The Remedies of Puppy Crying in Crate

The Remedies of Puppy Crying in Crate

One of the problems that mostly despair the owners of a puppy happens in the first weeks when the puppy cannot sleep at night or let the rest of the sleep: you will find house Puppy Crying in Crate where it groans and barks and makes a mess of itself. 

This is a problem that has a solution but requires patience and understanding from the owner. You have to understand that the puppy feels disoriented, unprotected and insecure after being separated or far away from his mother and siblings and facing a totally new environment for him: new smells, new objects, new humans. All this creates enormous insecurity, and for that, you have to be forgiving and understand with your new puppy when it displays any amount of emotions during this period.

Puppy in crate

Puppy resting in the crate

How Long Should I Bear Puppy Crying in a Crate?

If your dog complains or cries when he is in the cage at night, it can be difficult to decide if he is complaining to leave the cage or why he needs to do the bathroom. If you follow the right training procedures, you would not have to reward your dog for whining, complaining, or crying in the night by letting him out of the cage. Try to ignore complaints. If your dog is testing you, it will probably stop complaining soon. Shouting or hitting the cage will only make the situation worse.

If the complaints continue after you have ignored it for several minutes, use phrases that you associate with going outside to the bathroom. If he responds and exalts himself, take him out. This should be an exit with a purpose, not a time to play. If you are convinced that your dog does not have to go to the bathroom, the best answer is to ignore it until he stops crying.

Why Do Puppies Cry in Their Crate at Night?

Although giving your dog adequate crate training at night is quite valuable, it may be ineffective if you cannot get your dog into its crate at night with ease. Sometimes it can also be quite frustrating if you make your puppy go into the crate at night, and then he begins to cry. This usually happens because dogs are pack animals, and they always desire to sleep in the company of other dogs or their owners.

How Many Nights Will Puppy Cry in a Crate?

If your puppy cries at night, it is not positive to go to his calls, because otherwise, the puppy will learn that crying means calling your attention, and it will use crying whenever it wants you to appear. The critical stage where it may display long periods of crying in a crate is the first week. Once this is overcome, the puppy becomes accustomed to the fact that crying at night is useless, and by then, it will be adapted to your home.

After training puppy well-adjusted in the crate

After training puppy well-adjusted in the crate

Puppy Crying in the Crate -Do I Ignore?

You can easily get your puppy to sleep wherever you want, such as in a crate. Surely, it will cry during the first nights, but, you must stand firm and not come to his call. In a short time, he will understand that this is the place where he should sleep. It is essential to ignore his crying; otherwise, he will never learn to behave correctly. It may seem hard, but you shouldn’t worry, it’s the best thing you can do for him, and he will get used to it right away. Let’s not forget that dogs are happier when they are clear about their place in the family (in their pack), so with firm actions and great affection, you can get everything you want for the well-being of both you and your dog.

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How to Stop Puppy Crate Crying?

To start, from the first day, you must follow a routine with your puppy in terms of food, walks, games, rest, trips to the street, etc. Try to ensure that all these actions have a hard to modify the schedule. Dogs are animals of routines, so the stricter you are with the timetable, the easier it will be to educate your puppy in everything you set your mind to.

Have look at the Video

In the case of educating your puppy to sleep throughout the night and stop crying in a crate, you must take into account not only the schedules but also the environment. Try to have your puppy sleep in a room that is for him and do so in a covered bed. In pet stores, they usually sell indoor booths made of cotton, crates that you can cover with a blanket, or a cardboard box. The goal is to achieve a cabin for your puppy that is his den, a kind of cave where your puppy feels safe and protected.

 How You Go About It?

The room temperature should be adequate: a low temperature or an excess of heat will prevent the puppy from falling asleep well (as it would happen to us).

During the first weeks at home, you should not only provide a blanket or cushion but a needle alarm, since the ticking of the same will remind your puppy of its mother’s heartbeat, which will help it relax a lot and fall asleep without stress or anxiety.

Also, you ought to be mindful of the last meal that you provide for your puppy at night. Give it at least 2 or 3 hours before going to sleep, since the food is transformed into energy and if that energy does not run out, it will deplete it during the night when barking and crying. It is also ideal to play with him at night so that he gets tired and can sleep peacefully to recover that energy. The more tired it gets, the more hours it will sleep at night.

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Furthermore, if you desire to stop your puppy from crying in a crate, you must take care of the acoustic aspect of the area where it sleeps. Try not to have strange noises that can scare the puppy or keep him awake overnight.

Puppy relaxing in the crate

Puppy relaxing in the crate


Puppies usually like crates, since they mimic a wolf’s cave, so never think that leaving your dog inside a crate is cruel or unusual. This is what professional trainers do because crate training simplifies training inside the home, and gives the puppy its own much-needed room.

During the crate training process, you may find your puppy crying in a crate at night, but this isn’t unusual and can be handled as highlighted above. Besides, trying to use the crate as a solution to stop a puppy from displaying acts of separation anxiety is not going to solve the

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