Top Dogs for the Texas Climate

Top Dogs for the Texas Climate

The state of Texas offers dog owners a variety of activities, landscapes, and opportunities for recreation. For that reason, if you live in Texas, you should be very selective when choosing a dog since you’ll want one that enjoys doing the same things you do. So, before you jump onto a puppy-finding site like, do your research to make sure you choose the dog that will fit with your lifestyle and consider these top breeds that have been known to flourish in the Lone Star State.

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Some Dogs are Good In Texas Weather

Rhodesian Ridgeback

There are plenty of wide open spaces, wooded areas, and lakes in Texas, providing abundant hunting opportunities for all types of hunters, from black powder, to bow, to rifle. No matter which animals you hunt, you’ll likely want a hunting dog with the stamina to keep you company no matter how long you’re out in the field. A Rhodesian ridgeback is an ideal breed for this purpose, as they are both athletic and highly energetic. You won’t find yourself carrying your dog when you’re out on a hunt because they’ll be able to go all day.

This breed requires a lot of exercises to stay healthy and happy, but if you’re a runner, hiker, or hunter, a Rhodesian ridgeback is going to make an ideal companion. Their ancestors hail from South Africa, so the hot temperatures of a Texas summer are no problem for them. They can adapt quickly to temperature fluctuations and their luxurious, silky coat easily dissipates heat. Rhodesian ridgebacks are easy to train, loyal, and even-tempered, making them a good choice for active single adults and families.


Vizsla Dog

Vizslas are a lesser-known dog breed, but they are excellent hiking companions because they are extremely curious and enjoy visiting and exploring new places, much like human hikers do. Their short coat promotes temperature regulation, so they can adapt to the heat of a Texas summer or stay warm when it gets a little colder in the winter. Their history as a hunting breed means they can work well for this activity as well, and their ability to run for long periods of time make them a nice choice for distance runners.

As with most athletic dogs, vizslas require a high amount of exercise, so if you’re a homebody, this might not be the best breed for you. But, if you like to camp, hike, run, or hunt, this is definitely a dog that can keep you company during all of those activities and more. They are also affectionate and friendly, so they will usually get along with other animals, children, and even strangers. You’ll be able to train a vizsla easily as well because they are obedient and loyal, always aiming to please their owners. Their short hair does make them more susceptible to skin conditions, so even though they can adapt to higher temperatures because of their fur length, you’ll still want to take steps to protect their skin from the Texas sun.

Doberman Pinscher

Bright Dog Breed Doberman Pinscher

Another dog breed that can keep up with an active, outdoor-loving human is the Doberman pinscher. These large, muscular dogs are fast and agile, making them a wonderful option for hunters, hikers, runners, and campers. They are happiest when they are outside, so if you live in an apartment complex that doesn’t have a yard, a Doberman pinscher might not be the right choice for you. Its short coat allows this breed to regulate its body temperature even when Texas temperatures soar in the summer. These statuesque dogs also perform well as show dogs and Texas is home to several high-profile dogs showing events.

Doberman pinschers also have a reputation for being extremely protective of their owners. This is a desirable quality for many owners, but be aware that there may be breed-specific regulations in your city or town that restrict the ownership of so-called aggressive dogs, which might include Doberman pinschers. Some cities may require certain registration and licensing components for these dogs, while others may ban them altogether. Just make sure you carefully follow any restrictions in your area so that you don’t end up having to surrender your beloved pet.



The whippet was bred in the mid-19th century to hunt rabbits, and as such, it still has hunting and the desire for vigorous exercise in its blood. This mid-size dog closely resembles a greyhound, and you’ll be able to tell by its long legs that it was meant to run. While your pet will probably be able to run much faster than you, your whippet will loyally remain by your side as you make your way along a running path or street. They are highly competitive, though, so if you enter your whippet into an actual dog race, it will definitely try to win.

As with other dogs that are well-suited for Texas, whippets have a short coats, allowing them to regulate their body temperature even when the sun is beating down on them in the summer. Despite their competitive nature, they are quiet, friendly animals when not actively competing, so they make good pets for families with children and other pets. Just be sure to provide them with a lot of exercises to keep them happy and healthy.



As the smallest recognized dog breed, Chihuahuas aren’t going to blow anyone away with their strength or running ability. They aren’t great hunters and they’ll tire easily on a long hike. But, if you’re not really into rigorous activity or are looking for a companion to keep you company while you work in your home office, a Chihuahua is probably one of the best dog breeds you’ll find. They originated in Mexico, where it gets a lot warmer than most places in the U.S., so they are well attuned to the heat in Texas, especially in the desert-like areas of the southern part of the state.

Owners who are looking for a cuddly pet that enjoys being close to them at all times will love the clingy charm of a Chihuahua. They quickly become used to being picked up and carried around because of their relatively small size and they are highly trainable. They also tend to be protective of their owners even though they probably couldn’t do much damage to someone who presents a threat. Still, their high-pitched bark can definitely warn you that a stranger is in the area and give you a chance to investigate.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

This is the only long-haired breed on this list of dogs that thrive in the Texas climate, but that doesn’t mean Yorkshire terriers are going to overheat during the summer even if you frequently take them outside. Their coat is not actually fur, but instead is a single layer of fine hair that does not trap heat. As such, your furry pet will stay cool all year long, even when temperatures climb to triple digits in the summer months. You will need to have your Yorkie groomed on a regular basis because their long hair can get matted and tangled without proper care.

The Yorkshire terrier’s tiny size makes it an excellent option for apartment living. It won’t take up much space and doesn’t require a lot of exercises, so having a yard is not mandatory for this breed. Of course, they still enjoy walks and spending time outside, but you won’t have to get up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to take them on a run. In fact, your Yorkie will probably want to cuddle up next to you in bed and snooze until you’re ready to get up for the day.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Ranch and farm owners in Texas will appreciate an Australian cattle dog, as they have been bred to work the land, herding cattle and chasing wayward animals down to bring them back to the group. They need a lot of space to roam and enjoy spending their days running, hiking, and hunting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their intelligent nature, which makes them easy to train in all aspects of farm or ranch living. If you want a dog that always remains outside, this is one of the better options because it was designed to be an outdoor animal.

As with most other dogs on this list, the Australian dog has a short fur coat, which gives it the right characteristics to regulate temperatures. Since it originated in Australia, this breed is accustomed to the heat and actually enjoys it. They do need to get adequate exercise, which is why they should be adopted by people who have the time and space necessary to give these dogs the activity they want and need. People who live in an apartment or a condo without easy access to a yard should pass on an Australian cattle dog and choose a different breed that’s more suited for smaller spaces.


No matter where you live in Texas, adopting a dog is a wonderful idea. They will provide you with companionship and joy for many years to come. Just make sure you choose the right breed for your lifestyle so that you both can live long, happy lives.

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