Traveling With Your Pets

Traveling With Your Pets and the Things You Would Need

Holidays are a great experience for all the family. But sometimes the experience doesn’t always cater to the family dog. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. No longer will you need to find a friend to watch your canine while you’re off on vacation. No longer will you feel guilty about leaving the dog in a kennel for days, sometimes weeks on end. Traveling with your pets may be fun to if you are prepared for it. Below we have listed some of the essential things that you need while travelling with your furry friend.

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New York travel company “All The Rooms” have got you and your pooch covered. We’ve compiled a list of the most breathtaking destinations you and your dog will adore visiting. Pack your case and the treats; it’s bound to be a holiday neither you nor your four-legged friend, will forget.

Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays with dog

One perfect trip to take for you and your dog is a vacation to the beach. Dogs, as you know, are lead by their sense of smell and hearing, and the beach provides an array of new and exciting scents, sights, and sounds for them to enjoy.

Instead of leaving your companion at home, bring them to the beach with you! Your dog is guaranteed to have fun, splashing in the waves, running through the sand, and meeting other dogs. Plus if you want a peaceful evening whilst on your holidays, letting your dog round around the beach for an entire day will certainly tire them out for the night.

San Diego

This Californian city is known for its warm climate, beautiful parks, and stunning beaches. Not only will San Diego be a favorite with your pooch, but you’re bound to love it also. There are so many reasons why taking your dog on vacation to San Diego is a great idea:

  • You’ll find 16 off-leash parks in the area. These include a number of 1-acre parks such as Capehart Park, Dusty Roads Neighborhoods Park, and Torrey Highlands Park. As well as larger parks such as the 2.66-acre Rancho Bernardo Park. Many of these off-leash parks are open 24 hours and are equipped with drinking fountains, park benches, and turfed areas to separate large and small dogs from one another.
  • There are dog-friendly restaurants. A whole 187 of them! Check out the lighthouse ice cream shop serving ice-cream for the humans as well as Frosty Paws (a high quality, no sugar, protein treat) for your dog. And if you’re pal really works up an appetite, don’t miss Original Paw Pleasures, the dedicated dog bakery.
  • It’s home to Dog Beach. You can spend the entire day walking, running or swimming with your dog at one of the first official leash-free beaches in the United States.

City Breaks

Cities are also great places for traveling with your pets, with a much wider choice and variety of restaurants (dog-friendly of course), plenty of parks and other dog-friendly activities to indulge in. You may have previously dismissed the idea of taking your pedigree friend on a city getaway, but these pet-accommodating cities are worth changing your mind.

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Although Seattle is a city, it works hard to maintain it’s luscious green spaces. From East to West of this great city you’ll find stunning mountain ranges lining the horizon, and you may be surprised to know that Seattle Parks and Recreation manages over 485 parks. Go anywhere in this city, and you’ll find a little bit of nature.

Besides the parks, Seattle is said to be one of the most popular big-city destinations for dog-lovers in the U.S. Here’s why:

  • Plenty of parks and green areas. There are 14 off-leash parks in the Seattle area. Alternatively, as long as your dog is on a leash, you can visit many of the other parks and green spaces in Seattle too.
  • There are indoor dog parks. In the Seattle metro area, you will find House of Ruff (in the Central District) and Dogwood Play Park (North Seattle) to roam around inside – great for the rainy season.
  • Tons of dog-friendly activities. Climb aboard the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise, which takes you and your pet on a tour of Lake Union complete with music and snacks. There are great views of Seattle, plenty of fresh air and dogs are naturally welcome along.

Holidays with dog

Nature Holidays

For a lot of people, vacation is a time to escape the city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They want to get away from it all and retreat back to nature. And these types of holidays are a fantastic choice for you and your dog. What could be more relaxing than going for walks in the fresh air with your furry friend and incredible scenery surrounding you?

The Finger Lakes, New York

In Upstate New York, you’ll find The Finger Lakes, consisting of 11 freshwater lakes. A famous resort all year round, visitors here can hike, bike and fish. Or if you fancy seeing a little bit more of the wonderful nature in the area, head to Watkins Glen State Park, where you’ll see not one waterfall but nineteen.

They are also known to produce excellent wines in the region, as well as being home to a number of hard-cider producers, distilleries, and breweries. But what makes it such a dog-friendly holiday destination?

  • You can bring your pets to the wineries. In the Finger Lakes, there are more than 100 wineries that welcome pets and people alike. Such wineries include Red Tail Ridge, Fox Run, and Kings Garden.
  • The Watkins Glen State Park, which allows dogs to visit as long as they stay on a leash at all times. Spend your day in the fresh air exploring the beautiful site without having to worry about your dog being at home.

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International Holidays Resorts/Spots

Some holiday-goers want to travel a little further from home and decide to take their dog overseas. With long-distance travel comes lots of things to plan and organize, but first, you need to make sure you pick the right destination for you and your pet.


