Treat A Dog Abscess

How to Treat a Dog Abscess at Home With Affectionate Care

Does your dog suffer from an abscess? Don’t you know how to treat a dog abscess at home? It is terrible as the problem may become chronic and kill your pet. If you want your dog to stay healthy, better learn some ways to treat the abscess.

This article explains all the essential things you have to understand about dog abscess symptoms, causes, and tips for dog paw abscess home treatment.

Learn About The Dog Abscess

If you notice a group of pus appearing on the pet’s body, it probably is a dog abscess. The issue can happen to all parts of your dog’s body. You can notice the abscess on dog paw, dog abscess mouth, abscess on the dog’s leg, abscess on the dog’s bottom, and so on.

To help you understand the problem better, we provide some abscess tooth dog pictures as samples:

abscess tooth dog

The problem is not difficult to detect, as there are early-stage dog abscess symptoms. Look at the dog’s body, and you may notice swellings under its skin. On the other hand, the abscess forms on the skin top and causes squishy red, inflamed, and raised bumps. You can also determine the issue by considering the dog’s weird behavior, as the abscess can hurt it badly.

The leading causes of dog abscesses are bites, bacteria, and parasites grown from several kinds of wounds. Since the dog’s skin recovers quickly from physical damage, the harmful substance gets trapped under it and causes an infection hole in the dog’s skin pus, leading to an abscess.

Can The Dog Abscess Be Treated At Home?

Depending on the level of the abscess, you can choose to treat the issue at home or bring your pet to the vet. But as you don’t understand the abscess, you better get the dog to the experts and ask for advice.

If the symptoms are terrible, dog abscess bleeding holes, for example, you must let the vet handle the situation. On the other hand, if there is nothing serious about a dog abscess mouth, an abscess on dog paw, or a dog abscess on the leg, you can take care of your pet at home.

dog abscess symptoms

How To Treat A Dog Abscess At Home

Since your vet allows home treatment, you can temporarily rest assured that the issue is not severe. Here is how to treat an abscess on a dog at home for the quickest dog abscess healing time.

What Should You Prepare For Dog Abscess Treatment?

The dog abscess treatment cost is not high. You only need to prepare the following things:

  • Medical alcohol: You need alcohol to wash your hands. As you will touch the inflammation abscess, bacteria will reach you. Without sterilizing, you may spread the harmful substance to different dog parts.
  • Sterile saline solution: You need it to rinse and clean all abscess areas.
  • Sterile ointment for wound: You need it to apply to the dog’s body after treatment. It will help with pain reduction.

What You Should Do To Treat The Dog Abscess?

Here comes the central part of how to treat a dog abscess at home. The tips are helpful for a tooth, leg, mouth, or paw abscess dog.

The first thing is to locate the abscess areas. It is easy to find the dog leg or abscess on dog paw, as the pus is visible. However, if the dog cyst popped into the mouth, you need to shine a flashlight into it and look around to locate the pus. The abscess usually appears on top of the dog’s teeth. See the dog abscess tooth pictures below:

Dog mouth opening showing teeth and gums

After washing your hands with the medical alcohol, you use pressure to squeeze the abscess until it ruptures. If the spot does not rupture, you soak a soft towel in warm water, apply it to the bump, and gently press down and squeeze the pus. As the abscess pops and pus flows out, use a dry towel to get rid of the pus.

After the dog abscess popped by itself, continue the work by cleaning the pus area with the saline solution. Make sure that you remove all pus. Finish the job by applying the wound ointment.

Repeat the job daily until the abscess vanishes. You may not have to rupture the pus every day, but you must regularly clean the inflammation areas with saline solution. Make sure that you don’t cover the abscess. It needs to be open to healing.


Below are some common questions you may have while learning how to treat a dog abscess at home.

Will A Dog’s Abscess Heal On Its Own?

A small dog abscess appearing on the skin outside the dog’s body can heal on its own. Unfortunately, if the dog boil appears inside the body or is too large, it needs treatment from the vet or the dog owner.

Is A Dog Abscess An Emergency?

It depends on the severe abscess level, as we have mentioned above. Rest in mind if there is a small push on the dog’s body. But if the abscess looks too large, red, or bleeds, you must bring your dog to the vet immediately.

How Serious Is An Abscess In A Dog?

Typically, the abscess causes pain, which makes the dog not comfortable. If the pus grows and is left untreated, it can cause infection and bring the dog to death.

Can An Abscess Kill A Dog?

Our answer is yes. The abscess can kill the dog if its owner does not treat the issue for an extended period.

How Do You Get Rid Of An Abscess On A Dog?

We have taught you the tips above to remove the dog boil. Here, we sum up all information on how to treat a dog abscess at home.

You will need to wash your hands with medical alcohol. Use pressure and squeeze the abscess until it ruptures and the pus comes out. Clean the infected areas using the saline solution. When everything is complete, you apply wound ointment to the spot. Repeat the job every day as long as the abscess remains.

If the abscess is too large or bleeds, you must contact a vet or bring the dog to the nearest hospital. The experts will do an examination and then give the most suitable recommendation. Surgery may be requested in the worst cases.

Last Words

As you can see, the abscess is very harmful to dogs. The problem may become more severe if you ignore it and even kill your pet.

We have explained all symptoms and causes of the abscess. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog to know when it has a bump. If the case happens, bring it to the vet for good advice.

Since the veterinarian allows dog paw abscess home treatment, follow our tips on how to treat a dog abscess at home explained above. They are the most valuable tips from our experience.

If you have any difficulty or questions about dog abscesses, get in touch with us. We will read and reply to you as soon as possible to help you treat the unwanted abscess issue.

Many thanks for reading!

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