Pet Dog Insurance: How Aware are You?

We always want a secure life for our loved ones, and hence, we keep on investing in various policies & products that can secure the future of our near & dear ones. So, why leave your little pet behind. The unconditional love offered by these beings is unparalleled, and they demand nothing in return; then why not take the initiative and take a step to protect these animals.


Therefore it is imperative to think the pet dog insurance is what they deserve. Shouldn't we invest this much for them when they do so much for us. If they could speak they surely would have asked for it . To be considerate , we should!

Need Pet Insurance

Is Pet Dog Health Insurance Worth It?

Keeping a pet brings in a lot of responsibilities like their time to time vaccination, care during illness, medication during injury, etc. Similar to other financial products that we human beings use for our protection; pet insurance is also a very useful financial tool which underwrites insurance policies for pets. It helps in paying the cost of vet, illness, medication, etc. Some policies also offer you the benefit in case your pe

t is no more alive or if they are lost.

The sudden rise in the demand for pet insurance is primarily associated with the increasing drug cost & expensive medical techniques. Moreover, owners have higher health expectations for their pets which involve high cost & insurance has emerged as a popular medium to do the same.

What is Pet Insurance?

The first insurance policy was written in the year 1890. As per the U.S. Department of Clinical Veterinary Science and the Pet Food Institute, in the US only 0.7% of pets are covered by Pet Insurance. The first pet insurance was sold in 1982 in the US. This clearly shows the full scope of pet insurance industry.

The growing cost of medication & medical equipment now has made people more inclined towards investing in the pet insurance, but the scenario was not the same decades ago, in fact, until 1997 the US had only one company, Veterinary Pet Insurance who catered the pet insurance. However, now we have companies like the Hartville Group, Pets Best Insurance, and Embrace Pet Insurance which insures dogs, cats and sometimes exotic pets in the U.S. To get a more clear picture it is worthwhile to compare dog insurance policies for quick reference and to make a better choice. 

Aside from offsetting hundreds to thousands of dollars of future vet bills, getting pet insurance also affords you the following benefits:

  • Your pet insurance policy allows you to pick a veterinarian of your choosing. This makes it easier to find flexible veterinary care depending on your location or the level of expertise you'd want for your pet.
  • A pet insurance policy applies to the most common pets of all ages and breeds.
  • Getting a separate policy for your pet allows you to save money and not get tempted to dip into your savings in case of an emergency.
  • Getting pet insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet will be given proper and adequate medical care without you having to take out high-interest loans or damaging your financial plans. 

Your pet is exposed to risk, even at home.Having the right pet insurance policy is the buffer you need to lessen the financial stress of the situation so you can focus on the things that matter.

Dog Insurance Plans

Top 5 Pet Insurance Our Pick

Many companies are operating in the US, but we have handpicked top 5 best-rated Pet Dog Insurance companies for you:


Golden Doodle

The company since its inception in 2005, has given of $100 million insurance claims. It helps in reimbursing your veterinary bills in case your dog or cat is sick or injured. Moreover, Pet Best also takes care of the routine coverage of your pet. This best dog insurance company to our liking offers three insurance products:

  • Dog Insurance
  • Cat Insurance
  • Routine Care Coverage
  • Healthy-Paws-Pet-Insurance

    A Pet Dog

    The foundation stone of this company was laid in 2009, and since then it has grown exceptionally well. The company caters to the insurance of pets’ injury and also incurs the claims for treatment of cancer to ACL surgeries. Going with the pace of technological advancement, Healthy Paws have launched an app for the iPhone users for easy accessibility.

    The company offers the following coverage:

    • Illnesses & Accidents
    • Emergency & Specialty Hospitals
    • Alternative Care
    • Cancer Coverage
    • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
    • Chronic Conditions
    Pet Plan Dog Insurance

    My Dog Likes Daycare

    The company was started in 2003 and caters the pet insurance for cats and dogs. The company offers the following coverage plan:

    • Insurance for Dogs and Puppies
    • Insurance for Cats and Kittens

    Bright Dog Breed Doberman Pinscher

    The company was started in 2004, and since then it has worked arduously to become one of the most preferred choices for insurance of cats & dogs. The company offers packages which cover most of the common diseases which otherwise is missing in other companies insurance plans. Here is what Pet First covers:

    • Dog Insurance: Which covers ear infection, allergies, diarrhea, bladder problems, arthritis, eye infections, & skin infections.
    • Cat Insurance: This includes upset stomach, diarrhea, allergies, UTIs, diabetes, colitis, hyperthyroidism, & URIs.
    ASPCA Pet Heath Insurance

    poochon full grown

    The Company is one of the largest pet insurance providers in the US and is operational since 2006. The company offers insurance plans for both cats & dogs.

    Look Pet Insurance Comparison Chart

    How to Find the Right Pet Insurance Company?

    It sometimes becomes difficult to decipher the right company which can insure your pet completely. Although many companies are now emerging in the US, here we give you a pet insurance comparison chart of three popular names:

    Key Features

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Company

    Embrace Pet Insurance Company

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Company

    Annual Coverage

    $2,500 to $7,000

    $5,000 to $15,000

    No annual coverage

    Reimbursement Level

    70%, 80% and 90% of the usual treatment cost

    65%, 80% or 90%

    70%, 80% and 90%

    Plan Coverage

    Accidents and accidents only. It also includes chronic diseases, hereditary disease and also gives you insurance for alternative therapies

    Accident-only plan and a comprehensive plan covering both accidents and illnesses.
    Also, covers breed-specific conditions

    Accidents and accidents only. It also includes chronic diseases, hereditary disease and also gives you insurance for alternative therapies. Also, includes hip dysplasia if pets are registered before the age of 6

    Rating by A.M. Best





    8 weeks for cats and dogs; the illness coverage for dogs is up to 12 years, and for cats, it is up to 14 years.

    Age 14 and younger for cats and dogs.

    From 8 weeks up to age 14 for cats and dogs.

    Dog Health Insurance Reviews

    Everyone loved Bruno since the day this little four-legged being stepped in our house. The moment we had our little dog living with us, our friends asked us to get him insured with Healthy Paws. Well, we did some research, and after that, we concluded that Healthy Paws would be the right option. Later, when we had to take Bruno for an emergency visit, we were amazed to see the long list of medical bills, but thanks to Healthy Paws lofty and customer friendly policy, our application got processed, and we received our reimbursement in less than a week. We highly recommend this company.

    Our little kitten Nika was very close to all of us, but we were unsure about the pet insurance as this was an alien concept for our family, but after much  research and findings we ended up buying an insurance policy from Embrace Pet. The company is highly customer–focused and is very quick in their response time. Moreover, they cover breed specific diseases which have made us relaxed.

    We had heard a lot about this company, so we trusted the reviews and laid our bet on this company and ASPCA completely abides by every word they have mentioned before selling us the insurance policy. There was no delay in the insurance claim and the company also supported us.

    Bring home a New Puppy

    Why You Trust Our Reviews?

    Our Company is an unbiased platform created to provide you the best information. We are here to give you an analysis of what is existing in the market. Our organization does not promote a single brand rather we are a customer- centric company and hence our reviews and data are authentic and highly credible. For more details we take the opportunity to put some added information which you may find handy.

    Pet Dog Insurance: How Aware are You?


    As the medical cost of animal treatment is rising, it's hard to manage everything single-handedly and hence, you always need assistance; Pet Insurance is a way to help you tackle those heavy medical bills with ease.

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