Looking for a relaxing holiday? Scotland is the perfect country for you. If you want to explore the cities, there’s the historic capital Edinburgh and the artsy city of Glasgow. In both places, you’ll find a number of pubs and restaurants that welcome dogs into their establishments. You can enjoy a well-deserved drink, whilst your pooch snoozes at your feet!

If you prefer somewhere with a slower pace, where you can take long walks in the fields, surrounded by hills and lakes, there are even more options to choose from in Scotland. For a dedicated dog walk why not head to the Gatehouse of Fleet, where you can let your dog off the leash and roam amongst the oak and crab-apple trees. Or if you want to take a walk around some of the stunning National Parks in the country, we recommend you head to the very first Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Here you can walk your dog on the paths, but you must keep them under control at all times.

Dog playing in beach


We couldn’t make a list of breathtaking destinations to explore with your dog without mentioning France. It’s said to be one of the most dog-friendly nations on Earth, with many cafes and restaurants allowing dogs inside. A lot of places will even provide your four-legged companion with drinking water and treats.

If you’re heading over from the U.K it may be worth sticking to the French ports, where you’ll be greeted with delightful views, plenty of beaches for your dog to play on and lots of sea air. However, it’s important to note that in the summer some beaches will have restrictions on the times you are able to take your dog to the beach. This usually limits walks to the early mornings and evenings when temperatures are cooler, and there are far fewer crowds.

In the area of Brittany in the South, you’ll find Plouharnel, a fantastic and truly breathtaking place to spend your vacation. Dogs are allowed on the beaches all year round as long as they are on a leash. Your pooch can then splash around while you soak in the stunning stretch of wild sand dunes along the coast close to Penthièvre.

Lake District, England

Located in the Northwest of England is the Lake District. As England’s largest National Park, space has also become a World Heritage Site. For those with interest in mountains, the Lake District is home to England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike, which stands over 3,208 feet above sea level.

Seeing as the Lake District is home to some areas of incredible natural beauty, it’s a great place to take a vacation with your dog. With plenty of green spaces, dog-friendly cottages, and pubs and restaurants, this area is a top pick to meet fellow dog-lovers and escape into the great outdoors.

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Preparation for Traveling with Your Pets

You have to prepare your dog for the long flight or the road trip that you are up for. The safest way to be on the move with your pet dog is to buy a travel dog crate which will ensure that he is in a stable position. You may feel miserable about crating your dog, but the safety dog crates are designed in such a way that they will remain in one place yet they will be able to move about a little within the crate and also have plenty of air circulation. Although you have to ensure that your dog has exercised quite a bit so that he will have a tendency to rest once he enters the crate.

You should also take note of the fact that your dog does not have a full stomach or bladder. Just like human beings, they might be inclined to fall sick if they start the journey with a full stomach. You have to be careful that despite these regulations, your dog should have access to enough water in case he needs to take a sip.

tips for traveling with pets

Calm Them Down

Please do not be negative about the safety dog crates. Trust me, your dog is extremely sharp in picking up vibes, and if you are unsure about travel dog crate, they will never want to go in there. If your dog is feeling fidgety or restless, calm him down, let him have a little water, and then you can crate him up. Remember this is for the safety of your dog and it is not a cage that you are imprisoning him in. So do not cringe at the thought of it. Remember he is going to bring that joy and happiness that he always does once he reaches the destination, and crating him is the only way that would allow our beloved friend to be there with you for your pleasant vacation. A little massage or some lavender oil aromatherapy would calm his senses, maybe yours as well.

Choose The Type Of Crate

Various types of safety dog crates are available in the market. You know your pet dog is the best. So, make sure the safety dog crate that you buy is perfect for his size and also the kind of fur that he has. Be very careful that there are no loose leashes or collars in the crate because that might be very hazardous for the dog. Also, practice crating him at home and maybe taking him out a little for small distances so that he does not suffer from extreme anxiety when you crate him for a very long journey.

Go For a Walk Once You Reach

Once you reach your destination, immediately take him out of the safety dog crate and go for a good long walk. Let him see the surroundings and feel the fresh breeze. Just like humans, your pet dog would also suffer from jet lag if he has flown a great distance. So once he steps out of his travel dog crate, he needs to exercise his muscles again to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Your dog might feel a little less enthusiastic first, but do not worry about that. He will slowly get acclimatized to the new place. Also, do pamper him a lot because he would feel a little lost, more lost than human beings in a new place, and would certainly need a lot of your attention to get him running around and frolicking again, which he will certainly do in no time!

traveling with pets in car

Apart from all these, most importantly, you should let them roam free where possible. You have to learn to trust your pet dog and that they will return to you, no matter what. For pet dog admirers, it is kind of impossible to feel complete without the presence of your dog, even on vacation. So, enjoy holidays with your pet dog but don’t forget to take the necessary things that are so essential. For your convenience they are listed below:

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15 Things You Would Need While Travelling with Your Pets

These 15 things are essential to make your journey enjoyable with your loving pet. Not only you, but your pet dog will also enjoy simultaneously from now on. Here’s a list to make it easy for you.

