Dog Feeding Times -What Owners Should Know

Dog Feeding Times -What Owners Should Know?

Then thinking about the best diet for your dog, you can do it in many ways, as long as you stick to the rules. The first and foremost rule you should consider is that you need to differ the dog food from the human.

Many different diets can be chosen, such as dry foods, semi-moist dog foods, biscuits for dogs, and home-made food. All options are good. You should also look at the foods that can produce dark brown, firm, as well as formed stools. If these are the signs then you have done right. But he moot point is  how many times a day should your dog eat.

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If your puppy or dog produces light stool, and you notice that he often experiences diarrhoea, then diet might be the problem. You need to replace it with another diet. If his symptom continues, you should reach out your vet immediately.

The key to maintaining your puppy’s wellness is the appropriate diet schedule on a daily basis. If you plan to change your puppy diet, it should be done gradually so that your puppy won’t be angry. So, what’s the ideal diet schedule for your dog?


The Ideal Dog Diet Types

If it is still a puppy, you need to know that puppy can grow much faster than adult dogs. That means you need to use special diet for the sake of their physical development. The best diet of your puppy is actually simple. Puppy can eat anything from dry foods, semi-moist, as well as home-made foods. However, it is important to measure the portions. Don’t overdo the portions to avoid obesity in your puppy. When you take care of adult dogs, it will be much simpler since they can control their appetite.

Dry foods

The complete dry foods can be the easiest way to feed your dog. You can find it in any department store. The quality and models of the foods are various. For this matter, you can’t go wrong with the best brand. The “premium” dry dog foods indeed have more quality than the other one.

Dry foods tend to be expensive. But don’t get them wrong. You do not need to prepare a large number of dry foods to feed your dog. To be sure, you could check the measurement information on the package.

Some dogs may not like the dry foods at first. But if you practice the dry foods feeding from the beginning, they will get used to taking it. Some puppies may not be able to eat these, thanks to their tiny teeth. You could soak the food with lukewarm water to soften them.

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Tinned foods or and semi-moist dog products

Finding tinned foods can be a bit tricky because you probably have no idea about what your dog likes. But when you find the right product, stick to it. Any sudden change will make your dog upset.

Home-made foods

There are many home-made dog foods recipes that you can find on the internet. But it comes with a catch. It is a  daunting task to make the balanced foods for your dog. You could combine the home-made foods with the dry foods so that your dogs won’t be upset and bored.

Dog Food


Treats are also important to maintain the good moods of your dog. You could find a lot of high-quality commercial treats in the common pet shops. Keep in mind that dog treats are different from human snacks. To be safe, don’t ever give your dog human snacks.

Chocolate, for instance, can be poisonous to dogs and can injure the organs. Stick to the dog treats.

How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat

It depends. If it is a puppy under five months old, you could feed him three to four times a day, with the adequate portion. It is best to consult with the vet to get the right amount of portion and the schedule of your puppy feeding.

For an adult dog, most experts agree that the ideal dog feeding schedule is twice a day.

While some dogs will eat the moment you present them a bowl of delicious foods, you may find your new dog hesitates to eat. It is normal. He is new to the environment, new home, new people. These factors are strange to him and make him too nervous to eat. In this case, you need to calm your dog down.

To make your dog follow the schedule, you could do this trick. Put the bowl on the floor for around ten minutes and then pick it up. You do this no matter what your dog does, whether he eats or leaves the food.

At the next designated time, you could put the bowl again. Then take it after 10 minutes. Sooner or later, your dog will learn about it. If your dog is a slow eater, you could extend the feeding time by 5 to 10 minutes depending on your dog’s necessity.

Video of Dog Feeding Guide – How To Feed A Dog

Can I Feed My Dog 3 Times a Day?

As we mentioned above, the puppy can take 3 to 4 meals per day. Adult dogs ideally take 2 meals on a daily basis. But the best way to plan your dog diet schedule is to consult it with your vet.

Most puppies eat thrice per day. You could start off by:

  • 7:00 AM – breakfast
  • 1:00 PM – lunch
  • 7:00 PM – dinner

Most adult dogs should eat twice a day for their good health. This will keep them fit and happy. So, you could start off by:

  • 7:00 AM – breakfast
  • 6:00 PM – dinner

Don’t forget to keep the bowl of water fresh. If your dog is over-drinking, you could also schedule the times you provide it. But in most cases, the fresh water is a must to keep your dog hydrated.

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“How if I am too Busy to Feed My Dog”?

If you have such hectic schedule and have no time to prepare the foods for your dog, there are 2 best options. Option no.1, you could hire a pet sitter to do all the feeding things. Option no.2, you could purchase automatic dog feeder to help you with the feeding schedule. The good thing about this device is that you can preset the portion and the time of the feeding. You can have a peaceful day.

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It is not difficult to decide the schedule of your dog feeding. You still have the options if you are too busy to prepare your dog’s foods. Don’t forget to always check on this routine to maintain your dog’s wellness and fitness. Good luck, and have fun!

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