National Dog Day

Significance of National Dog Day

Guess what? National Dog Day is Coming.

It’s time for your woofy pals to have, a day of their kind when everybody celebrates the lovable presence of canines across America.

Not only does the occasion receive a forceful response from the community, but it’s also a massive day that the propaganda of dog adoption occurs ebulliently.

So, when is national dog day? And how will you celebrate this Day?

Get to know about National Dog Day right here.

Happy National Dog Day

National Dog Day – What and When?

Started in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a philanthropist and pet advocate, National Dog Day has become an annual event for dog lovers around the world.

At first, the Day’s principal aim is not about dog parents expressing their love for the paw babies. It’s celebrated on August 26th; the Day means to bring attention to the plight of animals and encourage adoption.

Besides, it is when to ring condemnation to society while raising awareness about animal violence, dog abandonment, and abuse.

The Real Meaning of National Dog Day

National Dog Day doesn’t exclude any dog breed, color, and pure. The mission is to galvanize the public to become aware of the number of street dogs that need rescue each year.

As dogs put their lives on our happiness and safety, it’s worth letting the world know their contribution to every family they live or will live in.

Besides the acknowledgment of canines in houses, their roles in law enforcement, personal assistance, for the disabled, criminal detection, and victims in wreckage are among the invaluable commitments that make our world better.

The Day also declares guilty about the atrocities dogs never deserve in which they suffer the force at the hands of man.

More than that, the propaganda is against the act of purchasing puppies from dog mills, backyard breeders, or pet stores. While millions of lives out there don’t have a home, anyone who seeks a canine companion should adopt from local shelters.

What Do People Do on This Day?

It’s not the Day when people call upon on the street. They can do different things regarding advocating dog’s rights, including:

  • Donate to a shelter
  • Attend taking care of rescued dogs
  • Volunteer in rescuing street dogs
  • Become a pet fosterer
  • Cook homemade food for orphan pets

And many more activities to help those homeless puppies you can do.

10 Ultimate Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


Adopt an orphan pooch

when your pet is socialized you can play with him

It’s not hard to find a cute little woof in the nearest shelter.

There are pure breed rescue organizations you can find purebred dogs if you plan to own one.


Donate old pet stuff

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Your little furball may have had his new blanket last Christmas. So, don’t throw the old one away when it can make an excellent gift for the homeless wagging tails.

Also, pick up some toys, your pup no longer needs when he grew, such as the chewy bone, squeaking duck, stuffed animals, or softballs.


Send dog-related gifts to friends or family members

dog-related gifts

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There are collections of National Dog Day relevant presents you can find and gift. It can be a cup, t-shirt, pillow, wall clock, or phone case.

Those will be meaningful gifts reminding people about the Day and how they should respect and be against any dog maltreating.


Throw a dog party

Throw a dog party

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Why not make the Day festive with your friends and their paw companions?

You can prepare some beefy cookies for the four-legged visitors, and tasty dishes for your friends served in National Dog Day plates.

Don’t forget to decorate around with banners and ribbons.


Shop for new toys

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Your super-active dog likes gifts too. You can walk him/her to a pet market or online pet supplies mart and pick something new. If you are generous enough, add some more treats to the cart.


Write about your furry fellow

You may have memories from the last trip to brag but leave it for tomorrow.

It’s time to take a hilarious picture of your pup showing his happy face by your side and write a thanking note on your social networks, blog; or record a v blog to post on your YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to make fun of your silly furball and tell him/her how much you love them.


Give the pup a spa day

pup a spa day

Reward your dog for the 24-hour guarding and making-you-laugh service with a day at the spa. Allow your puppy to have a grooming and brushing section for the shiny coat.

It would be best if you can pay for an extra blessing of a holistic spa treatment if your dog is a senior. You will see how much pleasure that’ll bring to your canine buddy.


Record moments of fun

It’s worthwhile to save some happy times together. You can record footage of you having fun, talking, walking, playing, and singing with your pup. You don’t know how precious those videos will be as time passes.

On the next National Dog Day, you can re-watch the videos together and see how your smile means so much to your paw fellow. And those videos will be proof of such a timeless friendship between humans and canines.


Cook something delicious

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The packaged food may be enough, but it doesn’t have the essential ingredient, LOVE. Only you have the love your pup wants. So, add it to the homemade dish  Stew for dinner and share the time.


Spread the National Dog Day message

You may not be an advocate, but you have your voice to speak up about the importance of rescuing maltreated, homeless dogs on your channels. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, YouTube, or Tiktok, it’s reasonable to let people hear and trigger their responsibility in this global mission against dog abuse. Though small, your voice can be a part of the echo.

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