Dog Training:How To Stop Dogs Begging At The Table

How To Stop Dogs Begging at The Table

Dogs are always considered a member of every family because they are brilliant, funny, emotional, and loyal.

Besides, they have few diseases, are easy to raise and also very obedient. Therefore, petting dogs is popular in the world.

On the other hand, training dogs is not a simple task, especially with those who lack education from childhood. Forcing them into a framework is not universally recommended, but this process requires you a lot of patience and strictness at the same time.

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This article informs you about one of the most annoying problems that any dog owner encounters at every mealtime. That’s how to train your dog so that it does not beg at the table.

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Dogs begging for food

Why Do Dogs Beg at The Table?

Like humans, dogs are also fascinated by the fragrant smell of food coming from the kitchen and at the dining table. Therefore, they will not hesitate to wait for a piece of food from you. There are even individuals jumping both their front legs on the table to look and beg for food.

Eating in such a situation is not comfortable, is it?

If you give them a piece of food or just chase them away, hoping they won’t bother you, then you’re wrong.

The pets will continue to act in the next meals. Even if you yell at them, there will be those who will not listen.

You probably know that dogs are super intelligent. But this is crazy:

They may know your food is better than theirs.

Besides, those dogs have sensitive observation capabilities. Just once you get the food on your table to feed the dog, the next time, they will wait patiently under the table waiting for your food automatically.

If you continue to feed your dog the same way, he will have a habit of “dog begging” at the table and not mind his food in the bowl.

There is another reason for “why do dogs beg for food?” while he refuses to eat the meal you have prepared for him. It is an unreasonable eating time and place.

If you feed them a different time each day, they will form an irregular eating routine. Also, eating at different places will make them ask you to supply them everywhere, not just at the table.

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Steps to make dogs obey to not beg for food at the table

You may feel annoyed by these pets’ behavior and even want to beat them so that they will not disturb your meal anymore. However, the errors are not entirely theirs, are they?

There are many other ways of stopping a dog from begging at the table while not being hurt psychologically.

Training dogs when they are young

The first way is teaching them from an early age, preferably from four months of age. At this time, they have not formed any habits and can learn from their surroundings.

If you leave it longer, this task will be much more difficult because they have formed other habits. And habits are not easy to change.

As we mentioned above, the animals should be fed at the right place and at the right time. The best time for them to eat is in the morning and evening when the dogs have just consumed up energy. Hence, they will be delightful eating up all their food.

Besides, you need to train them not to eat different food and then reward them.

That is, you take a piece of food and drop it on the floor. When the pet comes, cover the food with your hand for a while and then take it back. Repeat this until the dog understands and does not come to eat. At this time, you can reward your pet for another piece of food.

Note: When you reward the pet, you should take the food at his feeding area and place it in the tray. Do not give too many snacks because, by the time the main meal comes, the animal will not eat anymore.

Use food bowl to feed your dog

Use food bowl to feed your dog

If you have not taught the dogs when they are a child, you will need more time and patience to stop a dog from begging for food at the table.

First, you need to isolate the pet from the family’s dining area by putting him in his cage or another room. You can give him toys to distract his attention.

Second, let him eat and drink in a specific place such as the kitchen corner, yard, or in his pen to make a habit for the dog. If he refuses to stay there or eat his meal, skip to the next step of how to stop the dog from begging at the table.

At this step, you have to be very patient and strict so that the pet can understand the principle that if he doesn’t eat, he will starve.

A proper mealtime has to be fixed first. If he doesn’t eat or eats less, then dump the leftovers. Never give extra food or reward another kind of food. Otherwise, he will continue to intentionally not eat to enjoy the delicious meal later.

At the next feed, reduce your pet’s diet to half. If he eats because he’s too hungry, you should only increase by 10% the next time and so on.

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On the contrary, if he remains stubborn, you continue to reduce his food intake by 50% at the next one. After about 4-5 days, undoubtedly, the animal will obediently finish the bowl of food without daring to beg at the dining table.

In case your dog is too naughty and always jumps on the table to find food, you can cheat him by mixing the food with chili powder or pepper and place it on the table. Once the dog eats, he will sneeze and have a runny nose. After a few times like that, he will be afraid to dare to beg for food somewhere other than his food tray.

Note: You should always prepare a bowl of water next to the pet food tray and incorporate regular exercise regime to be more productive. Every day, you can take a dog walk at least 1 km to stimulate the taste, exercise his body, and comfort his mental.

If your dog continues not to eat and is exhausted, it may be because he gets sick. In this case, you should bring your pet to see the vet.


Hopefully, with our guides on how to train your dog so that it does not beg at the table, you will find dog training is not challenging at all. If you need further information or instructions, feel free to contact us or visit our website. If you find the article useful and like it, you may share the article with others. Thank you.

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