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I am an animal lover, and I always think that the dog is man's most beloved and closest friend and beneficial too. It is a friend, a companion, a helper, helps to forget our loneliness, a vigilant keeper, playmate and what not! I have two precious dogs which are my most prized possessions 

One day I suddenly found some insect on the body of my pet dog. I became a bit alarmed. I was then a new dog owner and didn't knew much about dogs. Although I was passionate about dog and had fascination about them since my childhood.  I contacted some of my friends and acquaintances  they gave me some ideas. I was not satisfied. I took hold my lap top and searched for related articles . I found all I could. I think I got more than what I wanted. I treated my dog accordingly and got very good results . My dog got relieved and my anxieties were over too .  In doing so I was unconsciously exposed to a sea of information and experts in the field . Then I thought about opening a blog of my own from which I could easily share information about dogs and all they needed to live peacefully as one of our household members . This was the start of my journey in the dog world. Now I share with my readers and well wishers  regarding all aspects of dog life and some beautiful experiences to enjoy , which makes my life and my living all the more worthwhile. During Halloween and Christmas I never forget to buy a gift for my pets as I do for my two young kids.


The main mission statement of this website is not just to be informative and to help you with your dogs' overall needs but to also be entertaining as well. This is where I do most of my analysis and research. Through various articles I try to share with others who in turn give me precious feedback.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

Trusted unbiased reviews aren't the only things that I cover on this website. There is also information on various health and related issues concerning our dogs.  As dog owners we face many problems and learn things along the way. These valuable information can be shared with one another helping all to have the best care for your furry friends.  This can include how to deal with fleas and ticks, allergies, cancer , heart worm, diabetes, arthritis and more.  Also on this website is a blog that I will share more of my experience as a dog owner, that I am sure many of interest to all.

I too look for quality products and won't settle for anything but the best. So, I have made it a mission on this website to find not just the best price but the best quality. I take pride in delivering reviews so that my fellow readers can judge it and trust it on a level platform. I try to serve them with honesty and give them all the information they need on dog products before investing on them.

The write-ups and the products are original and reliable . 

Here in hellowdog.com, we try to create the richest resource reviews on topics like: 

I take some of these factors into consideration while reviewing a product - User’s Feedback, Expert Analysis, and research database of sites who are the trend leaders in this sector.


I am a  dog owner like you. I am a person who loves to travel, socialize, fishing, gardening, and reading. In addition to my two dogs, I also have two wonderful children. In short, I am just like you a person with a day to day life who is passionate about the care of dogs and wishes to share with you all. For better care and treatment of your dog it is advisable to consult your vetrenanian.

I hope that all will be benefited from the topics, articles , reviews making  sure we have a resourceful and well informed website about dog care. 

If needed, you can contact me without any hesitation; I will answer your every question from a sense of social responsibility.

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Email:  infohellowdog@gmail.com