Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Canned Dog Food

Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Canned Food-Which One to Choose?

When you enter the dog food store, you get to choose from so many options. Sometimes you might get overwhelmed by the options. But in the end, all that matters is that you got the right food for your dog. Then another topic arises, “dry dog food vs. wet canned dog food.”  Both of this food is suitable for specific situations and can also be easily served through pet feeders.

All of these might confuse you and make you wonder, wet or ​dry dog food for puppy for puppy. In case of canned food, you have to determine how much-canned food is necessary for your pooch.

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Well, you are the one who is going to decide that depending upon the circumstances. As an example, wet food is good for dogs, which is a little bit sensitive. On the other hand, dry food has comparatively low price and densely protein. You may also think about mixing wet and dry dog food.

Bulldog waiting for wet food

Can I feed my dog wet canned food and dry food?

So let’s have a good look at the pros and cons of both of these dog food to help you select the right one. Follow the guidelines below.

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Wet dog food 

Increasing the dog’s appetite 

Wet food is excellent for puppies. Because wet food has that natural meaty looks in it. Thus it looks organic and smells good. It attracts the dog quickly. Dogs that don’t eat much, wet food can be given to them to increase their appetite. An older dog who has less appetite will eat wet food because of its aroma and natural meaty look. That’s why many vets suggest wet dog food for the old and ill dog. If a dog falls sick, it loses its appetite and sense of smell. Both the aroma and texture of wet food increase its palatability. It will also help the dog to smell the food. Thus diseased dog will be attracted and will eat the food.

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Wet dog food contains a good amount of protein which comes from meat. Sometimes vegetables and other ingredient are added to the canned dog food. Most of the wet dog food is sterilized to prevent contamination.   


Taste of wet food is higher than dry food. As we have seen that wet food has a distinctive smell, natural flavor, and organic look. Which seems more natural for the dogs. Wet dog food also contains more meat that increases the taste of the food.


Apart from that, wet food contains more moisture than dry food, which makes it particularly helpful for a dog that drinks less water.  It will not only provide nutrition to your dog but will also hydrate your dog at the same time. It is highly suggested for dogs that don’t want to drink too much.

Easy swallowing

Wet dog foods are comfortable for the puppies to swallow.

Dogs with a smaller jaw

It helps the dog with a smaller mouth. There are many small breeds among dogs. These smaller breeds have a smaller mouth. They often have dental issues. If the food is dry, then the jaw of the dog has to provide more force to break the food. But smaller and weaker jaw means smaller force. So it becomes difficult for a dog with a smaller jaw to eat dry food. You should give them wet food, which is easier and more comfortable for them.  It is also suitable for the dogs that have his tooth missing or problem in their jaw. Dogs that have the trouble of chewing for different reason prefers wet food because of their soft nature. Wet food requires less pressure from the jaw. 

Less Chemical and no Refrigeration

Wet food manufacturing involves less chemical compound. Some researcher considers this good for health. More chemical will make the dog exposed to different kind of problems. Wet foods are rarely kept in the fridge, so it preserves all the nutrition of all ingredients. Thus its components don’t lose much of their nutritional value. 

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Disadvantages of wet food

Easily affected by Surroundings

If wet foods are kept open, they will be exposed to the surrounding. The ingredient of the wet food is easily affected by the surrounding. So open wet food might decrease the quality of foods. Even worse, it might rot, which is profoundly dangerous for your dog. It is recommended not to use wet food that was out in the open for a while. They can harm your dog’s health.  So it is important to know how much canned food to feed a dog? If you want to reuse the leftover, you can preserve them in the refrigerator. But that will reduce the ingredients taste and quality. So pay close attention while buying wet dog food, so that you don’t have to waste the rest of the food.

Bad for tooth

Wet food is damp and sticky so that they might be harmful to dogs with a dental problem. Sticky food gets stuck in their teeth and causes a different kind of dental issues. So you have to make sure that your dog receives a monthly dental checkup.

Too costly

Wet dog foods are pricier. So if you have limited financial capabilities and you want to feed your dog wet food, you might face a dilemma there. These wet foods are relatively tasty and nutritious, but they also come at a higher price. 


With wet dog food, you will often get a messy and dirty floor. As the food is moist, some dogs will mess with the food. So always give food to them where there is no carpet and easy to clean.

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Dry Dog food


Easy to use

You open the food from the packet and put before your dog to eat. Simple, isn’t it? They are also easy to keep. They don’t get exposed to the surroundings. Even if they get exposed, some hours at open is okay for the dry food. You might even consider what to mix with dry dog food to make it more palatable.

They have less probability of rotting than wet food. Dry food also offers various convenience to the dog owners. It is easy to carry, and you can use them after one or two weeks. This convenience of the owner is the essential factor for people to buy dog food. If you are a regular service holder, you can just put your dog food on the floor and leave your house for work. Your dog can eat them whenever it pleases.

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The food will remain both fresh and nutritious even after staying in the open for a long time. It helps you to get rid of the extra complicacy involved in dog feeding. The size of these dog food is really small, so it makes carrying them very easy. It also suits people who want to travel with their dog. Thus it saves time for the owner of the dog.  You have the liberty of adding water to dry dog food so that your dog is not choked up and can have his food with ease.

It also contains more food in a small volume. This attributes of dry foods make it more preferable for the owner. A small amount of food which has less mass and easy to carry can provide your dog with the diet for almost a day. So no question of not liking them? These utilities make many people use dry food.

Dog take his dry food


These dry dog foods are cheaper than wet foods. They also contain more ingredient in a small volume and safe to carry while traveling. That’s why people with lower financial status tend to prefer dry food.

Good for teeth

It has a positive effect on the dental health of your puppy. They do not get stuck to the teeth like wet foods. Many dry foods contain dental cleaners so that the teeth will get cleaned while eating. Depending upon the dental condition of your dogs, you have to decide which dry food you will use for your dog.

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Dry Dog Food Preserver

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Easy to preserve

These dry foods are easy to take care of. You can buy a bunch of them and keep them in the fridge. You also should not bother about losing the qualitative factor on a holiday or a long journey with your dog as you can use a dog food preserver as a normal practice.

Disadvantages of Dry foods

Less moisture

Dry foods contain less moist compared to wet food. That makes it harder for the old aged dog. As they have less strength in their jaw and might have other dental issues. So it is not recommended for the aged dog. If you continue, the dog might stop eating. So do not force the dry food on them.

Not suitable for weak jaw

Dry food is also not ideal for the puppies. As their jaws are small and fragile, it is difficult for them to eat dry food. As the food is a little bit pasty and dry, puppies might choke. It is also not preferable for small dogs or dogs with a weak jaw.

Chemical and artificial flavors 

Many kinds of chemical and artificial flavors are used to make dry food appealing. Exposer to excess chemical is always a risk for your dog. These foods are also kept in the fridge for a fair amount of time, which may decrease the quality of the ingredients.


Dog owners widely use both of these foods. They are both suitable for dogs. Use of dry food and wet food will depend upon different factors. Always consult with your vet to select the diet of your dog. If your dog gets ill, use any of the two according to the vet’s recommendations.

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