How Much You Will Incur For the Proper Care of Your Dog

Your Lovely Dog Maintenance Cost: You Should Know Before Adoption

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You might be delighted or be jealous to see a dog owner with a fancy dog. But have you ever thought how much does it really cost to have a dog?

Normally the basic cost of owning a dog is $120 per month(it varies ). But there are other overhead costs other than the prime cost. Therefore, this is not possible to calculate the yearly cost just by summing the dog cost per month.

So let’s see-

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Dog?

How Adopting dog cost
  • Accommodation, Bed & Toys

Undoubtedly, every dog loves warm and soft beds, and as an owner, you must ensure a safe and comfortable accommodation for your dog. You can build a dog house at a low cost of $70. But if you want to make it large and provide some extra facilities, you have to count over $100. You can find more at

Memory foam dog beds are most popular these days. You can get one for just $30, but for more durability and machine washable waterproof covers, the price goes higher.

You have to arrange enough facility for the dog to play as you can’t always sanction time for it as you are not always home. Cost for toys isn’t specific. It depends on your dog’s interest and your choice. You can roughly have a yearly budget of $25-$50 for best toys for dogs.

  • Food and Other Consumables 

Food cost dominates the total volume of dog care. You just can’t feed a dog what you eat as their food habit differs from all other species. Feeding cost depends on the size of your dog, age and food quality. But breed of your dog is the dominant factor. This is obvious that you can satisfy a German Shepherd with Chihuahua’s meal. You can fill their stomach with 250 bucks for the whole year. On the other hand, if you want to serve him a better treat it will cost you $1050 a year.Look for more at

  • Leashes & Collars

Roughly, Leashes and Collars sustain for two years and costs around 50 bucks. The price can be more or less depending on the size, design and material quality. For more varieties search at

  • Supplements, Medications & Vaccination

Dogs are crazy and always keep busy. Besides regular food, it requires them to supply supplement regularly. A $30 supplement is enough for 60 days. It is noteworthy to remember that you keep this supply continuous when the dog does a lot of activities all day long. For more information click

Although medication is not a prime cost, during the winter and summer most of the dogs breed suffers from various diseases. During this time dogs suffers from five major diseases. Again if the dog is a rescued from one, it may require a sudden supply of medicines for another problem.

If the dog is elder, it might have been vaccinated. DHPP vaccine needs to be pushed in every year, and Rabbis vaccines are needed once in every two years. Price of this vaccine is $20 and $15 respectively.

Dog Maintenance Cost
  • Dog Sitting & Training

In your long absence, a dog requires a master.A dog sitter generally charges 25 to 50 bucks a day.

To adapt to human, dogs need to be trained. A dog trainer can charge as less as 500 bucks which can be as high as 2500 bucks. You may also require a playpen for your dog to adapt to the home environment. You can get one for $25 to $60.  

  • Grooming & Insect Control

If the dog has long hairs, you have to comb them properly to give it a fancy look. Again you may also require hair drier, special soap and other products. The average cost of these will be 100 bucks for one year.

Often unexpected pests and parasites attack dogs. The bugs can be in the beds, house an also in the body.

To get rid of them you have to spray safe pesticides every 15 days. A normal one cost about $35. You can also hire a bug examiner, and that will cost you around $200.

  • Dog Insurance

Apart from all these costings, if you want your dog’s security to be at an advanced level, you can go for a pet insurance. As there are some aspects of dog maintenance cost, many companies come up with several insurance plans to back you up. It’s a combination of both relief and a load of cost for you as a pet owner.

There are some cases where insurance providers support to lure you to have  a dog insurance-

  • Accidents and Injuries
    Sprains, ruptures, poisonings, skin injuries etc.
  • Common Sicknesses
    Vomiting, ear and throat infections, diarrhea, etc.
  • Chronic Sickness
    Allergy, skin conditions, arthritis, heart diseases, etc.
  • Tests and Diagnostics
    MRI test, X-ray CT scans, blood tests, ultrasound tests, etc.
  • Procedures
    Surgeries, chemotherapies, endoscopies etc.

Dog Costs at A Glance

Till now, we’ve been through a number of aspects of dog caring costs. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the entire cost chart-

Cost Option

Initial Cost

Lifetime Cost

Accommodation, Bed & Toys

$100- $250

$500- $1200

Food and Other Consumables

$50- $100

$1000- $4000

Lashes & Collars


$400- $1000

Supplements, Medications & Vaccination

$0- $500

$0- $4000

Grooming & Insect Control

$50- $100

$100- $500

Dog Insurance

$20- $250

$1000- $3000

  • Unexpected Cost

Over all these prime costs, you may count some extra money in the rainy days. Eventually, the dog may have an injury or can be attacked by viruses and bacteria, and that may cause fatal injury and harm to them. Therefore, you must have a budget of extra $500 over the prime cost of owning a dog to face these untoward situations.

In a Nutshell

Finally, this fact is clear that it is not possible to exactly estimate how much you will incur for the proper care of your dog per month. This depends on many factors like, breed of dog, your effort, interest, special circumstances and other certain activities that may or may not be conducted.

You can also minimize the cost in many ways if you want to do so. But make sure you fulfill The Dog Act 1976.   

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