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How to Help a Dog Give Birth- Some Helpful Tips For You

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If you are a dog lover, you should know when your dog is going to become a mother,and also how to help a dog give birth. You will also let her share the same emotional feelings as human beings feel. Of course, during the work, you can help her or let her do all the work, if you are not accustomed to it or a vet is not handy. Well, it would be much better to help her give birth so she could take a look and get involved in the whole process of giving birth to the puppies. 

How to Help a Dog Give Birth for the First Time

By helping with dog delivery you can ensure that the dog is feeling secure and easy.It is good because there are many cases in which the puppies died as no human being was present to care for the to be mother. So, if you want to help your dog as much as possible, then you can do it, as you will be a bit relieved and relaxed to give some affection and care from your side. This would be a psychological boost for the mother dog. 

Dog Giving Birth Tips

Be prepared for the day of delivery, right after your vet tells you good news. Buying Whelping Boxes for dogs and puppies is a good idea. This will allow for the mother to give birth to the babies at a safe and secure place and not in an area that is unsuitable or tight because dogs prefer to keep hidden during this period.

Signs That Your Dog is Giving Birth

Selecting the maternity area should be spacious and wide so that it can move easily and also doesn't destroy the new born puppies and may even kill them most unfortunately.

However, it may be difficult for you to know exactly when the dog will give birth, but you may know the due date better with the help of a vet or by careful examination and observation. Because the dog's temperature is higher than in humans, you can guess that they will deliver their puppies so the temperature should be kept down.

Contact your vet if you do not know what to do and how to help the process, When you see signs that your dog is giving birth, especially if this is your first such experience and the first time for your dog too. But the good thing about this is the second time when she gives birth again  she may not need your help because she would know what to do.

Prepared for the Day of Delivery -Video

Dog Giving Birth Tips

The normal canine pregnancy lasts about seventy-three days after fertilization. Signs of pregnancy include increased appetite, weight gain, and breast size. However, dogs with false pregnancies can also have these symptoms. A veterinarian can usually diagnose a pregnancy by palpation abdomen in twenty-eight days or with the use of ultrasound or radio logical tests.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, dog giving birth tips allows you to cope with the situation better. It is time to review beforehand the specific dietary needs and what will happen, by consulting with your vet. You should also be informed about how to recognize and respond to emergencies.

A few days before giving birth (known as childbirth), the dog may refuse to eat and start building the nest, where it plans to have its puppies. Unless you are planning it in advance the delivery of whelping box , the birthing room can become your closet, the space under your bed or any number of places that you may deem appropriate.

When buying Whelping Box, it should be large enough to allow comfortable stretching for dogs. Must have low sides and placed in a warm place. Dry,free barrels kept in isolated places may serve the purpose. Place a towel or other soft material underneath for the comfort of the puppies once they are born. Fresh newspapers are also very helpful and can be easily removed and replaced when they are dirty when giving birth. After the delivery is complete, you must replace the paper with something that offers a better basis for puppies.

How to Deliver Puppies- Dog Birth Video

Problems When Dog is  Giving Birth 

Shortly before, the dog's body temperature will drop to 99 degrees or less (normal temperature for a dog is between 100 and 102.5 degrees). At this point, you should shave its stomach, if necessary, allow the puppies to find the nipple. If it has a long, dense coat, the area around his genitals should also be shaved and cleaned.

Approximately twenty-four hours after the temperature goes down, it is estimated to be entering the first stage of labor, because cervical expands and opens the way for birth so that puppies can get through. At that time, it will  be gasping for breath, it will get tired, feel nervous, or might throw up vomits. Vomiting is normal in early labor, but persistent vomiting can be a sign of disease. Stages of puppies birth should be followed by abdominal strain and production of puppies and placenta.

Signs That Your Dog is Giving Birth

Most dogs give birth easily, without the need for human assistance. Every puppy is covered in placenta membrane , which must be removed before the puppy can breathe. Mothers usually take care of this by tearing up and eating the membranes and cut the umbilical cord. After giving birth, she will lick the puppies to stimulate its breathing.

The mother would often lick the puppies , which lasts for about three weeks. The mother also has another important function to do, it stimulate the puppy to remove the waste. Without the help of the mother, the puppies can't do it. At the time of birth, new dog mothers are too busy cleaning their descendants, warm it up and let them suckle. It is very important that puppies are nursed soon after they are expelled from the uterus. At this time the mother would like to be alone with the puppies. Isolation allows them to ingest colostrum, a substance similar to mother's milk containing antibodies produced in mammary glands right after birth. Colostrum also helps the puppies against infections and other diseases. 

Checklist of What a Dog Needs During Giving Birth to Puppies  


Above we have dealt in details how to help a dog give birth. What is of importance here is the compassion that you as a dog owner has to show. Because the pet is yours. Although an animal, but it is your best friend. Now it is in a temporary problematic stage physical and emotionally. We humans also go through such stages in our life. It is advisable to know that although you can take the help of a professional vet but before the actual process starts some dog giving birth tips  are always helpful which also include the signs that your dog is giving birth because it helps to avert some disastrous situation. Otherwise you rue for the mishap, if you are not conscious or not informed beforehand.  

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All information contained in this website is intended for informational purposes only, as I am not a veterinarian. Furthermore, the content of the website should not be understood as an appeal to ignore the instructions or advice that may be issued by your veterinary doctor.

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