Save Your Grass from Raw Dog Urine

Steps To Take To Save Your Grass from Raw Dog Urine

It is good to let your dog play freely on your lawn. But you should be extremely careful as your pet may damage your grass at any time, not only by its activities but also by its urine.

There are many solutions that help save your grass from dog urine. In this article, we will share with you the most efficient tips. Please scroll down to see them and start protecting your lawn!

how to prevent yellow grass from dog pee

How Can Raw Dog Urine Affect Your Grass?

As you adopt a pet for the first time, you may wonder,” Why is dog pee making my grass yellow?” It is not difficult to understand this issue.

The dog urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen, which leaves dark brown and yellow spots in the grass.

The compound nitrogen is also found in fertilizer. This means the substance is not totally bad for your green lawn. However, too much nitrogen may burn out the grass. You can quickly notice the signs of dog pee turning the grass yellow by seeing the dark spots or bare patches in the yard.

Dog urine does not only damage the beauty of your green lawn but also causes serious consequences. The area where your dog pees is damaged. The grass may not be able to grow as thick and strong as before.

The dog is wandering on the grass
dog pee turning grass yellow

How to Save Grass from Dog Pee?

On the positive side, we can solve the dog-ruining grass problem with ease. In this section, we explain 5 helpful steps that help you treat your killed grass. Also, you can learn how to keep dogs from ruining grass here!


Water the Grass Right After Urination

As mentioned, the amount of nitrogen in dog urine is very high. Therefore, diluting the compound will reduce the harmful burning effect. A good way for nitrogen dilution is to add more water to it.

That’s why you should give fresh water to the spot where your dog has peed on your lawn. The number of harmful nitrates contained in the urine will be diluted. The effect will not be strong enough to kill your grass.


Make Your Dog Drink More Fresh Water

You cannot go after your dog, wait for it to pee, and then water the lawn at all times. Thus, prevention is always better than treatment. You may consider a way to reduce the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s urine right in the first place.

Let your dog drink more water. Freshwater will keep your dog cool, active, and staying hydrated. The water will also reduce the nitrate concentration in the pet’s body and lower the effect of the urine when it is released.


Give Your Dog Supplements

You can use supplements that have the effects of nitrogen blockers. The pills are chewable and usually have bacon or bone flavours. As your pets eat and absorb the supplements, they will neutralize the nitrogen concentration and reduce the effect of dogs pee-killing grass.

However, you cannot use supplements for all types of dogs. Some puppies may be allergic to pills. On the other hand, many doctors give advice on not using supplements for nursing females, old dogs, and baby puppies. It is recommended to ask the veterinarian what pills to use for dogs.


Put Dog Rocks in the Water Bowl of Your Dog

If your dog doesn’t like to chew pills, there is another good way to alter the nitrogen level. You may make use of products known as dog rocks.

These products look like small stones. But they are diluted in water. You can put the rocks in the dog water bowl, and they will neutralize all nitrates, nitrogen, ammonia, and other harmful chemicals in its drink.

Without absorbing many harmful substances in tap water, your dog will stay healthy. The nitrogen in the urine will be reduced to a practical level (the same as the level in fertilizers).


Train Your Dog Not To Release Urine on Your Lawn

If you don’t want any dog-killed grass issue, try training your pet to pee at other places instead of on your lawn. Be patient and teach it to go into the toilet whenever it wants to pee. Also, you may put a pet loo at a corner of your lawn and train it to pee on this product.

how to keep dogs from ruining grass

How to keep dogs from ruining the grass

Dogs Pee Killing Grass

In case you are looking for good dog rocks to stop dog wee-killing grass, read this section! We recommend the top 5 trustable products that give quick and positive results.


best dog rocks for grass

1: Dog Rocks 600g

Dog Rocks are mined in Australia. They are paramagnetic igneous rocks from nature, considered as a treatment for burned grass affected by dog urine.

You simply add the rocks to the water bowl of your dog. The stones work to eliminate and absorb nitrates in dog drinks. The level of nitrogen is reduced, and the dog urine will not be strong enough to affect the lawn badly. You will notice the difference after 3 – 5 weeks of use.

Remember that 200g of rocks should be mixed with 0.5 gallons of water.

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Vet Worthy Potty Rocks for Dogs (

2: Vet Worthy Potty Rocks 200g

Vet Worthy Potty Rocks are also paramagnetic igneous rocks minced and produced in the United States. The product is considered a solution to filter nitrates, chemicals, and ammonia in the dog water source.

The nitrogen level of urine inside the dog’s body will quickly decrease. After using the Vet Worthy Potty Rocks for about 1 month, you will notice the efficient result. Your lawn will stay green and smooth, without any dark spots.

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Lawn Protector for Burn Spots Caused by Dog Urine

3: Pet Safe Lawn Protector 2 Packs

Pet Safe Lawn Protector is produced in the United States. It contains natural zeolite ingredients that are healthy and safe for all types of pets. The use of PetSafe Lawn Protector is to get rid of all harmful impurities from the dog water source, including heavy metals, nitrates, ammonia, and other chemicals.

The products come in 2 packs for ease of use. You don’t have to estimate the amount of water and the number of dog rocks to mix together. Just put a small pack in the water bowl.

The zeolite ingredients are stored in a filter pouch. There is no need to open it. The design of the pocket is to prevent the dogs from eating the zeolite.

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Beaphar Rock Sulphur

4: Beaphar Rock Sulphur

Beaphar Rock Sulphur has plenty of uses. It is primarily known as a dog body coolant. The natural minerals dispensed in the dog water work to reduce blood temperature and keep your pet body cool on hot days. Besides, the rocks are suitable for cooling hot skins and preventing itchiness.

The Sulphur product is designed to reduce all unnecessary substances that cause skin overheating and increase nitrogen levels. You may use the products for a few days. Even when the dog pees on the grass every day, no more brown patches will appear in the yard.

The Beaphar Rock Sulphur will not last for weeks or months as the 2 previous products. You need to change the rocks after 3 – 4 days of use.

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Dog Rocks 12-Pack Natural Pet Urine Lawn Spot Eliminator

5: Dog Rocks 12-Pack

The product is made of natural materials produced in Australia. The rocks are divided into small particles and stored in 12 packs for convenience of use. Each bag will be practical for 60 days.

The rocks are well known for altering the nitrogen level in the dog’s body. Of course, they are 100% safe for the pet’s health. The manufacturers claim that these rocks will not alter the pH balance of dog urine.

Keep in mind that a pack of dog rocks should be mixed with 0.5 gallons of water.

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Last Words

We have taught you how to prevent yellow grass from dog pee. Make sure that you follow our steps correctly. They will help you treat the issues caused by dog urine and avoid the same case in the future.

There are also 5 top products that we have tested with our dogs. We confirm that these dog rocks give good results after a short period of time. In case you have no decision on what rock to use, try using 1 of these!

In case you have any other problems with your pet, feel free to contact us! We are always ready to help our readers with dog issues.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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