8 Important Tips for Choosing The Best Dog Hotel

While you may want to bring your dog with you all the time, there are instances where you can’t. While it can be heartbreaking to leave your dog while you go away for a trip, you can still allow your pet to have a luxurious and comfortable stay at a dog hotel. 

A dog hotel is an establishment where you can check in your dogs for a certain number of days, and the staff will take good care of your dog under their supervision. They’ll be feeding them right on schedule, take them out for their daily walks, let them drink any medications, if necessary, and allow your pets to sleep in their private, comfortable beds. 

While those sounds impressive, listed below are the essential tips when choosing the best dog hotel for your furry friend:

The dog is having breakfast at the dog friendly hotels

1. Choose Near Dog Hotels

You’d be surprised to find out that there are plenty of dog hotels in your area. With that, it’ll be best if you could choose a dog hotel near me so you can cut off any travel time as you drop your dog off and pick them up from the hotel.

While going for a dog hotel near the place where you’ll be staying for your trip is an option, it may not be the best choice for your dogs since you’ll be bringing them with you for long hours on a road trip, which they might not enjoy being in. Remember, dogs may get sick on long car rides.  

2. Visit The Dog Hotel

Every dog hotel that you see on the internet is supposed to look fantastic and fabulous. While you may want to trust their photos, it’ll be best if you could visit the dog hotel and see the appearance for yourself.

As you visit the dog hotel, you’ll be able to determine if the whole place is well-taken care of or has the necessary facilities and service to make the dog hotel look luxurious and neat. 

Moreover, you can also communicate with people running the dog hotel and have a little chat with them. If you feel that there’s something off about the hotel, you should trust your instinct and look for other dog hotels instead. 

By visiting the dog hotel, you can imagine your dog’s situation while you’re out on your trip and it’ll also prevent you from paying a high price for an awful facility and service. 

8 Important Tips for Choosing The Best Dog Hotel

3. Ask About Their Dog Routine

Additionally, visiting the dog hotel is the perfect time to ask about how they’re going to take care of the dogs that are residing. 

Ideally, you should ask about the feeding hours and what foods they’re going to feed your dog. If your dog has a specific food diet, you should inform the dog hotel right away. Also, you can hand them your dog food so they’ll be able to feed your dog in accordance with their diet.  

You should also ask when they take the dogs out for a walk and for how long. You can also ask how many dogs they walk at once. This is a great question to ask as you’ll never know if your dog would be walking with an aggressive dog, which can put your pup’s life at risk. 

You could also ask if they offer playtime with dogs, in which they allow certain breeds to play together to keep them entertained while you’re gone. You should confirm if they’ll supervise the dogs during these hours or let them have their good time alone. Ideally, they should provide full-time supervision to prevent any fights and accidents. 

Apart from their daily routine, you should also ask about their nighttime routine, like how they help put your dogs to bed and are included in your dog’s room to help them have a comfortable sleep.  

Dogs and cats are relaxing in bed at the dog hotel

4. Confirm If There’s A Veterinarian On Call

Accidents can happen all the time. With that, you should always be on the lookout for your dog’s health and safety. If something happens to your dog due to health or physical concerns while you’re gone, a dog hotel should have an on-call veterinarian where they can examine the condition of your dog and provide appropriate action and treatment. In this way, you can guarantee that your dog is in good hands 24/7. 

You can also ask if their veterinarian has a specific working hour or whether they can immediately give them a ring any time of the day. With a full-time veterinarian, you’ll have a peaceful trip since you don’t have to constantly worry about your dog’s condition. Constantly worrying about your dog may prevent you from having a good time.

5. Check Health Requirement

Before you check in your dog at a dog hotel, you should submit your dog’s vaccination records so the hotel can confirm that your dog is protected and won’t develop any problems during their stay. If a dog hotel didn’t ask for any health requirement, you might want to consider looking for a different place as they might be accepting any kind of dogs without proper vaccination, which can put your pup at risk. 

Of course, you’d want your dog to be around with pets who are vaccinated and healthy so that they won’t be leaving the hotel feeling. That’s why it’s important that you confirm with the dog hotel about their health requirements for every dog that’ll enter their facility. 

The dog is sleeping in the red bed

6. Ask For Special Services

A dog hotel is luxurious for a reason. Apart from quality beds and temperature-controlled rooms, some dog hotels also offer excellent special services, allowing your pet to feel pampered while you’re away. 

Ideally, you should confirm with the dog hotel if they offer special service, which you can add to your total bill. A special service can include a complete grooming session or a doggie spa treatment wherein they’ll give your dog a unique and relaxing massage that can help put their stress and worries away.

With special services, you can rest assured that your dog is given comfortable and enjoyable while you’re away. While the added cost may seem unnecessary, it’ll be a rare experience that they’ll surely appreciate and enjoy. 

The dog is relaxing in the dog hotel room

7. Confirm How They Disinfect The Dog Hotel

Of course, you’d like to leave your dog to a clean facility to ensure their health and hygiene. You don’t want your dog to stay in a room that’s full of the previous dog’s pee

Confirm with the staff members regarding how they disinfect the dog hotel after each use. If they simply mop and wipe the floor and bed, you might want to reconsider your hotel and look for a different alternative.

Ideally, a dog hotel should thoroughly clean every corner of the room and provide proper disinfection to kill any bacteria that may linger. They should also wash the bed after every dog. In this way, you can ensure that your dog is sleeping on a freshly cleaned bed rather than a filthy bed from a different dog. 

You should also confirm how often they clean the dog bowls. Ideally, they should wash them after every meal to keep every bowl sanitized. This means that your dog won’t get any stomach ache due to bacteria found in the dog bowl.

The dog is in the hotel bed after dinner

8. Check For Reviews

No matter how great a dog hotel looks and feels like, some might offer a different service as promised once you check your dogs in. If you want to get the service that you expect, you should consider reading the reviews upon checking in. 

With the modern world today, you can stumble upon plenty of online reviews about a specific dog hotel that you’re eyeing on. Ideally, you should check individual reviews and avoid in-house testimonials as the company usually pre-selects them. 

You’d want to get an honest review about how a particular dog hotel performs and if they can live up to their promise. Ideally, you should go for a dog hotel that has good ratings coming from many people. 

If you’re not too confident with reading online reviews, you might want to ask a few family members or friends around who’ve previously checked their dogs in a dog hotel. In this way, you can have an honest and trusted opinion about the establishment. Then, you can gauge if you’re still comfortable with checking your dogs in. 


Your dog’s safety and comfortability are always your number one priority as you look for a dog hotel. Since you cannot bring your dog with you during your trips, checking them in at a dog hotel would be the best way to make your pet feel comfortable while you’re gone. 

Ensure that you look for a dog hotel that provides the most outstanding service and their location is near your home so you won’t have any trouble dropping your dog off and then picking them up. 

Lastly, to bring home the hotel experience, you might want to consider purchasing a quality dog bed for your furry friend.

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