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My Name Is Katie Hickam I’m The Founder of 

I started writing about ten years back. But with each passing year, I have gained experience. Now I have a whole array of dog-related articles that are rich in quality and depth of information. These are treasure troves from which others can benefit. Many have praised my articles as very interesting and detailed. I have written about various dog-related issues which I think is essential for every dog owner to know. I cannot say I write the best, but I feel that I should give my best which I have gained through experience. I always have a liking and a soft corner for dogs among other pets. To write about the happiness and sadness of pets is my passion.

Now, my write-ups are a bit lengthy as I always wanted to know their philosophy and go deep into it. I am an avid reader and not a vet, so I never try to lag in doing such research and write them for others to share.

I share various aspects of dog life, their needs, their physical and mental problems, their treatment, and also about their recreation. In my blog,  I try to exchange my views with people around the world, especially who care about dog-related aspects. Some mentionable ones  in the blog are:

Why dogs get scared, Dog diseases, vacation with dogs, physical and psychological benefits of having a pet dog, Echo instructions for the dog, Dog mystery -the Overturn Bridge, Fellow feeling for dogs, Social responsibility, Dog-friendly restaurants, and parks, Scaling down childhood anxiety disorder -with a pet dog, Gift for pets- Christmas and Black Friday.

What I understand is that as our loving pets, our dogs surely deserve a psychological boost because they feel for us but can’t express their problems in words. This is where we humans should show more compassion to understand their various needs before they can show signs of uneasiness.

Let’s not only love them but also be more caring towards them than ever before.

I have a sweet loving wife, and two cute small kids, one of them is school-going. I also have two pet dogs, whom we love and care about so much. This is the circle around which my personal life revolves.

By the way, whenever I get some time for leisure I do gardening, read story books, go skating, and paint for fun.

Although I started it singlehandedly now I have a good team of experts to help me develop this blog.

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For personal contact: [email protected]

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