Food That Can Make Your Dog Happy

What is the Food That Can Make Your Dog Happy & How Does it Work?

Every dog owner wants his furry friend to be happy and cheerful. Nutrition is a very important factor that influences not only a dog’s health but also its mood. So, if you want your dog to be happy, you should know how to make your dog happy and for that, you need to feed it correctly. Follow our recommendations, and you will see the result!

How Much Food to Give a Dog a Day?

The right amount of food is set experimentally for each dog, but there are general recommendations. If you feed the dog special food, the pack will always indicate how large a serving should be, depending on the size of the dog. This is important because the food is a balanced set of elements necessary for the dog.

how to make your dog happy

If the dog is very active, the recommended portion can be slightly increased. If the dog is quite lazy, on the contrary, you should reduce the serving. The main thing is that the dog’s weight should remain constant. During summer, the portion can be reduced, because the dogs are usually sluggish, and they do not need an extra load. In winter, the dog needs more energy and nutrients. So, now have a glimpse of how to keep your dog happy and healthy.

How Many Times a Day You Should Feed the Dog?

Puppies eat constantly and as much as they want. Probably, therefore, even growing, they require the same regularity of feeding. The older the dog, the less frequently it must be fed:

2 months 3-4 times a day

3-6 months – 3 times a day

6-12 months – 2 times a day

From the year – 1-2 times a day

Dog Happy with food

The average dog can be fed twice a day in equal portions. If there are no problems with weight and activity, everything is fine.

How to Understand That the Dog is Full?

Dogs do not feel saturation and will eat like pigeons on the street – until the food is over. You can orient yourself like this. If the dog asks for an additive after eating, this is normal, but you can not give the dog as much as it wants. If the dog looked offendedly at you and went to sleep, then everything is all right. If the dog goes all day to the kitchen to check the bowl, it’s quite another thing. Either the dog really does not eat enough, and it is necessary to increase the portion, or it’s time to go to the vet.

What Should be in The Dog’s Diet?

If you feed the dog with special dog food, then you do not need anything else. Natural food should contain about 40-50% of meat, 30% of fermented milk products, and the rest – fiber. For example, it can be cottage cheese and kefir with bran in the morning and meat in the evening. Periodically feed with vegetables and fruits.

Pork is Forbidden!

It is usually believed that it is forbidden for dogs to eat pork because of the high content of fat. This is only partly true. Pork is digested longer, it increases the level of cholesterol and parasites can be found more frequently in it. Beef is leaner, but not all of its parts. There are also thick layers of fat in the beef, which can appear in a dog’s bowl.

how to keep your dog happy and healthy

Which Food is The Most Useful for Dogs?

You can feed vegetables and unsweetened fruits. Cucumbers, apples, grated carrots, celery.

  • Can I Mix Dry and Wet Food?

It is forbidden to mix it. However, the problem is not in the fact that one food is dry and the other is wet. Feed is the precise calculation of useful elements first. A portion of dry food has a precisely calculated norm for a specific dog size. The same applies to wet food. If you mix both types of feed, you can not calculate the balance. The dog will either not receive the necessary elements or receive them in excess. As a result, the dog is threatened by malnutrition or obesity.

Secondly, the stomach of the dog differently digests dry and wet food. This requires different times and different enzymes. If all this is in the stomach at the same time, it threatens to disrupt the microflora and the stable functioning of digestion.

Dogs cannot be given mixed meals. If you feed it with dry food – you should stick to this. The same applies to natural foods. If you forgot to go to the store, the dog could suffer. Believe me, nothing wrong will happen to it. A missing portion of food is not as scary as some kind of indigestion.

  • Can I Give the Dog Food from The Table?

Usually, we have something salty, fried, and peppery on the table. Instead, you can give a cucumber or unsweetened fruit. Vegetables are useful for dogs.

It is forbidden for dogs to eat sweets, especially cakes and chocolates. Chocolate is poison for dogs. Of course, a little candy does not hurt. However, if you rashly forgot the chocolate on the bedside table and went to work, there can be problems. The chocolate contains theobromine, which affects the heart and central nervous system of dogs. The most dangerous is dark chocolate with a high content of theobromine. If the dog eats a large amount of chocolate, this can lead to harmful consequences. The main symptoms of poisoning are nausea, diarrhea, hyperactivity, heart palpitations, and impaired coordination.

  • Why is it Better Not to Give Bones to the Dog?

Many dogs eat bones, but this does not make them less dangerous. A dog gnaws a bone into thousands, thousands of small, sharp pieces! They all fall into the stomach. Something is digested, and the rest is compressed and goes through the intestines, turning into a huge hedgehog, with sharp fragments sticking out in all directions. This is the main danger. A rare dog spits out fragments when gnaws something. Usually, the bones are swallowed with excitement. If you are not ready to follow every piece of gnawed bone, it is better not to give bones to dogs at all.

  • What Kind of Bones Cannot be Given to a Dog?

The correct answer is none. There are no fundamentally important substances in the bones because of all the most useful elements the dog can get from food and vitamins. A different matter is the training of teeth and jaws. A dog needs to eat something to harmoniously develop in puppyhood and have a good time in adolescence. Also, the bones from the pet store will help. They are made of veins, which the dog will gnaw for a long time. If you want, you can give a bean – it’s a hard hip bone, which can be gnawed not by every dog. Bird’s bones are very dangerous, as well as boiled bones.

Dog feel happy with food

  • What Foods Cannot be Given to a Dog?

Everything sweet, salty, and spicy is not allowed. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar in all forms are forbidden. The acid in citrus fruits can cause gastrointestinal problems. Onion, garlic, and, for some reason, grapes, are categorically not allowed.


A happy dog is a healthy dog. This is the most important thing, that should influence your decision on the choice of feed for the dog. Only the right, healthy, and nourishing food can make your dog happy!

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