How to Keep the House Clean with Multiple Pets

How to Keep the House Clean with Multiple Pets

Having a pet is really a joy.  They bring with them unconditional love, but more often than not, they also bring messes.

While pets can be an excellent addition to your home, they bring with them hair, fur, messes, and smells. Keeping a home with multiple pets and keeping your house tidy is not an easy task. Fear not! We are here to help! With these tips on how to keep the house clean with a pet, you’ll find a way to live with multiple animals in your home without having to sacrifice your cleanliness.

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Let’s get started…

keeping house clean with multiple dogs

Keeping the House Clean with Dogs around- But How?

  • Ensure Your Pets are Well Groomed

If your pup appears like he’s been participating in a mud run every time they go outside, it’s time to set up a regular pet grooming regimen. While this seems obvious to many, this step is critical. Try with a short grooming session so that that less dirt will be left around your home in less time.

You really shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to shampooing your pet, but every so often you’ll need to give them a good bath. If your pup is wet after their bath, make sure to keep them in a contained area, especially a place with a clean, hard floor. It is a good habit to dry your pet as you can to prevent any of that unmistakable wet-dog aroma. If your dog has fur only then it is fine, but if it has long hairs, then you should trim them to ensure a clean, healthy coat.

If your pet is clean and groomed, not only will they feel better, but so will you. If you have a clean pet, you almost won’t even have to worry about the rest of the tips on this list, but let’s keep going anyway.

  • Get A Pet-Friendly Couch

If you’re not the type of person to say no to your dog or cat joining you on the sofa, it’s probably time for you to start thinking about an upgrade. The incorrect couch material can turn into a fur-catcher, hold unfavourably odors and make the smallest stain look apparent. While on the lookout for a new couch, focus on finding either a durable leather couch or one with tightly woven materials that ideally match the color of your animals fur.

how to remove pet hair from couch

Pet-Friendly Couch

A different couch can make a difference in how clean your home appears, and surely it will surprise you. Some materials will attract hair, while others will repel them. However, that hair has to go somewhere, bringing us to our next point.

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  • Invest in a Top-Notch Vacuum that is Designed for Pet Hair

Now the question is how you can keep hardwood floors clean of dog hair? Try to find a pet-friendly vacuum to help keep pet hair at bay. To find the best vacuum, you’ll require superior suction, a durable filter and have the ability to pull hair up and out of carpeted areas. In fact, if you have the money to spend, you may want to invest in a top-level robot vacuum like the Roomba 960 or 980 to help. Remember that, the best vacuum in the world is useless if you don’t use it. By opting for a robot vacuum, you have help keeping your home clean.

When picking out the right vacuum for your home, you should really think about all of the floor-types you have to take care of and whether or not you want your vacuum to take care of upholstery as well. Be prepared to vacuum frequently to keep on top of things or opt for the robot vacuum option in case your dog sheds a lot.  

Also, don’t forget to keep your vacuum filters clean. They can hold onto odors and make your home stinkier if not adequately maintained.

  • Get Your Pet Clean as Soon as You Get Inside

While the expensive entryway may look great, but it may not be ideal for pet ownership. If you have pets, you have to be prepared to clean up after them before they are able to bring the ick around your entire house. The house setting should be such that the laundry is close to the door, this is a great area to set up your cleaning station. However if not, try making minor changes to your front entrance. All you need is a strong doormat, a designated dog towel, wet wipes, and a few treats for good measure.

If your pet is clean before they make it to the main part of your home, you’ll find its a lot easier to keep things tidy and mess-free.

  • Routinely Wash Your Pet’s Belongings

Dog bedding can get stinky. Take a few minutes to see what items are able to be put in the washing machine; otherwise, you may have to prepare to wash these in your sink. If you can, save this for a nice day full of sunshine, so you are able to take everything to dry outdoors, where the sun will dry and de-stink everything.

This step is something that is often overlooked by pet owners, but it makes sense to keep your pet’s belongings clean as your pets spend a lot of time playing with their toys or lounging around in their beds.

  • Use What You Have on Hand to Combat the Smell

If you’re not a fan of buying a ton of new cleaning products, take a look at what you already have. For some furniture that isn’t that easy to clean, a small amount of vodka sprayed on the area can help remove odors. Baking soda is another excellent odor remover; you can spread a thin layer on floors and carpets to absorb smells, and then vacuum it up. You can also try vinegar for getting rid of bad odors; utilize it when you’re washing fabrics like bedding and blankets.

  • Don’t let Messes Sit

If you have pets, they are bound to “go” in the house at one point or another. This is true for canine and feline. There really isn’t any avoiding this. Even the best-trained pup has an accident now and then. The key to not letting this destroy your clean home is to take care of it ASAP. No procrastination! If you see that your pet has made a mess on the floor, stop what you’re doing and clean it up before it stains and leaves your home smelling.

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Bring new dog bed

  • Purchase a Reasonable Pet Dog Bed

Having the fanciest, fluffiest dog bed, isn’t always the best option. Make sure you pick a dog bed that is reasonably easy to clean. This way, you don’t have to worry about not being able to wash the area where your pet is likely to spend most of its time.


This final tip is incredibly important. Air out your home every chance you get. Personally, I like to air out my house on the weekends while I am doing a little cleaning. The fresh air will help keep your home from becoming stuffy and will give all the pet odors somewhere to go. Create a draft and let nature take care of keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

Being armed with these tips, you can hug your pets and let them know they are here to stay. Just because you have multiple pets doesn’t mean you have to have a messy home.

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