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The Best Recordable Talking Buttons for Your Dogs – Full Review

There are many good recordable talking buttons for dogs on the market. However, not all products fulfill all the customer’s needs regarding recording time, sturdiness, combination ability, ease of use, etc.

We understand that pet owners want a durable and easy product for both them and their pets to use. We have tested many products to pick out the Nueplay Recordable Talking Buttons Set – the best dog talking buttons. You can scroll down to see our review of it!

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What are Recordable Talking Buttons?

New pet owners may have never heard of dog buttons. They are a type of particular training product for pets. These buttons can record your voice, commands, or sound. Each button supports a record of 1 word or 1 sentence within the time limit.

When the dog needs to tell you something, it will tap on the button that makes the sound describing what it wants. The most common words recorded in the buttons are “food,” “drink,” “play,” “toilet,” “yes,” and “no.”

Besides talking with dogs, you can use the buttons to give signs to other people, make a party game, or let it work as an alarm.

Nueplay Recordable Talking Buttons Set Review

We review the Nueplay Recordable Talking Buttons Set based on many different criteria. Each specific piece of information will help you decide whether the product meets your needs or not.

#1: What Are Included In The Set?

Nueplay Recordable Talking Buttons Set has everything a pet owner needs for training his dog. There is no need to find any other extra items.

Specifically, the set provides 3 buttons in 3 different colors. You and your dogs will use these primary items to communicate with each other. The 3 buttons work alone, even without the support of the following extra pieces of equipment.

This set also comes with a base. You can install the buttons on it to prevent them from slipping. The edges of the base help you connect multiple sets.

There are also 12 stickers in the package. The stickers are designed with photos describing the needs of the dog. You can customize them on the buttons to have more ease of training the pet.

#2: How to Record the Sound?

There is a red button on its side. Click, hold on to it and wait until a “beep” audio starts. Right after the sound, you tell your command or voice before the recording time runs out. There will be a “beep beep” sign that tells you when the recording ends.

Right after completing the record, you should tap on the playback button to test whether the sound is loud and clear or not. If everything works correctly, you can install the button at the base and let your dog play with it.

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#3: What If The Record Is Not As You Have Expected?

Many reasons make the record playback sound not as you want it to be. For example:

  • The sound has so much noise due to the background
  • There is a loss of sound at the beginning or the ending of the record (due to early or late recording)
  • The sound is not clear or loud enough
  • There is a high echo in the playback sound

When these issues occur, don’t worry! You need to click the red button 3 times to reset the sound. And then, you repeat the entire method to record the sound as instructed above.

#4: What Power Sources Do These Button Require?

It is not difficult to find power sources for these buttons. Each item requires 2 AAA batteries 1.5V). These power sources are not included in the set.

The batteries are located right under the buttons. You can replace new batteries with convenience when the old ones have run out of power.

Remember that a tiny Phillip screw locks the battery slot. A screwdriver is not included in the set, so you should prepare this item yourself.

#5: Can You Combine Many Buttons?

The base has edges that match other bases of the same model. You can buy many sets and connect them all for a large combination. By doing this, there will be more buttons the dog can click. This means he can express more feelings and needs to you.

#6: What are The Materials of This Product?

The materials for the buttons are ABS plastic. They are friendly to the environment and sturdy enough not to be broken by the dogs. You should not worry about the dogs chewing or biting these items.

Also, the hexagonal base has a non-slipping button. It will keep the buttons in place so the pets will not push them away.

#7: How Clear Is The Recording Quality?

The buttons are designed with high-end IC and speakers. That’s why the sound will be loud and clear.

But don’t put your mouth too close to the mic, or the playback may be too echoing. As the manufacturers advise, the mic should face away from your mouth when you try inputting your voice. This will help decrease the level of echo.

#8: How Easy Are The Buttons To Use?

The buttons are made of the ideal size. As the manufacturers claim, the size of each button is compact enough to store in a package. You can not only use the buttons at home but also when going outside.

The buttons are not too small, but not too big. Therefore, both big and small dogs can use the items without difficulty.

The buttons light up when clicked. Therefore, the dogs can know when the items work, and you can also quickly notice what they want from you.

Unlike Fluent Pet buttons with a flat surface, the Nueplay buttons are built in the shape of dog paws. This helps the dogs not be afraid of the toys. They will also understand how they should interact with these items.

#9: What Is The User Group And Purpose Of Using?

There is no limitation for the user group. Any pet owner with dogs or cats can use this set. If you have a classroom or a party with many people, there are a lot of games you can make using the buttons.

But the primary purpose of the set is still for pet training. You use it to teach the pets the essential words and commands so they can communicate with you more easily.

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Last Words

Above is our review of the Nueplay Recordable Talking Buttons Set – the best recordable talking buttons for your dogs. Has this product fulfilled what you need?

The 3 buttons have great features and supportive equipment to help you and your dogs get started quickly. Don’t forget to customize the buttons with stickers to make them look more beautiful!

There are also more high-quality dog communication buttons on the market. We will review all these items to help you pick the most suitable set for your needs. So, make sure that you follow our website so as not to miss any updates.

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