How to Bath a Dog at Home

How to Bath a Dog at Home in a Friendly Way?

Would you like to wear the same sneaker or jeans without washing them for months? I’m sure you won’t. Then how can you leave your pet dog without a bath for months?

But as long as you’ve landed in this post, you are having trouble with bathing your dog at home. Maybe, you face a hard time taking the dog from its crate to the tub.

What you should do is, turn the bath into something that attracts the dog, both physically and mentally. After an interview with a dog expert, we have come up with a solution. And that’s what this article is based on.

Let’s head towards the ways how you can train the dog to love bathing.

how to bathe a dog at home

Tips for Bathing Your Dog at Home 

A simple but effective way can be the very solution that we are in right now. We’ve explained them in order-

This is one of the quickest and most effective tricks to make your dog crave a bath. After a 20-minute walk or run, the dog will feel sweaty, hot, and exhausted. And surely, it will likely take a dip in the water. This can be an advantage in some cases. Also, there is another advantage. Your dog will have less energy to fight you against taking a bath.

  • Stay Cool and Steady

It’s too natural to lose your temper and force the dog to take a bath if your dog is too stubborn. But we suggest you not do so. Instead, try to convince your dog to take a bath when you have enough time to deal with it. This would be helpful for both you and your dog.

how to bathe a dog outside

  • Turn Bath time into a Fun Time

For dogs that don’t like bathing, it can be more optimistic if it doesn’t find it funny. But it should not be a concern because it’s not fun at all. What you have to do is to grab its attention to bathing as fun. What you can do is- you can bring it to the tub while playing. Bringing it near the tub can be the most important part of the game you’re playing. And then, start the bathing process as a part of the game. I think it will subconsciously take part in the bath, or the game as you would like to say.

  • Don’t Make the Water Uncomfortable for Dog

One of the most important concerns is to make the water comfortable for the dog’s physical condition. Some dogs like to bathe in warm water and some like to do it when it’s cool. Also, very warm or very cool temperatures can be shocking for dogs. What I think is, lukewarm water is the best fit for almost every kind of dog. Also, some dogs find the water itchy or uncomfortable due to physical reasons. Your job is to figure that out and mix something with the water, if necessary.

  • Try to Feed the Dog in The Tub

One interesting, but yet effective way of making bath time interesting is to feed it in the tub. As the dog hates to have a bath, the tub is a place of terror for it. If you somehow can turn it into an interesting place, that would be effective. You can start by feeding it in the tub. Also, you can play in the tub for the same purpose.

This is something familiar to most pet owners. Whenever you want your dog to acquire a new behavior, you reward it. The same can work for bathing. Each time it takes a bath, make it realize that you’ve become so happy with it, and the reward is your favorite dog food or dog toy.

  • The Shower-together Trick

This is the last and most interesting (to me) method to make your dog love baths is to join him. What I mean is, you have to wear your bathing suit and hop in the tub with your dog. For dogs that are likely to follow their master, this can be a very effective way.

  • Try to Help the Dog Overcoming the Fear

Do you know why dogs don’t like bathing? Well, there are many reasons. Some don’t like to be wet, some can’t adjust to the temperature, and some others fear running water. There is no reason to get bogged down, whatever the case of your dog is, you can figure out a solution. If your dog fears being splashed in the water, try to grab some water and rub it on its face. Having a wet face may help him to be comfortable taking the whole bath. If your dog can’t adjust to the water temperature, the solution is to change it. You can try to increase or lower the temperature of the water and figure out the best fit for your dog. And in case your dog is fearful of running water, the solution is simple. Just use a tub instead of a hose pipe.

Bottom Line

Your love for your pet is enormous. So, a tiny problem like this can’t be even a problem if you try to be a little tricky with it. But one piece of advice I would like to provide you is, If your dog’s skin is allergy-prone, don’t forget to consult your pet doctor before you do anything yourself. Good luck to you and your pet puppy!

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