How Often Should You Wash Your Dog

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog

Dogs also need a shower like us humans. Proper hygiene and cleanliness among dogs are also necessary for their overall health. Even at a young age, you must train your dog to take a bath and calm. As a dog lover, you always want to keep your pet clean and healthy. However, do you know how often you should wash your dog? If not, this article will help you.

Washing your dog is essential to inspect their condition. They must take a bath regularly. Through bathing, you can encounter whether there are some changes in the texture of their hair and skin. You can also know whether there’s a presence of parasites in your pet.

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Bathe Your Dog Once A Week

Wash your dog once a week. Bathing your dog weekly can give them amazing benefits. It is beneficial to check their overall condition. It allows you to check on their eyes, ears, and teeth. If you observe that your pet has missing hair patches, bumps, lumps, or weight loss, it is time for you to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Benefits of Bathing Your Dog

Washing your dog regularly comes with more benefits-

  • Assessment of your dog’s overall condition 
  • Bathing your pet allows you to see some changes in your dog. You can determine their physical health, so you can go to the vet if you encounter alarming changes in your pet. You will know if they’re healthy or not.

  • Better smell
  • One obvious advantage of washing your dog is to improve their smell. You will not be bothered anymore by their foul smell as you play with them.

  • Make them clean
  • If your pet takes a bath, he becomes clean. It is important to keep him away from dirt or bacteria that can be detrimental to their overall health. It can help them to clean their eyes and ears too. You can also check their teeth. If you trained your pet to take baths regularly, they would not resist this crucial care.

  • Keep them fresh, healthy and happy
  • Another reason why you should wash your dog is to keep them fresh, happy, and healthy. Parasites, dirt, bacteria, and viruses can affect their health, so make sure to keep them clean. By bathing them regularly it helps to get rid of any potential bacterial infections. Besides that, you should give them food that will boost their immune system. For instance, if your dog is more prone to bacterial infection, providing dog food with anti-yeast properties will be good.

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    What If Your Dog Suffers from Skin Issue? 

    Taking a bath is an important care routine for your pet. However, you still need to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog a regular bath if he has a skin issue. If they have a skin condition, there’s a possibility that their skin gets dry during the washing procedure.

    You must avoid the use of harsh shampoos and other bathing chemicals that can damage their skin and make their skin itchy. It is important to remember that dogs also have sensitive skin, so you must be careful when washing them. Don’t use human products when bathing your beloved pet. It is not recommended to use products that have harsh strippers or coal tar-like benzyl peroxide, selenium, and other unknown or cheap products.

    Bath your dog

    Washing your pet can also help avoid painful tangles, eliminating of shedding fur, and removing the doggy foul smell. It also helps to remove grass seed, parasites, and ticks that can hurt them. According to experts, the number of washing your dog can depend on the type and length of their coat.

    If your pet has a well-developed undercoat, like arctic dog breeds, it’s OK to wash them once a day on shedding season. It helps to prevent dreadlocks and knotting that can lead to skin issues. On the other hand, if your beloved pet has less dense or regular undercoats like poodles, bathing them once a week is enough. You may not know it, but bathing is crucial for your dog’s good grooming. It can also help them to improve their behavior.

    Factors for The Bathing Routine of Your Dog 

    Washing your dog is essential for proper hygiene. However, some factors can determine your dog’s bathing routine.

    • Level of activity

    If your dog stays indoors, they can be cleaner compared to a dog who dig holes, roll in waste, and play outdoors.

    • Hair length

    Long-haired dogs can trap debris and dirt, while short-haired dogs are less prone to get grimy.

    • Allergy and skin issues

    Some dogs have allergies and other skin problems, so they need less or more baths. You should consult the help of a professional vet on what’s best for your pet.

    When bathing your dog, use gentle shampoos only to prevent skin problems. You can wash your dog once a week, once every 3 months, or depending on your judgment. If your dog is smelling bad or rolled in a waste, it is time for you to wash them immediately.

    It’s OK to wash your dog regularly. However, take note that over bathing can lead to dryness and irritation. Therefore, you must be responsible enough to offer your beloved best friend with a balance and enough bath. With this, you can avoid potential problems that can harm the health of your pet.

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    Tips on Bathing Your Dog 

    Do you want to give your pet a successful bath? Then, consider the following tips:

    step 1

  • Get shampoo and other bathing supplies 
  • It is important to get a baby shampoo or shampoo designed for dogs, so it will not sting their eyes. You can also place cotton balls on their ears to block water.

    step 2

  • Brush 
  • You can perform thorough brushing to avoid excess hair and tangles before bathing.

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  • Choose a specific bathing spot 
  • It is important to choose a consistent bathing spot for your pet to help them feel comfortable. It can reduce their fear and keep them calm for their bathing time.

    step 4

  • Use warm water 
  • Your pet also has sensitive skin, so it is advisable to use warm water for their bathing time. However, don’t use scalding hot water because it can burn the skin of your dog.

    By following these tips mentioned above, you can give your dog a fresh and efficient bath.

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