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From now onwards we shall also be featuring guests posts from other dog owners who wish to share their own stories. Since we all have our own stories and experiences to tell,which could be of help to one another in the long run. We guess this website is not just only be to be informative but also to help us with our dogs’ overall needs, interesting as it could be. Through various articles we shall try to share with others our analysis and research, which in turn give us precious feedback.

Write for us – A Short Example:

Miss Priss was my dog when I was a teen. She was not the prettiest dog, but she had a heart of gold and a great personality. I raised Prissy from a puppy. Her favorite game was fetching balls or sticks. At three, she got out of the fence and became pregnant. Her pup (she only had one) was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.

Love her as we did, we decided we could not keep him. I was getting ready to go to college out of state, and the rest of my family did not have time to train a puppy.

When I found a home for her, Prissy grieved so much she would not eat or play. We became very concerned. A baby rabbit found its way into our yard. Prissy adopted it immediately and became her old self again. She raised the rabbit, and it lived in our yard for years.


  • 1500 words unique article minimum.
  • Contact us with blog title for approval.
  • Links are encouraged if appropriate.
  • Use blog format – keep paragraphs short.
  • Headers and bullet points are allowed.
  • No spinning or plagiarizing- Must pass Copyscape.
  • We Don’t Appreciate- also grammatically and technically weak content full of jargon and filler words.
  • Poorly researched material with no focus story.
  • You cannot publish the article anywhere else, giving us the exclusive right to edit the article as we find it suitable.

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