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5 Easy Growing Plants That Are Safe From Dogs

It is not easy to keep a garden clean and beautiful, especially when a dog is running around. The dog does not understand that he is not allowed to jump on plants or eat them. He only does what he likes!

So, the question is, how to protect the garden? A good way is to grow dog-safe plants. In this article, we recommend 5 easy-growing outdoor plants safe for dogs. You can try growing one of these in your garden. Your dog definitely will not come nearby!

What Plants Are Safe From Dogs?

What plants repel dogs? Are the bulbs safe for dogs? These are the 2 questions that most gardeners have when choosing plant seeds.

Many types of plants provide strong or bitter scents. The plant smells do not make humans fatigue.

But dogs are a type of animal that has a sensitive nose. They may feel annoyed when smelling these scents. If you grow these plant types in your garden, your dogs will want to stay as far from them as possible.

Plants that are safe for dogs

Plants that are safe for dogs

But it is essential to consider buying seeds, as several plants are pretty toxic to eat. Some dogs may not be afraid of the nasty scent. They come nearby and eat the plants. The toxins may cause severe diseases and affect their health.

In the section below, we will recommend only dog-friendly outdoor plants with no toxins.

Top 5 Easy-Growing Plants That Are Safe From Dogs

Here are the top 5 dog-friendly plants and flowers.

Lavender flower dog safe plants outdoor

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#1: Lavender English Plant Seed

Lavender is 1 of the best fall plants safe for dogs, although it seems to provide a relaxing and blissful scent. Humans love the aroma of Lavender. However, dogs do not seem to feel comfortable with it.

The reason is, dogs have a powerful sense of smell. While humans can notice the lavender scent clearly, dogs may feel this smell too strongly, especially when they brush against the plants.

The product that we recommend contains 5000 lavender seeds, enough for a big garden. These dog safe garden plants are open-pollinatedMake sure that you grow them in an open, sunny area that is well-drained and neutral to alkaline soil.

As the provider advises, the ideal temperature to grow the plants should be around 72°F – 75°F. Lavender flowers will bloom from the beginning of the summer to the beginning of the fall. The bright violet color will enhance the beauty of your lovely garden.

Coleus Canina dog safe garden plants

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#2: Coleus Canina

Coleus Canina has another different name, which is Scaredy Cat. The plant has this alternative name due to its ability to repel cats. But reality shows that this plant is also effective in deterring dogs.

The distinctive skunk smell of Coleus Canina makes dogs dizzy. However, this odor is not easy for humans to notice at a distance. Only when we rub against the plants the released scent is strong.

bulbs safe for dogs

Coleus is known as 1 of the fastest-growing dog garden plants. The plant can grow to its full size after 1 season. The beautiful flowers with light blue color will make your garden attractive from the spring to the start of the winter. The leaves look similar to ones of peppermint.

You just need to notice the environmental condition to grow these dog-safe plants outdoors. Coleus Canina requires a growing spot that absorbs sunlight well and is partly shaded. The ground should be well-drained. In good conditions, the plant can grow up to 36 inches high.

Hot Chili Pepper dog garden plants

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#3: Hot Chili Pepper

Hot chili pepper, when bloomed, is very colorful and attractive. Humans can also harvest chilies and use them as ingredients for different dishes. Although humans have a good taste for capsicum, dogs find it irritating.

Things are even worse, as chili pepper provides a hot smell that causes inflammation around the nose of the pet. Your dog may feel itchy when standing near this plant.

The seeds that we recommend can grow after a short period. You will need to plant them indoors for about 8 weeks before bringing them outside. Since the plants are placed outdoors, they only need 10 – 21 days to bloom.

The growing ground should be sunny and moist. As per the provider’s recommendation, the perfect increasing temperature for these dog-safe outdoor plants is around 70°F.

Marigold Flower fall plants safe for dogs

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#4: Marigold Flower

Another set of dog-friendly plants for the garden we want to recommend is Marigold Flower. The blossom of this plant provides a musky and pungent odor, which makes your dog’s nose uncomfortable. The flowers will also irritate the pets when they contact with the fur and skin of the animal.

When blooming, the flowers look lovely in bright yellow and orange colors. Somehow the scent of Marigold Flower attracts butterflies. These tiny creatures will visit your garden and enhance its beauty.

The ideal places for these dog-friendly garden flowers should be full of sunlight. You should also keep the grounds continually moist. The more sunlight the seeds absorb, the more tolerant the flowers will shine.

Marigold flowers bloom at the beginning of summer. The provider recommends sowing before the start of the winter. If you consider the sowing rate, we advise you to sow 2 – 3 seeds per plant.

5 Easy Growing Plants That Are Safe From Dogs

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#5: Citrus-Lime Seeds

If you look for the best backyard plants safe for dogstry growing citrus lime. The fragrance is strong and acidic, which may make the dog’s nose hot and irritated.

Also, the lime fruit has a sour taste, which is terrible on the dog’s tongue. Even humans can’t withstand this taste without mixing it with salt or sugar. Your dog may try biting the fruit once, but it definitely will not want to try the second time.

The package contains 20 pieces of seeds. It is recommended to grow citrus lime indoors for a period before moving outdoors. You should start growing the seeds in a container or a cup. Take care of them by regular watering and feeding.

Keep in mind that these dog-friendly plants for yard require a lot of lights. Place the plant container (or cup) under lamp lights for at least 15 hours a day. If you plant the tree near a window, set it at south-facing exposure. Since the tree grows tall enough, you can start moving it outdoors.

indoor dog safe plants

Last Words

Above are the top 5 pet-safe outdoor plants. They repel dogs naturally with their solid odors and taste. There should be no worry about dog health as the plants we recommend contain no toxins. Grow them, and your dog will never ruin your garden anymore.

Besides the ability to repel dogs, these plants can add beauty to your garden as well. They appear in colorful shapes that shine lovely under the sunlight. Some types of plants, Marigold Flowers, for example, can even attract beautiful butterflies to your garden.

We still have a lot of good dog-safe plants to recommend. You can get in touch with us to get the information. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our website. We will update new posts about pets in the future.

We hope that you will have beautiful dog-safe gardens. Many thanks for reading!

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