Dog friendly wedding venues near me

Have Your Engagement in a Dog Friendly Atmosphere without Being Annoyed

Are you and your partner about to start an engagement ceremony with the attendance of your beloved dog? Do you have problems finding a suitable place that allows pets? This article will show you the top pet friendly venues in both the USA and Europe.

Also, we share some great ways to include your cute dog in the engagement session. Please scroll down to find out!

Dog friendly engagement places in USA for couples

Top Pet Friendly Venues

You don’t have to wait any longer. Here are the top dog friendly engagement places in USA 2022 and Europe 2022.

Dog Friendly Engagement Places in USA 

Here are the 3 dog friendly engagement places in USA for couples.

#1: Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond – St. Michaels, Maryland

The beautiful manor house welcomes visitors and their beloved pets. There are several lovely gardens that reach down Maryland’s Eastern Shore waters, where a ceremony can be held. Visitors can enjoy the romantic atmosphere with their partners in the top-notch spa.

Perry Cabin by Belmond - St. Michaels, Maryland

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Inn At Perry Cabin includes everything a dog needs to stay, such as comfortable beds and delicious homemade treats. Your dog can also enjoy the service menu, with the main dish: braised beef, potatoes, and carrots.

#2: Merriman’s Kapalua – Maui Hawaii

Your engagement ceremony will shine as it is held by the side of Merriman’s Kapalua waters. The ocean view of Lanai, Molokai, Kapalai, and sunset view of Maui increase the romantic atmosphere, making the party perfect for all visitors.

HOW TO INVOLVE YOUR DOG AT Your engagement Session

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Dogs are welcomed to this place. Your couple can have a wonderful time with a lovely pet. Spend time taking pictures with it to create beautiful memories.

#3: Lake Austin Spa Resort – Austin, Texas

This luxury spa resort is located on a beautiful and tranquil lakeside in the Texas Hill Country. The field includes vintage cottages as well as lovely vast private gardens. You and your partner can open an outdoor ceremony here. It is also good to capture beautiful moments in front of the beautiful surrounding natural background.

Cute Ways to Include Your Pet in Your engagement Session

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The hotel supplies all the essential things for your dog to stay quiet while attending your ceremony. There will be bowls, dog beds, and delicious treats to keep the dog relaxed and happy.

photogenic place Dog Friendly Engagement Places In Europe

Dog Friendly Engagement Places In Europe 

You can find for your couple a photogenic place among the 3 top venues for engagement in Europe listed below:

#1: Cider Orchard At The Grange – Hewish England

If you and your lover are in England, take time to go to The Grange, Hewish, to visit the Cider Orchard. This place is well known as a wedding and engagement spot in the South West of England.

A engagement Session

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There is a team that supports the planning of the ceremony. Of course, your couple is free to build the party concept. The space in Cider Orchard is enormous to hold hundreds of visitors. Plus, the natural view will make a beautiful atmosphere for the ceremony.

You and your guests have permission to bring dogs here. This place considers pets as ring bearers for outdoor blessings. The natural environment allows the dog to feel free instead of being afraid of strange people.

#2: Athelhampton House and Gardens – Dorset, England

Another great place to start a dog-friendly ceremony is the Athelhampton manor house, located in Dorset, England.

Athelhampton House And Gardens

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The spot contains a great view and extensive green gardens, working as background for a memorable day for you and your partner. There are also informal areas with beautiful bridges on top of the River Piddle flow. It is such a miss if your couple does not take any photographs together here.

As mentioned, the gardens are expansive enough so that the dogs can run around and play freely. You can hire a pet carer to keep an eye on the pets while you are taking part in the ceremony.

#3: No 3 The Chateau, France

If your couple has a chance to visit France, try traveling to No 3, The Chateau in Charente. The venue is full of beautiful lights, lovely architecture, and stylish decoration. It is such a great place for a lavish ceremony.

The Chateau, France

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You can take the blessing right in front of the No 3, The Chateau, on the Pigeonnier circular green. After that, all guests and the couple will go through a lavender path into the vineyards. All the views are lovely for an outdoor party.

The great thing is that dogs can take part in the ceremony. There is no ban on pets visiting this wedding spot. Your couple can do fun activities with your four-legged friend for a memorable time.

Pet friendly venues

Cute Ways To Include Your Pet In Your Engagement Session

In this section, we will teach you how to involve your dog at your engagement session.

1.Prepare A Place for the Attendance of Your Pet

Not only your couple but also other visitors want to bring dogs to the ceremony. Therefore, you should prepare a place so that all pets can stay and have fun together. The area may be located in the corner of the venue. You plan all essential things that your pet needs, including toys, treats, beds, mats, etc.

Dogs are naughty, so they may not sit in a place for an extended period. To prevent your pet from barking, running around, crunching, and ruining the ceremony, you should hire a service to take care of the dogs.

2. Decorate the Engagement Place with Dog Pictures

For you and your other half, a dog is an important partner. Therefore, the venue should not only have photos of the 2 prominent people. In addition, there should also be pictures of your beloved dog. For example, you can set up a giant image of the dog together with your couple. It will create a warm and beautiful family atmosphere for the ceremony.

3.Name a Cocktail after Your Dog’s

In some engagement ceremonies, the couples plan for everything, including concepts, food, and drinks. If you can design a cocktail for the guests to enjoy and have not been able to choose any name, why don’t you use the name of your dog for this drink?

4. Mention Them in the Ceremony

A cute way to show your love to your pet is to mention it in the ceremony. Don’t worry that the dog is not related to your wedding. You can mention it in a story of you and your partner. Consider it as an essential factor that brings you and your other half together.

Last Words

We have shown the top venues in the USA and Europe. You definitely will have your engagement in a dog-friendly atmosphere without being annoyed there.

Every place is good to go. We believe that your couple will have a wonderful and memorable time together, no matter which spot you decide to hold the ceremony.

Of course, we still have many beautiful places for engagement sessions. In case you look for a venue in your region, feel free to contact us. We will determine your location and recommend the best place in its radius. You will never have to spend hours searching for dog friendly wedding venues near me?

And now, we will have to say goodbye temporarily. Many thanks for reading, and see you again in our next post.

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