How Dog Brings Happiness in Your Family

How Dog Brings Happiness in Your Family

I have been for a long, waking up every morning to this fluffy bundle of joy. What a terrific bliss it is to realize that no matter what, there will always be this one creature who will never stop loving you. A lot has been written and talked about how enriching having a dog breed can be. But, to me, it has been one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.

I have become a healthier, happier, and an active person since my dog came into my life and I have been involved in pet care. And for those, who are contemplating getting dogs in the family, let me tell you – that there are scientific studies that have gone on to prove how beneficial they can be to you and your family as far as mental and physical health is concerned.

Dog Brings Happiness in Family

No reunion can be great without your cherished pet

They are Fantastic Mood Boosters

After spending half an hour with my dog, on days when I feel quite not up to the mark, I feel peaceful and pleasant. It has been found that indulging in a dog breed boosts your serotonin and dopamine levels – both being your happy hormones. Those eyes which spell out – I need you and that wagging tail is sure to make you forget all your woes.

They are Your In-House Doctors

Scientists have now for some time believed, of course with findings, that your dog can be quite instrumental in lowering your blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. According to a study conducted by Deborah Wells from Queen’s University, Belfast, people who have dogs in the family have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I have seen for myself that I have had a lesser number of minor ailments and even fewer medical problems after I got associated with pet care. Since they trigger your good hormones, overall, you turn out to be a physiologically and psychologically healthier person.

Dog is a Fantastic Mood Boosters

A dog is a Fantastic Mood Booster

They are Protectors of Your Children

I have never had to worry about my daughter’s well-being and safety after I got my dog. He takes care of her in my absence and watches over her at all times. His presence by her side, in her first four growing years, prevented her from allergies and skin conditions. And it became clear to me later that it was because a study says that owning a dog can reduce allergies such as asthma and skin conditions like eczema amongst children. My daughter’s school attendance improved because she was healthier and happier and was growing up with a dog breed.

They Make You an Active Person

I am always on my toes because of my dog – which is quite the opposite of when I didn’t have one. My sedentary lifestyle prevented me from exercising or even going out for a walk. But since, I have had a dog; things have changed for the better. He needs to go out once or sometimes, even twice in a day and that has made me get into a routine of a bit of exercise every day, and I feel a lot better – mentally and physically.

You Always Have A Companion In Him

Research published in the Current Biology journal stated that dogs could read your expressions. They understand when you are sad, and what it is that excites you. They shower you with unconditional love, are non-judgemental, and are extremely powerful in reading your emotions. In other words, they are everything you would need in a friend.

Dogs Can Help You Make Friends

The bond of love is everlasting

Dogs In Family Can Save Your Life

In case you weren’t aware, your dog can sniff cancer. A recent study has shown that dogs in families are being trained to pick up cancer smells. And there are a few instances that have shown how dogs have alerted their owners of probable cancer. Doctors and researchers are now contemplating if they can harness this quality of dogs to their advantage and prevent the spreading of the deadly disease.

Dogs Can Help You Make Friends

I met quite a few friends once I started going out with my dog. People often tend to stop when they see a dog, to drop in a ‘hello,’ and you meet other dog owners too. Through these interactions, you sometimes meet and make friendships for life. Dogs make you social because they are social animals.

Dog Determines Your Personality

A dog is a Fantastic Mood Booster

Your Dog Determines Your Personality

Depending on the dog breed, your pet dog can determine your personality. Research in England shows a clear correlation between the dog owner’s personality and the kind of dog they keep. It is said that people who owned utility dogs like Dalmatians and Bulldogs were more conscientious. Similarly, people who own dogs like Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Yorkies tend to be more intelligent.

Final Word

If you are indeed striving for a healthier life, and want to get in a better place, mentally, get a dog. Scientists have established that the companionship of a dog and involvement in some pet care can bring about a newer you. You are a lot calmer, more patient, and happy individual with a dog breed at your house. And anyway, if you have had a dog, you will know how much happiness they can get to you and your household, just by being there. As humans, we feel the basic need to touch. And a dog fulfills that. Even convicts and criminals have shown changes in their behavior after they have interacted with dogs in the family over a period.

Whether it has been a bad day at work or a fight with a friend or a loved one, dog owners know that all it takes is one sloppy lick from your four-legged happiness to feel better again. It is that simple. Snuggling with your flurry therapists can be the end to your physical and mental problems and ailments.

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