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How You Can Save Money on Your Dog?

How you can save money on your dog

Yes, You Can Save On All of Your Dog’s Stuff Your dog may not require much of anything that involves money but it doesn’t make owning one any less expensive. It has been found that dog owners spend an average of $1,500 on their dogs per year and that’s if the dog remains healthy for most […]

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Dog Losing His Voice – What and Why?

Dog Losing His Voice – What and Why

It is normal that sometimes we lose our voice due to different causes. Talking about dogs, can dogs lose their voice just as humans do? In this case, the same thing may happen to your cute dog.Can dogs lose their voice from barking too much?As a dog owner, you will feel uneasy to see your […]

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Why Pet Plans Are Vital for Your Career?

Why Pet Plans Are Vital for Your Career

In case you didn’t know already, many vets constantly struggle to offer help for pets, while sticking to a restrictive budget. And some doctors admit that most of the time, they feel like they’re more like a financial advisor rather than a pet doctor. This constant struggle between saving a pet’s life and staying within […]

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The 10 Hidden Dangers for Dogs at Christmas

10 Hidden Dangers for Dogs at Christmas

For any of us, Christmas is the time to enjoy, celebrate and have sweet memories together. Of course, as an important member of the family, our dogs will also indulge in this holiday too. Nevertheless, the festive days will always contain hidden dangers to our little friends. These dangers come in different ways, from poisonous foods […]

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10 Comedy Dog Movies You Must See

Comedy Dog Movies

Dogs are one of the best friends of human nowadays. Hence, it is obvious that when talking about animal movies, we usually think of dog movies. It doesn’t matter what your hobby in a movie is or what age you are; whether you have a dog or not, you will surely enjoy good dog movies. Plus, […]

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