Male vs. Female Goldendoodle-Which and Why

Male vs. Female Goldendoodle-Which and Why?

How good is Goldendoodle in your family?

Having a dog in your family can be a wonderful decision. They can provide a lot of companionship, keep your home safe, and simply be a ton of fun to have around. They can have their difficulties at times but are generally a lovely addition to any family. These dogs can add excitement to life, give you some love when you are feeling down, and just make your home a much more interesting place to be.

With all these benefits, it should come as no surprise that tens of millions of American households own at least one dog. We don’t see their popularity dwindling anytime soon as many people still adore having dogs around. While there are many dog breeds that potential owners can choose from, one that has been growing in popularity has been the Goldendoodle.

Peace and hermony

Where To Get One

These can be found by local breeders, and even a trustworthy online resource like Pride & Prejudoodles offers these outstanding pups. There is a lot to think about when deciding which dog to get, but one of the most important is deciding whether to get a male or female.

This article is going to take a closer look at this male vs. female decision, as well as cover other things you should be on the lookout for to find the Goldendoodle that is right for you.

Why are Goldendoodles so Popular?

Before looking at the male vs. female Goldendoodle debate, we thought it would be a good idea to look at Goldendoodles in general. This type of dog is a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever, two of the most popular dog breeds in the country.

These dogs were first bred back in 1969 but started to ascend in popularity during the 1990s and this has continued to this day. So what has caused the popularity of this dog to jump so much? Well, first of all, they are absolutely adorable.

Even as they grow, these dogs maintain their puppy cuteness and look like little teddy bears. It is hard to argue that these aren’t one of the single cutest dog breeds you can find today. Also, the fact that these dogs are relatively hypoallergenic is another plus.

Goldendoodle-Makes your house colorful

While no dog is 100% shed-free, poodles and poodle mixes are close. So you get the beautiful colored coat and look of a golden retriever, without dealing with the mountain of hair that they will generally shed. This keeps your house looking better, and ensures you don’t need to vacuum just about every day.

Behavior and Temperament

The behavior and temperament of these dogs are generally good as well. They are friendly and happy, as well as incredibly dedicated to their owner, and are eager to please everyone around them. These pups are loyal and if you want a friend who loves being around you more than almost anything else, a Goldendoodle might be right for you.

With both poodles and golden retrievers appearing on many lists of the smartest dog breeds, these Goldendoodles can also be very intelligent and as such, as easy to train in most cases. They can usually catch onto things quickly, and just from simply playing and living with these pups, you can see how smart they truly are.

Male vs. Female Goldendoodles

Now that you know a little more about Goldendoodles and what makes them so popular, let’s finally look at whether a male or female is better for you. Well, the truth is, the gender of the Goldendoodle shouldn’t be your main concern when choosing. Both males and females can make absolutely outstanding pets.

In most cases, every dog is an individual, and two females may not be the same simply because they are female. The gender of the Goldendoodle generally doesn’t mean a lot and their behaviors and temperament will likely be similar to one another.

Even things that are primarily associated with one gender are actually present in both. For example, many people believe that male dogs are the only kind that will hump. While some males will indeed hump more than females, plenty of females exhibits this behavior as well. Also, many people may think that male Goldendoodles are more excitable and crazy, there are plenty of females like that as well.

The gender of the puppy won’t impact how friendly they are, how aggressive they are (though very few Goldendoodles are very aggressive at all), how easy they are to train, and more. Also, the gender of the pup likely won’t make a difference in how long it takes for the dogs to be housetrained either.

How your dog progresses and how well they grow up largely depends on you and the work you put in. Sure, males might normally be a little goofier and females a little more stoic and motivated, but this isn’t always the case.

are goldendoodles smart

However, there are a few things that potential owners should keep in mind when deciding whether to get a male or female Goldendoodle. The first thing is size. In most cases, male Goldendoodles will grow to be both taller and heavier than their female counterparts. Of course, there are also mini Goldendoodles for those who want them a bit smaller than normal.

Physical Qualities

A standard Goldendoodle will often weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, and stand about 20-26 inches tall. Most females will be near the bottom of this range, whereas many males will be towards the middle or upper part of this range.

Also, you need to consider the other pets you have in the home. Generally, if you already have a dog, having your second dog be of the opposite gender is generally a good idea. While two males or two females can work, they will often compete for dominance or bicker with one another. This can make living at home a nightmare, and the dogs may never end up getting along.

Because female dogs are normally a little more motivated, they are often better if you want to get into dog sports or agility. They are often willing to work harder, and have better endurance in most cases, too.

So while there are a few subtle general differences between male and female Goldendoodles, you likely want to base your decision on how each individual dog behaves and looks, more than on the gender of the dog.

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Things to Consider Other Than Gender

So what other things should interested owners focus on in addition to the gender of the dog? While many dogs can be trained and taught to behave, react, and act a certain way, each dog is an individual with its own unique quirks and qualities.

One of the most crucial things to consider when getting a dog is its individual temperament. The way that a dog behaves is the best indicator of whether or not it will be a good pet for you and your family. You should either meet the dog ahead of time, or see some photos and videos that can give you a good idea about how the dog acts with other dogs, how it plays, and generally what it is like.

Dogs are all individuals, like us humans, and no two of them are the same. Even the behaviors of different puppies from the same litter can be vastly different. You truly won’t know which dog is the right fit until you learn more about that specific dog, regardless of things like gender or even breed, to some extent.

Another thing to think about is the color of the dog and how it looks. Even dogs from the same litter can develop a different coat in terms of color, length, thickness, and style.

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If you want a dog that looks a certain way or features a certain color that should always be something you think about when choosing the perfect Goldendoodle for you.

The family history of a dog is also crucial to consider. You want to know as much as you can about the parents of your pups, and learn about how they behave, their temperament, and any health issues they may have had. In the best cases, you should be able to see test results from the parents, confirming that they were in good shape and haven’t suffered from any major issues.

Also, the quality of the breeder is another thing to think about. You want to work with a breeder that does all it can to support the puppies from the day they are born until the day they go to their new homes. They should be fed quality food, be kept comfortable, and be given ample space to explore and interact with their siblings and the environment alike.

  • I recommend RoyalCanin Dry Dog Food from my personal experience although I sometimes opt for homemade food for its freshness and quality. Depending on how much time I can spare.


To sum up, both male and female Goldendoodles can be wonderful additions to your family. Outside of size and slight differences in how they look, the individual temperament of a dog is often more important than its gender. We hope this article has helped you be able to learn more about knowing which Goldendoodle is right for you.

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