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Do Pomeranians Shed A Lot? It Shouldn’t be a Botheration for You

The Pomeranian breed of dog is one of the most energetic and smallest dogs. They are also very fluffy. If you were to search the internet for Pomeranian dogs, you will see many photos of these dogs being groomed or even shaped into what their owners want them to look like.

If you have one or know someone who has one, chances are that you spend or have seen people spend a lot of time shaping the dog and making it look beautiful. Pomeranians are among the most beautiful dogs we have today.

However, no matter how fluffy and beautiful Pomeranians are, they do shed. Even though they do not shed a lot like other breeds, their shedding can be noticed and is significant. This is contributed by the fact that they have the most hair among the small breed of dogs.

That notwithstanding, they are not classified as heavy shedders among the different breeds of dogs. They, however, leave quite a lot of hair wherever they stay or play. This does not call for concern or mean that they need to be groomed all the time.

Pomeranian's coat variations, showcasing the ruff and different fur lengths.

Pomeranian Coat

The Pomeranian is one of the best small dogs for pet owners and comes with two coats consisting of a long topcoat and a short undercoat. They have more fur around their neck, chest, and shoulders. This is sometimes referred to as the Pomeranian ruff.

They also have a lot of fur from their hocks to their thighs while the front legs have little fur compared to the rest of the body. Their tails form a plume that looks like a feather using its fur. Male Pomeranians have more fur than their female counterparts.

Pomeranian Shedding

Unfortunately, just like any other dog breed, Pomeranians shed their hair. However, you need to observe the rate at which your Pomeranian is shedding hair. Sometimes, the shedding of hair in this breed of dogs is caused by a genetic condition known as Alopecia X.

This condition is common with different dog breeds, especially the Nordic breeds which include the Pomeranians. The hair loss is gradual, and it starts from the trunk and the thighs. The hair on the front legs and the head of the dog remains intact.

This shedding of hair is also referred to as a black skin disease in Pomeranians and is not normal. If you notice that your Pomeranian is gradually losing hair from the thighs, then you can contact the best online vets who can advise you on what to do to stop the shedding.

Adorable Pomeranian puppy with patches of shed fur.

Types of Pomeranian Shedding

Shedding is not always caused by a disease or a health defect. Sometimes, Pomeranians go through shedding at certain stages of their lives. There are three types of Pomeranian shedding, namely;

  • Puppy Shedding.
  • Seasonal Shedding.
  • Female Shedding due to Hormonal Changes.

Puppy Shedding

Pomeranian puppies shed their coats between the ages of four to six months. During this time, the dogs are usually getting rid of their baby fur to get adult hair.

Even though puppies are different and you should not expect them to shed their puppy coat at the same time, the process should take an average of five months before all the puppy fur is shed. If not, you might need to consult a veterinarian.

The puppy fur is replaced by a double coat, typical in adult Pomeranians. The inner layer consists of a thick and dense coat while the outer one has long hair.

In addition, you are likely to notice that the color of the fur changes when the Pomeranian is shedding the puppy hair. For instance, a white puppy can change to a cream adult Pomeranian while a sable puppy changes to an orange adult Pomeranian.

It is important to note that most puppy Pomeranians look quite funny when shedding puppy hair. You should not be worried when you see patches on different parts of your dog’s body.

By the time the Pomeranian gets to ten months old, it will have all the adult hair grown and in the right quantities.

Seasonal Shedding

This is also referred to as the adult shedding of hair in Pomeranian dogs. Some Pomeranian dogs shed their hair completely when they are between twelve to eighteen months old. You should not be worried about this since it is a normal and seasonal shedding of their hair.

The chances of your adult Pomeranian shedding its hair are higher if it hits twelve to eighteen months during summer. When it is older than eighteen months, there will not be a lot of shedding, but just some little seasonal shedding.

Female Shedding Due To Hormonal Changes

The last type of shedding takes place when a Pomeranian mother has given birth to a litter of puppies. When the puppies hit about seven weeks of age, the mother does a complete shedding of her hair.

After that, it takes an average of six months before the mother can get back all the adult hair that she had before getting the puppies. This is caused by hormonal changes and does not mean that you should be worried.

However, make sure that the mother is sleeping in a warm place and has an orthopedic dog bed for herself and her puppies. This is important in making sure that they are comfortable.

Image of a person brushing a Pomeranian's coat with a slicker brush

Grooming Your Pomeranian

You can control the shedding of your Pomeranian by making sure that it is groomed well and brushing it at least once or twice every week.

When you brush the dog, you help it remove the hair that would have been shed and left in the house. It also helps in preventing mats and tangles from forming.

If you have to bathe your Pomeranian, it is safe to do that at most once every month. Those that do not know how to bathe their Pomeranians can visit a professional groomer for help.

Sometimes, you might want to trim the dog’s hair yourself. When doing this, make sure that you are using blunt scissors and only trimming only those areas that have excessive hair. You do not want to leave your dog looking funny or suffering due to your actions.

Factors that Contribute to Shedding

There are different factors that lead to the shedding of Pomeranians. This means that there does not exist a season or a cycle that dictates when they should shed their hair. For instance, the environment and the climate in the area where the Pomeranian lives are key factors contributing to its shedding.

In addition, changes in light also affect the cycle of shedding. If this is a factor where you live, you might have your Pomeranian shedding two times every year.

Adult Pomeranians are also expected to go through seasonal shedding. This is a little bit heavy with female Pomeranians that are not spayed. These Pomeranians shed after every season. If they are spayed, they will only experience light shedding.

Levels of Shedding

The levels of shedding depend on several things, such as the reason for shedding. When it comes to adult shedding, Pomeranians do not lose a lot of hair. The only exception is if they are females that are experiencing hormonal changes.

If you notice that your Pomeranian has patches due to excessive shedding, then it might mean that the dog has a health issue and you need to consult your veterinarian.

This is because the dog might be suffering from things such as allergies, thyroid troubles, and mange, a parasitic skin disease. Getting a veterinarian will help you understand the cause of the excessive shedding and the right medication to stop it.


What You Should Do

Finally, you need to understand everything about Pomeranians and what you should do when they are shedding. To start with, one of the most important things is grooming. You should be ready to brush the dog’s hair every day using a slicker brush and a pin. This aids in removing any dead hair.

Removing the dead hair helps reduce the time that new hair takes to grow. In addition, ensuring that you have brushed the dog’s hair on a daily basis is important in making sure that the Pomeranian’s dead coat does not stick on your clothing or furniture.

If you fail to remove the dead coat as fast as possible, you will aid the development of yeast infections as well as other health complications that are caused by a matted dead coat. A matted dead coat is quite difficult to remove and might be very painful for your dog to handle.

A dog is a sociable animal that serves a lot of purposes in our lives. We need to make sure that they are not only healthy but also clean at all times. We also need to help them go through the different phases of their lives, including the shedding of their hair. Always remember to consult your veterinarian when you notice abnormal shedding of your Pomeranian dog or anything else that affects its health.

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