1. First Aid for Dogs and Other Medications

Tweezers, Styptic powder, eye wash, gauze bandages, scissors and common antiseptics- these should be must in your first aid box. Now let’s take a short look at the complete use of these- pet first aid kit

  • Tweezers are used for removing ticks.
  • The styptic powder is used when your dog’s toenail starts bleeding. This powder helps to stop bleeding.
  • Eyewash is used to flush wounds.
  • Dog dental care like dog toothpaste & dog tooth brush.
  • Gauge bandages is a very useful adhesive tape.
  • Scissors is a very essential to cut gauge bandages and others too.
  • Antiseptics are needed to keep your loving pet always healthy.

2. Dog Vaccination Records and Other Documents

Without proper vaccination, your dog can be attacked by germs and get ill at any time. It can also occur while traveling. For this emergency case carrying a copy of your dog vaccination records is the wisest decision.

So before traveling, double check the vaccination requirements if it’s available in that area you are visiting.

traveling with dogs

3.Dog Identification Tags

If you are smart enough, you should put dog tags for dogs this dog identification tag with a phone number or other necessary information to his collar. If somehow your loving pet is lost people may find it for you by doing the right call. So keep this in mind, before visiting firmly attach name tags for dogs an emergency phone number.

4. Pet Food Container and Dog Travel Water Bottle

Don’t keep the stomach of your loving pet empty. Always carry pet food container with his favourite food. But at least keep sufficient food to feed him when hungry.

Not only food but also water is equally important to make the travelling pleasant for your loving pet. You can take dog travel water bottle to get your pet rid of thirst.

5. Dog Travel Crates & Dog Travel Carrier

Dog crate and dog carriers both are equally essential equipment for the safety for your dogs. Suppose you have gone for a campfire. You will always be tensed because your dog can run here and there and get lost easily. So what’s the solution? Dog travel crate will keep your pet protected.

Dog travel carriers are hugely used when your pet can’t walk on his own because of a rough surface, muddy environment and others. It’s also handy. So you can easily carry your pet wherever you like, whenever you like.

6. Seat Cover for Dogs and Comfortable Dog Blankets

Don’t leave the soft dog blankets for your pet at home. Bring it with you while traveling too. This will keep your dog warm with the same flavor that he got at home.

Seat cover for dogs should be easily washable. It should not be slippery. Otherwise, it can cause any accident.

7. Extra Dog Towels & Comfy Bedding

Extra dog towels are always suggested to wipe any muds, or even wets and dirt. Bedding is one of the most important things. If it smells like the home bedding, then your pet is in the most comfortable zone.

8.Dog Grooming Bag

Take dog grooming bag; it consists of comb, nail clippers, hair brush shampoo and others. It’s obvious keeping your pet neat and clean.

9. Funny Companion for Dogs

Don’t forget to carry toys as much as you can. Don’t let him go bored while traveling. Play his favorite CD- funny talking dog video, favorite music. Take dog chewing toys that smells like home.

10. Doggie Poop Bags and Collar Safety

If you need a break for a bathroom, don’t forget to put the collar safety. Dog poop bags with handles will help him to throw out his bathroom so that the germ won’t attack other. Also, it won’t harm the environment.

11. Dog Safety Equipment for Your Dog

Do you want to see to friendly dog flying as a projectile? Never. This simple task will let you save from the risk. Put a seat belt while traveling. This will help to keep safe if you use the hard brake or any accidental cases.

12. Dogs Hotel Reservations

Watch hotel for dogs it’s also a very crucial part of your traveling. Before visiting double check, if the hotel accepts pets, there are any restrictions or not, and all necessary fees. If everything is okay, just reserve a seat for your loving pet.

13. Collecting Information on a Vet

Collect necessary information, i.e., phone number, address of a veterinary surgeon of that area you are traveling is important. Because finding a veterinary office in an emergency case in the not that good idea.

14. Researching Pet Laws

Check local pet laws of before visiting your desired area. Get to know about the restriction and doings. So you won’t be harassed afterwards.

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15. Recent Photo to Identify (if lost)

This is one of the smartest things that you can do finding your lost pet. Just capture a recent photo of your pet. If he is lost just contact with veterinary offices, they will find it for you.

Preparation for Traveling with Your Pets

Your Turn

Travelling is a good experience . You may go alone or take your friends. There are times when you have no option but to take your pet along with you because there is none to look after it in your absence or you might think that you need it for your company as you are too much attached to it or you want to take him along with you as a treat. Whatever the case may be it is in fact a reality that you would enjoy more travelling with your pet beside you all the time .

Another thing is that when you have packed your luggage you might ponder what about the needs of the dog during the sojourn. You may have no clue . We have tried to make things simpler for with some extra work . We have listed some of the things that you  would surely need for your doggy’s duffel bag to spice up your travelling so that you do not fall into some untoward situation.

Traveling with your loving and caring pet is undoubtedly the sweetest memories of your life. But without proper planning and planning, everything might go in vain. You care for your safety , and the safety of your pet, don’t you? You won’t need to worry before travelling with a dog if you just follow the above checklist.

Be the lovely and caring pet lover today!

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