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How Pet Owners Can Make Their Life Easy-13 Essential Hacks

Life with pets could be one of the best treats for humans’ aching routine. But alongside cuteness is messes of hair tumbleweed and torn toilet paper.

Dealing with such chaos is not always fun, especially in old-fashion ways. There is a genius who helps pet owners to keep pet sanity and hygiene in one place.

Keep scrolling down this article if you want to learn the smart life hacks for dog owners.

Awesome Hacks for Dog Owners

#1. Dirty feet

A walk to the park is so exciting but becomes an irritation when your dog steps on a mud pond. The instant save-the-world hack that doesn’t cost many dollars uses unblown balloons.

Cut off the tip and use the rest part as a shoe for the little feet. This hack is great for the sudden and for dogs that are shoe-anti. Also, make sure you wear a cut balloon not too tight that can squeeze your pet’s feet.

#2. Do not cross the fence

You have set up a beautiful fence, but it’s in checkerboard style with small squares looking like escaping holes for dogs in small sizes. Many dogs may find it more interesting on the other side, or they simply want to challenge you to catch them.

Attach a long spoon or stick horizontally on the pup’s harness vest to prevent them from running off the fence over excitement. The width of the stick should out beat that of the fence.

#3. Medical feeding

Forcing pets on daily medication isn’t a good idea after all. Instead of spending on pill pockets, you can make your own with our secret and most simple hack here. Thaw frozen blueberries or blackberries under the tap and push in the pill. Remember not to give a big berry to small dogs; they may choke.

Another more delicious recipe is to use milk, butter, and flour of any kind to form pill pockets. You can adjust the size of these pills to match your pets.

#4. Sooth the upset stomach

Vets recommend mixing chicken and rice to treat pets’ digestive troubles. If your little fur friend is suffering from an upset tummy, make a home-cooked meal of chicken and rice. Try not to add the spice that is hot and aching.

#5. DIY pet pouch

Why spend on a fancy-made bag that your pet may not like when you can make the best use of old traveling bags?

Pick an airline or horizontal bag with handles you have left dusty in storage for years. Then, cut 4 holes for the legs. Make sure the bag should fit the size of your pet.

Next time you need to carry your animal friend out, they should feel much more comfortable with their feet untucked in a constrained regular pet carrier.

#6. Unclog dog hair in drains

Bathing your pup could be fun but not the after when you must wipe out the dark hair that has fallen stuck in the drain. To treat this, next time, you can use some sheets of baby wipes; putting them in the shower drain can do the gathering job for you.

Of course, picking the wipes once and for all is more acceptable than scraping for minutes, isn’t it?

#7. Turn-of-the-light cat

You have served your meow boss enough for the day. Is there any way to make the bossy animal serve you once? Yes, you can make him turn off the light for you.

Simply use a laser pointer to direct the kitty to the light switch. This way is only applicable for light switches within the cat’s reach. You may add a bed table to aid him, but make sure you do that before off to bed.

#8. Urgent cat scooper

This morning, you can’t find the scooper anywhere, and there are things to discard in the litter box. No worries, make use of an empty detergent bottle with an integrated handle.

Trim off the part with the handle down to the bottom of the bottle. There you should have an instant scooper for the job. But this cleaning hack for dog owners only saves you once in a while. Don’t forget to buy a new scooper next time you visit a pet store.

#9. Slow-down meals

Many dogs and cats like to crave their meals without even chewing. That will result in an aching stomach and even vomiting.

Easy! You can buy a puzzle bowl or just put on a tennis ball or any kind of harmless obstruction to make your pet slow down on their meals. This may not be an indication for chewing, but it makes your pups move the obstruction around for the food, leaving time for the digestion to do its business.

#10. Chew-proof furniture

Look who has destroyed your new-came Italian sofa. You can’t scold that cute little face nor punish it with a pat on the butt. What can you do? Proof your items now.

Proofing your furniture from those fangs is one of the best money-saving hacks for dog owners. Apple Bitter, for example, will create a shield for your home interiors. This spray is totally harmless to dogs, but it does taste potent to them. Dogs and cats would most likely stay away from items that carry a bitter apple smell.

#11. Non-jumpy mornings

You are craving the last minutes before the work alarm rings, but your kitty would not let that happen. He plays an alarming role by jumping and knocking off items on the table.

Well! You should have had a sprayer of water with you last night. When you catch the cat bouncing to wake you up, spray the water on your hand (not the cat’s) and scrub on the fur coat of the kit. He will then be busy grooming his moist hair, leaving you alone to continue your dream.

#12. Leave my shoes alone

Shoes are attractive to dogs, even cats. These life hacks for dog owners will save your expensive shoes from those fangs.

Use an old towel and roll it with your pup’s favorite kibbles aligned in a zig-zag pattern. This challenge is exciting for dogs and satisfactory to the stomach. The pup should leave your shoes alone.

But you should combine this hack with the furniture-proofing hack using Apply Bitter to ensure your shoes are untouched when there is no kibbles-in-towel left.

#13. DIY nametag

Making a nametag for your pet is more affordable than keeping buying metal ones for them. Start with printing the name tag with information and in any shape you like.

Spray glue using a glue gun on candle paper, place the tag in the middle, then close the upside with another layer of glue. Wait for it to dry and trim it to the shape of the tag. There you have a DIY nametag that is customizable to your liking.

Wrapping up

Surely these pet owners’ essential hacks will make your life easier. But they are meant to treat the situation temporarily. Owning some gadgets would do it better for you and your pets. So, happy hacking!

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N.B: Here are some suggestions you may try at home to make things comfortable for you and your pet. Financial aspects and gadgets are avoided.

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