How to Keep Your Dog's Memory Alive

How to Keep Your Dog’s Memory Alive

It can be very painful to lose your beloved dog. We know the feeling. Death is the end of life and nobody is safe from it – that’s a fact no matter how much we wish it weren’t. You can honor your best friend’s memory by doing something special for them. Here are a few thoughtful and kind suggestions.

A Garden Stone

You can buy or paint a stone and place it in your yard. Ideally, it should be in a place where your dog loved hanging out.

Keep Your Dog's Memory Alive

Get a Portrait Painted

Many artists specialize in custom dog paintings. Look for one who can breathe life into your late pooch because each artist has their individual style. They will use a photo of the dog to create an original drawing or painting. You can get a portrait printed if you want, although this is less personal.

To narrow down artists, think about what medium will work best. Some artists work in watercolor. Others work on canvas with acrylic paint. Further options include embroidery and pop art-type pictures from photographs.

Make a Donation

You might consider donating money in your dog’s name to an NPO or dog shelter. There are few greater tributes than helping a dog in need. Your donation might give another dog a second chance. You could check out major organizations like the Best Friends Animal Society or ASPCA or a local organization or shelter.

Organize a Funeral

Funerals for dogs are far from unheard of. Services are held in crematories, pet cemeteries, and some other places. In fact, you can hold one almost anywhere you want, including any place where they loved to play. Moreover, the funeral can be as big or as small as you wish. No one can tell you. You can invite loved ones and close friends to go over fond memories of your dog.

Human funerals and pet funerals have one and the same purpose. They give people an opportunity to acknowledge their grief and their love publicly.

You can plan a funeral for your furry friend in heaven in one of several different ways. You can arrange a memorial in your house or the park, purchase a burial plot in a pet cemetery, or pay for a private cremation and get an urn with their ashes. If you opt for a cemetery, you can choose a coffin, and there will be a procession to the grave. Don’t ever let anyone tell you he or she was “just a dog”!


Make a Belonging Into a Keychain or Jewelry

The first thing many people buy their dogs is a tag. You can take it off the collar and use it as a keychain or have it transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry. You might want to invest in what’s known as memorial jewelry if the idea of keeping them near your heart warms you up inside. This jewelry uses your dog’s cremains or an actual paw print. The fur is used to craft necklaces, bracelets, or rings. This is not a new custom. This kind of jewelry is a memorial tradition that goes two whole millennia back.

Plant a Tree

Commemorate your dog by doing something nice for the environment. The tree you plant will become their living and breathing legacy.

Make a Memorial Online

You can post a memorial for your pooch on a dedicated website. One possible tribute is where you let other pet owners take a tennis ball, frisbee, or anything else that made them happy.

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