Traveling in a Limousine Alone With Your Dog

Traveling in a Limousine Alone With Your Dog

I finished my college education last year. So, I used to hang around the house all day. However, I always did not like to idle around. I settled on having a pet to keep myself busy. After long moments of persuasion, my dad agreed to get me one. Luckily enough, my dad had a friend across the street that used to breed dogs.

Consequently, all it took was a phone call to get a white hairy dog delivered to the house. I could hardly hide my happiness. I could not imagine how nice it would be to train a dog.

Coincidentally, the breed was very trainable. In addition, it was very lively and attractive. However, there is something about it that has puzzled me lately. Can you imagine all the luxury and hype that comes with a limo ride? I enjoy road trips alone with dogs. My dog really loves that.

The Excitement 

You should see how excited the dog gets while in a limousine. Besides its wagging tail, the dog’s body parts are always very relaxed. You will like how nondestructive the dog’s behavior is. The dog is always moving around the vehicle while seeking attention at all costs. I may not understand what exactly the dog enjoys, but I can tell it is happy.

Could it be the luxurious interior designs of the ride, which is captivating the dog’s attention? On the other hand, my dog could be enjoying the smoothness of the ride. Most importantly, is it that my dog is intelligent enough to comprehend the essence of such a ride? It is amazing to note how a normal pet can enjoy such an executive ride as everyone would. You can see the loss of interest in the dog when the ride is over.


Limousines are very spacious vehicles. The dog always has enough space to roam around looking for whatever they are always looking for. I learned that I could actually fit the dog into a compartment; I guess it is the luggage cabin. That would be a perfect idea for anyone who loves to travel with their dogs.

I do not think my dog would love that though. It is always very active and keeps coming to lie to me, for a touch maybe.  The dog likes leaning and sitting on the leather seats and classy interiors of the vehicle. Moreover, the dog is always looking through the tinted windows. I just hope it is not showing off because nobody sees it. The limo is indeed a haven for everyone. Would you not enjoy such features if you were my dog?

The Weather 

Extreme weather is not suitable for dogs. They could get fatally ill when exposed to such climates. As a result, dogs enjoy places with optimum weather conditions. This could be the reason my dog fell in love with a limousine. Thanks to the air-conditioning and climate control systems, you can control the temperatures in the car. I never have to worry about my dog and me as far as heat and cold are concerned. This is good for the dog as it keeps its spirits high during the ride. Isn’t that a good thing for any dog?

Dog Travel


Limousines are designed to offer a safe, elegant, and luxurious transportation service. Therefore, they are designed with high-quality materials that may be fragile.  I am always panicking that my dog could actually break the fragile items in the vehicle. The vehicle has a sophisticated TV and video system. Nevertheless, the dog can as well destroy the stereo system.

Can you imagine a dog scratching and biting on the plush upholstery and leather surfaces in the car? The dog could as well break the tinted windows of the vehicle. The dog can as well break the moonroofs, sunroofs, phones, and computers in the car. The list of things that could break into the vehicle is endless. I am always very cautious of this, as I would end up paying so much for damages all in innocence.

A limo ride is an elite thing. Firstly, it is costly to pay for a limo ride, let alone to own one. Some find it even ridiculous that my dog loves such types of luxury. You will be impressed by the looks on a chauffeur’s face the moment they learn my dog is on board. A dog can be very chaotic at times. They run up and down making unnecessary barking noises. Moreover, you do not want your dog to litter the inside of the car.

Can you imagine the implications of a dog defecating or vomiting in the car?  I am always very cautious about this. However it has never happened, I am always watching my back for such an incident. At least the dog’s clothes and its good timing always save me blushes. You cannot let such drawbacks hold your dog back from having fun though.

Wrapping up

Unlike what some think, a limo ride is perfect for dogs. Furthermore, I think this is the most flashy and classy way to show your pet some love. The dog has much space to move and play around while in transit unlike in congested cabins. Nevertheless, your dog has a good view of places while in transit. It does not have to persevere in very hot or cold weather just because it is on a ride.

Everyone should look forward to giving his or her dog a limo ride. However, you are forced to live with fears of breakages and damage. You might end up paying very high damage fees. How I wish there were cheaper and regular limousines for animals like my dog. Dogs (I do not know about yours) deserve to enjoy these rides as humans do.

Just as humans enjoy particular drinks, entertainment, and party favors, dogs too deserve special treatment. Just like the good customer service you get, it would not harm to hire a dog expert. Dogs too might need to be catered for during rides. Don’t you think they deserve better?

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