in the daycare while looking for mimes and caresses.

4. It is playful

Playful behaviors such as circle races, brief barking or games with other dogs at the daycare are clear signs which show that a dog is having a great time.

5. It looks for proximity

If your dog tries to be close to you, usually go to meet you and like to lie down to rest where you are, it is evident that you feel happy at your side. Resting or sleeping close to you is clear proof that you are comfortable with yourself.

6.  React when you arrive to take it home

When you walk through the door of the daycare, your dog clearly shows signs that he is happy to see you again. Dogs can ignore their owners when they are sad. Sometimes, they get so excited when having a good time that they give you a beautiful reception. This may sometimes be quite extensive as though they have not seen you in years. Do not be surprised by this: it is a clear sign that they have been doing well in your absence.

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Doggy daycare centers are adapted to receive pets, where they can stay for a certain period, with defined arrival and departure times. These establishments, often private, have a team of professionals dedicated to caring for the dogs through activities such as discipline classes and swimming in swimming pools. Also, most dog daycare centers have the ideal spaces for pets to play with toys, to rest in places with beds and cushions, and, of course, to socialize with many other dogs who also use the service.

There are several essential benefits of leaving your dog in a daycare, as it gives it a close experience with other dogs and other people. This treatment will help reduce the fear, shyness, separation anxiety, and even the aggressiveness of some furry. In all, this adds up to making the dog happy and excited with daily visits to such a place.

One important suggestion is that you monitor your dog’s behavior carefully. Try making a log sheet that documents your dog’s behavior, which could perhaps give you a more precise idea of whether daycare is right for your furry friend. If your dog is not responsive to daycare services, try looking for dog walking services. There are apps like Wag and Rover which make it easy to get a dog walker in your area. The cost of dog walking is almost the same as daycare. 

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